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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife
An Introduction to EDC Fidget Toys
What a satisfying article! Going to build a begleri then might purchase one of those spinners. Thanks!
An Introduction to EDC Fidget Toys
An Introduction to EDC Fidget Toys
Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife
Direct Action Dragon Egg Mk II Tactical Backpack
April 2017 EDC
Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife
Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife
Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife
Nitecore TIP 2017
It's basically the Nock without the flap, but I gotcha.
The Best EDC Notebook Covers
The Best EDC Notebook Covers
Love my Trayvax Element, Leather, medal and a touch of Paracord. Works and feels good. I tried another minimalism wallet but this is the EDC.
What's the Best Material for an EDC Wallet?
Millennial Hipster Garbage Starter Kit

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Bernard, as a new member I'd just like to thank you and your team for putting together such a robust resource for the EDC community. I must admit I strayed from the blog a couple of years ago but am pleased to return to the socialised version as it stands, taller and more interesting than ever.
Thanks for the kind words, James! I'm glad the new site is proving resourceful. New members like you are what make our community strong — glad to have you around.
Thanks Bernard — I look forward to contributing.
Hey Bernard... Thanks again for upgrading this site. I don't post very often, but I'm here almost everyday lol. And was wondering if you can give me a hand? I'm looking for a backpack, that looks professional (not tactical) that I can carry to the office everyday. In black or dark brown that would hold my iPad, my leather notebook, a light jacket and some random little edc items. Not looking for a messanger bag because I don't like the way they sit on my motorcycle. I have the maxpedition k.i.s.s. and it carries everything I need. Just want something new and less tactical. Maybe it could be featured as your next give away ;) Thanks!
Hi, I personally like the Brenthaven Collins convertible backpack, it looks neat and professional. Maybe you'll find it interesting.
Looked into these... They look great. Might have to put some thought into them. Thanks Javier
Bernard, i love you review
Thanks Allen, glad you enjoy!
Hey Bernard! I remember reading a post regarding the "top 10 best wallets for cash" sometime last year on this site, but can't seem to find it. Has the post been taken down? Killer website btw! :)
Thank you for putting this here Bernard, I am so happy that we have a website where we can gather up and discuss about EDC's, I am rookie in EDC's but getting mature slowly. I hope I will get good information here as this is already looking very resourceful.
Thanks again & Cheers!
Thank you Mr. Capulong. Great site. High speed, low drag!
hello mr. editor, i just wanna say, keep up the good work, i really enjoy your website. been an avid fan of the site way back when it was only a simple blogsite. o by the way, your last name sounds like you are filipino, are you filipino?
Hey Julius! Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep working hard to make the site enjoyable. I really appreciate you reading along for all this time. And yes! I'm full Filipino, but born in Los Angeles.
Hi Bernard, I enjoyed your article, 'What's the Best Material for an EDC Wallet?' - could you tell me the brand+make of the brown flip wallet in the Leather EDC wallets image? Thanks!
Hey mdini, it's a Rugged Material bifold. I believe if you click on the image itself in that section of the article, it should take you to an Amazon page of that wallet so you can buy one. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading
Bernard, I hate to do it again. But... checkout learnittechno. learnittechno is blatantly using EVERYDAY CARRY as a free advertising platform for online education and absolutely nothing related to EDC. Gotta keep it legit or well have snake oil salesmen posting their wares.
Thanks for the heads up. I took care of it! They knew when mods are sleepin' I suppose
Bernard, hate to be that guy but we've got a poser who is posting pictures straight from Amazon and other websites as his own. Not a single post is of his own. Checkout Justin DeCesaro. I take this with great seriousness as this site should be for actual gear and EDC we actually own. Not a wish list and certainly not other websites photos. Thank you.
Thanks for the heads up -- looking into it right now!
Hey Bernard I received a nice message from J.S. Leonard calling me a poser. Yes I did put up random pics of gear I currently own. Instead of J.S. Leonard giving me the heads up that it wasn't allowed, he sent a message that was uncalled for. I will be putting actual pics up as soon as possible. J.S. Leonard is quite the keyboard warrior and likes to start as much drama as he can. Look into some of his post. We should be a community of like minded individuals who help one another, not bash each other. I for one will except anyone opinion, but will not take him being rude to me or anyone else.
Have you seen the rappers Stalley's new EDC!?
lol nah i dont follow him, thanks for the heads up though
Hi Bernard, are McGizmo Haikus still available? If so, where can i buy them? Thanks!
Hi Jing, I'm honestly not sure. Those are pretty old -- you might need to look on candlepowerforums marketplace (CPFM) to get one used.
Hey Benard! Looks like your random giveaway selector has a real love for people who's name starts with a "J". There have been 4 in-a-row! How about giving that machine a good kick and see if we can't get a different letter, maybe a "Q" or something.

Just wanted to let you know this is an awesome site! You all keep my attention with the interesting perspectives and topics not to mention the constant updates and emails. This is by far the best site I have found in the EDC Community. Wish you nothing but the best!

Thank you Scott! It makes all the hard work worth it to hear kind words like this!!
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