David's EDC (2)

IWB Holster October 27, 2015
Dave's out the door carry September 29, 2015

David's Collection (28)

Ollech & Wajs M-4
Paragon X-O Lite Automatic
Paisley Cotton Bandana
S-biner with locks
Ollech & Wajs M6
Cabela's Multi Tool
Don't Tread On Me CC4
ThruNite Ti3
Leatherman Supertool 300

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My son found this site and it's great! We share a love of gadgets. Tools, lights, knives. This picture symbolizes how we both react to cool new stuff. Yes! New TOYS! That are USEFUL! I am ultimately a practical person and only have use for things that work well for a long time. I became an EMT in '87 and learned quickly how junky gear sucks for your patients and makes you look bad fumbling with crap. Confidence in your gear is crucial. Get the scissors that cut the best over and over, the stethoscope you can hear what you need when everything around you is loud, the flashlight that works, everytime. Type 'A's kick ass! And remember, the tint on the ambulance windows is not for your privacy, it's for ours. Be nice to the ambulance crew, always.
Fantástico, no sólo los objetos sino también tu comentario. Un saludo desde Madrid (Greetings From Madrid!!!)