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Cotton Bandana, Paisley Pattern. Made of 100% cotton. Paisley Pattern available in many colors. Approximately 22" x 22". Pattern runs through both sides with excellent color saturation on the reverse side (no obvious difference). Soft feel of all cotton, an excellent value. For a larger view of this item, please click on the pictures. This all-purpose bandana absorbs sweat, cleans off trail-grime and offers a multitude of other camp and work uses. However, there are many other creative uses for bandanas such as napkins, costumes, hair covering and more. Ideal size easily ties around your neck, brow, or fits in your pocket. Available in Black, Burgundy, Navy, Hunter, Purple, Red, Orange, Royal, Yellow, White, Pink, Lt. Blue, Tan, Charcoal, Brown.


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It always comes in handy.
It's a cotton hankie. Oil rag, hot pad and in a pinch, a towel. They're like a buck a piece at the hardware store.
Or a blue one.
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