Pav's EDC (137)

End of Jan '18 Carry 3 weeks ago
Killer Carry 4 weeks ago
January '18 dump January 18, 2018
Friday Carry October 27, 2017
Weekend carry September 25, 2017
Office Carry August 23, 2017

Pav's Collection (163)

Olight I3E EOS
Kershaw 1556BW Cryo II
Crkt Pilar
Olight 3E Copper
Boker Plus Pelican Pocket Knife-Overall 4-1/2" Blade 1-6/7
Boker Lancer
Olight i3E EOS 120 lumens (Silver only,other colors is 90 lumens) AAA Flashlight EDC Flashlight Compact Keychain Flashlight Updated Version of Olight i3s Keychain Light (I3E-Red)
Columbia River Knife and Tool 5311 CRKT Pilar Folding Knife, Silver
Quartermaster QTR3FTT Templeton Texas Tea

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Hi, Pavel, could you give me your official website? Thank you!
Stop writing me on Etsy and on bigCartel... yes i've read your emails, but your minimum quantities are too high for the manufactoring and the limited editions im looking for.