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Jackfish Survival Walk at night December 21, 2015
Day bag edc travelling in Asia October 10, 2015
My Latest Everyday Carry September 24, 2015

Thomas's Collection (29)

14mm SERE Button Compass
Victorinox Barcelona Leather Bi-Fold Wallet
Leatherman Style PS
Jackfish covert defence stick
Victorinox Classic SD
Enzo PK70 Knife
550 paracord & Silva Caribiner
True Utility TU201
Klarus MIX6 Titanium Flashlight

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Hi Thomas, I have been trying to get the Jackfish on Kickstarter but the creator has gone quiet/disappeared after receiving the funds. Can I ask how you got hold of one af if you know how to contact them ?
I love that credit card holder! I hope it comes into full production very soon!