Moleskine Star Wars Limited Edition Notebook

From Moleskine

A limited edition dedicated to the greatest space epic ever told combines classic Moleskine features with exclusive artwork from the original 1977 film. The Star Wars Ruled Pocket Notebook is presented in a black hard cover with silk screen printed and debossed Star Wars illustrations and logo and a paper band with a Darth Vader quote and artwork. The inner pages are decorated with material from the Lucas film archive and include bespoke Star Wars paper inserts or stickers and full-colour end papers. Features 192 pages of acid-free ruled paper, pocket, ribbon and closure.


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For making notes to myself unrelated to classes. Lists, thoughts, doodles, you name it, it goes in here.
I began carrying a notebook with me in 2014 and it has been one of my strongest tools in helping me remember things in a more organic way than phone reminders.
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