Nerio's EDC (2)

Antarctica audio recording gear February 2, 2017
A Sound Engineer EDC from Madrid, Spain October 16, 2016

Nerio's Collection (40)

LaCie Rugged 1 TB USB 3.0 Mini Disk Portable Hard Drive 301558
Sennheiser EW-100 ENG G3 Wireless Receiver
Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet ProGear Liner
HEAT WAVE Instant Reusable Heat Pack HAND WARMERS - 4 pack = 2 pairs Heat Wave - Premium Quality - Medical Grade - Made in USA, not China
Rycote Baby Ball Gag 21mm (0.82") Windshield
Rycote 041118 InVision INV-HG mkII Microphone Suspension - Lyre Shockmount
K-Tek Avalon Graphite KEG100 Boom Poles Uncabled
Zoom F8 Multi Track Field Recorder for Filmmaking and Sound Design - Bundle With Zoom PCF-8 Protective Case
Rycote Softie, Long Hair Wind Diffusion, 18cm Long with Medium Hole, Front Only

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I just found myself been a EDC fan, since many years ago I been a fan of small gadgets that people carry, but never set a name to what I thought was a weird interest, thank you guys I am having a lot of fun with this site, some of the stuff I found here it's been used in the field when the recording process take me to outdoors, but sometimes I find myself using my gadgets into my studio.