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The MicroStream by Streamlight is a small, water-resistant light that fits in the palm of your hand but doesn''t compromise on power.
This light fits comfortably in a pocket, and it features a removable pocket clip that also clips onto the brim of a hat for hands-free use.
The MicroStream is made with Type II Mil-Spec anodized aircraft aluminum, and it runs on one AAA alkaline battery.
The tail switch allows momentary-on or constant-on operation, and this model comes with a "break away" safety lanyard.


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I meant my Glocks streamlight with lazer. It’s super tight fitting almost seemless! Nice add on!
Great flashlight! Dependable and tough! Only thing can can be improved is the clip.
The streamlight microstream is one of the best edc flashlight out there for several reasons for example the momentary push botton is excellent when you need to light up something quick. Also with its "s" shape clip it comes in handy when you need your hands free. just clip it to the brim of your hat and good to go. Also it uses one aaa battery.
One the best lights to have for your e.d.c. its not an overkill beam of sun ,I admit it would nice if had more than 35 lumens but battery life would suffer
One of my favorites
Simple and compact.
Stream light for Glock
Excellent edc flashlight has a 10440 500mah 3.6v rechargeable battery very bright had it like this for almost two years now in the pocket clip I put two magnets with a shrinking tube to hold it in place
A fantastic light. One function on and off is what i like in a light. Its small dispersal in my pocket. The hat clip is so useful i use this all the time.
90 lumens, AAA battery, my favorite flashlight
Added Gun Grip Tape for increased traction
Cheap, Mostly Reliable, Small. Back left pocket, Clipped.
With all the hype about this flashlight, I had to try it out. There's nothing special about the appearance, the lumens aren't very high, and there is only one mode. However, this light is reliable, durable, and affordable. It's everything you need in an everyday carry flashlight.
Love my Microstream, no funky switches, plenty bright, good battery life and as a bonus, fits in the side loop of my Leatherman sheath!
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