Streamlight Stylus Pro

Lightweight and compact pen light for a variety of applications Bright, 1/2-watt, 50,000-hour high-flux LED, With new C4 lED technology. Micro Optical System (MOS) optimizes output and run time Up to 6.25 hours of regulated runtime, 5.3-inch length, and an output of 65 lumens. Durable construction, lifetime limited warranty


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Three years old and still works like a champ even though it's my fourth string QB it's there and ready to work, carried every day for about 1 1/2 years.
I genuinely love this little light! You get a lot of bang for the buck.
A great pocket flashlight not much bigger than a pen it gives off a great amount of light for its size and only shortcoming is that it isn't rechargeable which has been adressed in the new USB model which I hope to get soon.
Small, bright, and can fit in your pocket. Great to carry around all the time.
Love this flashlight. Never leave home without it. Combined with a great AAA battery charger and rechargeable AAA batts.
black hockey tape added for grip
Super bright and fits great in the pocket
I used to carry flashlights that take CR123 batteries, but got tired of their thickness and expense. I've been enjoying this AAA flashlight and it's 6+ hours of run time.
Love it has taken a beating through work and still keeps on going
Amazing, bright and tough!
2 AAA's and thin design. A good mix of size, lumens, and affordability.
Great little light. I prefer over ProTac version because of price,weight and size in my pocket.
Awesome light. On me 24/7!
3rd one in 10 years only because I lost the others. Perfect light for going in pressure vessels if your headlamp goes out on you while your in a confined space.
Amazing little light! I use this thing every day, from around the house lighting, to work on the ambulance. I strongly recommend the Stylus Pro to anyone who wants a bright, affordable penlight!
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