Mel's EDC (3)

Full Field Load-Out April 16, 2015
Sunday Afternoon Shopping Trip March 16, 2015
Casual Evening Out February 27, 2015

Mel's Collection (37)

Everstryke keychain lighter
Smith & Wesson SWA3
Sanrenmu 710
Mechanix ORHD Impact Gloves
Kenneth Cole Card Case
BladeTech Riptide Karambit
Nite Ize DooHicKey
Company issued note pad
Quartermaster QTR-6

Comments (2 total)

Thanks for the fave Mel! Our next batch is coming soon, we'd be happy to keep you posted! - Renton @Ketalon
Sorry, I hadn't checked my profile in ages, so I missed your message. However, I really like your product, and any updates would be greatly appreciated! Also, might I suggest that a version in black would be awesome, too.