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My Everyday Carry April 26, 2016
Everyday Carry August 20, 2015
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Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw Brass
Apple iPhone SE
Maratac AAA Flashlight Rev 3
Zero Tolerance 0450
Opinel No. 8
Apple iPhone 6S Plus
Böker PLUS Titan K.I.D Tactical Pen, Silver
Magpul Field Case iPhone 6 plus
Boker Plus Tactical Pen K

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On the EVENING CARRY; Why do you keep the Skeletool CX in a pouch?
Stuffing them all in my front pocket is quite annoying that's why i use the Medium Shield for the CX, pocket widgy bar
and the fenix e05 (backuplight). Less noise on the pocket too as Im often wearing shorts..
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