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Case Kickstart Mid-Folding Hunter
6 New Year's Resolutions for a Better Everyday Carry
Rofis TC1 Flashlight
Hell of a light. I am a long-time Olight fan, keep on, guys!
Olight Warrior X
An 18650 battery, it’s just a typo 🙄
Olight Warrior X
Olight Warrior X
Thanks, happy New year !!
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
Nice list. What is the tool underneath The Spyderco Para Military? Looks like a pry bar and driver.
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
Solid list!
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
The Zebra F-701 is next on my list. Was going to get another Space Pen in Chrome.
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
Love the classic on the list! Also Multigrip multitool was one of my favs in the year!
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
4 of 10 are already here. 3-4 more are on buying list/ Thanks for the post, Mikey.
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
The Most Popular Gear in 2018
Just buy any leatherman and be done with it. Time tested, American made, trusted by thousands and the warranty to boot
Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Multi-tools in 2018
TTi is next to perfect. As the user of Wave can say it is second best! And probably has No.1 price/function ratio.
Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Multi-tools in 2018

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Mickey l, keep em' comin. Good stuff. When can we expect EDC to start doing member/guest articles. I'd love to in on it if allowed. Would let members feel like contributing more and allow for EDC to grow. Just my two cents.
We may have something similar planned in the works, so stay tuned!
Oh heck yeah!!! Yes please let me/us know.
Excellent work on your articles! I've been following you for a while, but my account was deleted, so had to check in again.
Hi, Mikey. I'm Julie from GearBest, which is a popular international online store. I'm wondering if you are interested in writing a flashlight product review. We will be very glad to send you free samples of our newest products. Please let me know if you are interested, I am looking forward to hearing back from you. My email :julie.z@gearbest.com
Hey, can you tell me who makes the solar charger in the top pic for your piece, "The Best USB Rechargeable Flashlights in 2018"? I'd appreciate it. Thx.
Hi there, I actually tried looking for what that charger is as someone asked before, but unfortunately couldn't find it and no information was included surrounding the photo. :(
Well, thanks for the reply!
Hi, what is the bag in the Black Friday feature please? ("The Everyday Carry Guide to Black Friday")
Great profile! Who do I thank for the 'Feature'? Thanks!
Hi Mikey, I just sent in some info on a travel bag system. We just launched our Kickstarter Ae.fnd.to/kosan. Ironically, I'm actually in Cebu right now travelling. Would love to show you the system if you were interested in reviewing it.
Hey Mikey! A group of friends and me launched a wallet startup in early January and are now on our second crowdfunding campaign. Is it possible for our wallet to be reviewed by one of your writers? You can find our campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/craft-wallet-2-0-the-sexiest-wallet-on-earth/x/17230681
Thank you for the attention.
Miguel Morgado
Hi Miguel, thanks for passing the info along. I've passed it on to our editorial team and we'll see if we can slot in a post for it. :)
You guys ever do a review of briefcases? I don't see one. That would be helpful!
Hey Craig! Not at the moment but that's something we may explore, thanks for the suggestion!
Hey Mikey. This is Jason from Manker. I've noticed that you posted article about Manker E02: http://everydaycarry.com/posts/22483/manker-e02-aaa-tasklight Thanks for your positive evaluation on Manker product. Please feel free to contact us via info@mankerlight.com if you think that E02 need improvement.
Hi Jason! Thanks for hitting me up and glad you've liked the posts so far. If you have new products coming out I'd love to hear about them--feel free to send me press releases/images at mikey@everydaycarry.com so we can take them into editorial consideration. :)
Mickey, I believe I've found the single biggest trending item on EDC in the last 90 days. Are you ready? The REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT key fob. Hey there's a great theme for a header article, Best keychain beads, tools and widgets.
Hello Mikey, could you please let me know what should we do if we would like to cooperate on flashlight review here?
Hi Phoebe! You may get in touch with our brand manager Nick at nick@everydaycarry.com for all your queries.
Hey Mallorie
Wrote some comments abt your hood service -check it out on your Instagram - when you first wrote to me - Hope Mr King likes it - will order the Summit package next week -Andy Singapore
About your good service
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