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I used to carry a rig very similar back in the 80’s when I first started carrying a badge. Stay safe my friend!
Kickin old school! Love it!!
My original Wave born in 2002
Very nice combo!
Love the LCARS display on the Pebble!
How are you liking the DaySling? I’ve been looking at it to carry some tier 3 gear.
I have the older version and absolutely love it - all the brightness at half the weight!
on Vijak's profile.
Love the Scrambler! One of my favorites!
on Mark 's profile.
Thank you sir!
Yo man, what time is it?😀
Glad to see another Crucial user, I think we're a minority! How do you like it?
Nice TPH! Haven’t seen one of those in years.

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Thanks a lot for the like
Thanks for the likes
Thank you for the like John!.....If you are interested on any of these Laguiole items let me know....I will give you a especial discount and free Shipping!