Benjamin's EDC (3)

Wallet Setup March 12, 2017
Updated High School Carry March 4, 2017
My High School Carry February 11, 2016

Benjamin's Collection (17)

Exotac Freekey
Declan Microfiber Pocket Square, Handkerchief, Cleaning Cloth (Martin Red)
UltraFire SK68 7W
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
1oz American Silver Eagle
LG Cosmos 3
Crabby Wallet - Thin Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet - L3 Leather Wallet
Go-Comb - Wallet Comb + Mirror - Sleek, Durable Stainless Steel Hair Comb with Travel Mirror
Zootility Tools Wild Card

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classy for someone your age. Quite sophisticated. Maybe you could add some capabilities with a one piece multitool like a gerber shard.
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