Motorola Moto 360

From Motorola
Finely crafted with stainless steel, genuine leather and scratch-resistant glass Edge-to-Edge Display With an edge-to-edge display and elegantly thin bezel, you see more of what matters to you. Moto 360 maximizes your view without compromising comfort or its compact size. Water resistant. Worry proof Moto 360 withstands both water and dust, so you know it's durable. Go ahead and wear it on rainy days. Don't worry about a splash at the pool or a little sand at the beach. Recharges when you do Enjoy battery life that lasts all day.† Then just place Moto 360 on its charging dock at night. No wires. No complications. While your watch is charging it displays the time, which makes the dock perfect for bedside tables and desktops.


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Ima big fan of the Moto 360 enough so that I was willing to dump my iPhone and go back to my old trusty HTC One just for my Moto 360. The watch is in that nice middle ground where it looks appropriate no matter what you're wearing. The AndroidWear runs well and I truly love having my botifications on my wrist as its a lot more subtle than pulling out your phone to take a quick glance and the reminders are there each time you wake up the watch. I've had mine for a couple of months and upgraded to the stainless band for a dressier appearance. Battery life is excellent as long as you stick to a Moto watch face easily lasting me all day.
I've been wearing this thing nonstop for almost 2 years. Recommend to anyone wanting a nice touch screen smart watch.
Custom leather strap
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