Triangular Bandage/ Cravat

Real US Military Issue
OD Green, muslin bandage, compressed
Opened Dimensions: 37"x37"x52"
Packaged Dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x .75" in sealed plastic bag
2 heavy duty safety pins included
The classic military triangular bandage made of OD compressed muslin. Used as a sling, to secure splint material, as a pressure dressing, tourniquet, chest bandage, bandanna and much more. Includes 2 heavy duty safety pins and has instructional pictures for use printed on packaging.


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I highly recommend the military cravat as I have yet to see anything else that compares to it. They are large, strong, come in a subdued olive drab green. They are multipurpose, two of them can be used as a sling and swathe, anatomical splinting, tourniquet, sediment filter for making potable water, bandage, etc., They come in heavy duty plastic pouch with two large safety pins packed down and flat for easy storage. If that was not good enough, they are very inexpensive.

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