True Utility Telepen Telescopic Pen

Engineered in stainless steel Telescoping pen 115-Millimeter extended 50-Millimeter compact Ergonomic ball point pen 3 Refills included


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Wow put this pen on your keychain and when u need it it is there. Love it !
Smaller than a house key when closed, full sized pen when deployed , this pen is perfect to edc as it hangs off keychain and can go almost unnoticed. Excellent for writing down quick notes and memos but don't expect to write out an essay with it as it only has about a quarter of the ink found in traditonal pens making this perfect for the moments you don't have a primary pen but need to take down a quick note. The pens do come with 3 extra ink refills +1 in pen with black ink.
Perfect little pen on the keyring to have it with you all day long
Being on my key ring keeps it on hand all the time.
This pen comes in handy more often than not.
Just put it there, but an emergency pen is always use ful.
Sometimes double as my magic ward
Clipped on with the tweezerman this is a pen that is not just compact but a great writting tool when you want to be very minimalist to carry much less and/or smaller items in the pocket.
Probably use this almost everyday.
Always good to have a pen PLUS a bonus Old Fashion stir stick :)
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