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Tuesday Pocketjunk March 29, 2016
Friday Carry March 11, 2016
Thursday Carry November 20, 2015
Classy Gear, Gorgeous Colors September 4, 2015
Friday Pocket Dump May 29, 2015
Quiet Monday Carry May 18, 2015

EverydayArsenal's Collection (55)

Foursevens Mini 123
Kahr CW-45 .45 ACP
CustomKnifeFactory Sukhoi Folding Knife
Saddleback Leather Bi-fold Wallet Medium Chestnut
KeyBar Carbon Fiber
GEC Bullnose #71
Copper Zombuff Coin
Karas Kustoms Retrakt Copper Pen

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I have to ask, where did you get your hands on a ZT 0392BWBRZ?
I traded a Shirogorov Tabargan for it with a guy on Instagram. Sorry for the slow response--I never saw this comment. :)