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Love it! Easy to get in and out of my pocket. Seems real heavy duty as far as construction.
I ordered this wallet from Jake at Recycled Firefighter as a back up but I really wanted the Typhoon Orange one. I got one on yellow with black trim. It is cool. It is a great minimalist front pocket carry and I will use it travelling or on lite days. (I also got the Rookie Wallet albeit used on ebay, for more info check out my review for that). Since all of Jake's wallets are so cop I feel like I will order more as they become available, one for every mood!
The nylon version repurposed to carry my pen, flashlight, squirt and money.
It’s awesome and very slim, yet I fit everything I need.
This is my favorite wallet and one of my first pieces of gear that got me started. It is my first but surely not my last recycled firefighter wallet.
I ordered a carbon fiber minimalist wallet, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0752QSCC6,?tag=bg999-20 so cool, durable and light.
So i give up this one. lollllll
Army Boot leather and camo
Inside: Fresnel Lens and ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card
Best lightweight, minimalist, and durable option for a wallet that I've found.
Best wallet I have ever owned!
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