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Excellent value for money! Especially if you can get new old stock for about $70.
Well, indeed, they go slightly above $100 new, but you can find some good deals on ebay for these watches. I got my A2 for about $70 - new old stock.
I don't own a Tenacious so cannot comment on it, but Rat II is an amazing value.
The Rat - arguably best value for money in a knife.
Casio F91W - arguably the best value for money ever produced.
on My EDC by Sano
Great write-up! I already got the regular, amazing pen, didn't realize a shorter version is out, tempted to get that too now, lol.
This is without a doubt one of the best knives in terms of value for money! In fact this knife holds up well even against much higher priced knives.
Yeah, I did not mean to bash the BD even though I prefer Ti2. BD actually has a very strong selling point in the refills compatibility department.
I have both Ti2 TechLiner and the BigDesign pens and considering their price point is about the same I feel Ti2 TechLiner is a much higher quality product that
Nice Bertucci watch there!
Great stuff, I love Titanium items, they have a special feel to them compared to other metals.

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