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rwo great knives and an ORANGE MONSTER!! +1 and +1!
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My current pocket dump.
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my everyday carry gear in rotation
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Thanks brother, Stay safe.
Carbon fiber and brass making tough look good pocket dump.
nice iron +1
What I Carried Today
I really love this pen. Good ink flow, no leaking, nice grip. I write and sketch with it.
Mokum connection
Summer Time Minimalist EDC
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I agree with J.S. Leonard!!
Today's carry - new GiantMouse GM3 "gentleman's" folder
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Not the place or forum I know but, Am I the only one who gets perturbed by those who post everything they own or products as advertising on EDC. If you don't carry or use all posted items on a daily basis or that day they don't need to be posted. Watches and guns I'm guilty of doing this. They all are carried/worn on a weekly rotation. Those that I'm talking about are the 10 knives, shotgun, pistols, rifles, 10 boxes of ammo and 40 other items we are led to believe that someone EDC's. Then there's the shameless advertisers that attempt to use EDC as venue for peddling their goods. If it's a knife, top or other EDC item I get it, but not designer bags and knockoff items. I gave to give to EDC members though, we are quick to protect this site and get the "junk" removed quickly. Thought I'd vent on my own profile and get it off my chest.
The staff picks with specific links to the Amazon partnership gets on my war nerve...I'm a roughneck, so my sidearm is obviously not on my belt every day, (even though it's in the Jeep...) But I'm never without 2 knives, light, the OHT, and a pocket pry/tool of some sort...the go bags a whole different story...cuz zombies.
Search J.S. Leonard on here and my first ever post from back in 2011 come up. It got 281 like? That's kinda cool.
They were gifts from a local custom pen maker.
Nice, I have a custom one too that I got from a guy that's local as well, it was certainly less than getting a brand name, and is a much better pen overall than most
I love your pens, where do you get the custom .308 bolt pens?