Mel's EDC (3)

Full Field Load-Out April 16, 2015
Sunday Afternoon Shopping Trip March 16, 2015
Casual Evening Out February 27, 2015

Mel's Collection (37)

Nautika MiniTek
Sharpie Marker
Victorinox Classic SD
PNY Attache III
Doingoutdoor Titanium Punisher Skull Pry Bar
Uni-Ball Jetstream Stick Bold Point Roller Ball Pens
Everstryke match
Fenix TK22

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Thanks for the fave Mel! Our next batch is coming soon, we'd be happy to keep you posted! - Renton @Ketalon
Sorry, I hadn't checked my profile in ages, so I missed your message. However, I really like your product, and any updates would be greatly appreciated! Also, might I suggest that a version in black would be awesome, too.