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C'mon.. This is just too hipster for me to take.
Thanks! I was hoping it was a universal / programmable fob. Still very neat!
Nice clean carry. What is that key card looking thing that looks like a credit card slim keyless entry for a car?
Awesome carry-- Your dedication to minimalism is exceptional. Welcome to
Nice set of pocket knives. You should consider adding to your collection a Buck 110, Case stockman, and a Higo no Kami 10
And you will be booted from EDC in 3...2...1...
Awesome— tan is what I was hoping and thanks for the info!
Nice carry. I like your Casio and thinking of getting one like it-- One question: Are the hour indices tan, or shiny metallic gold?
Welcome to Everyday Carry Bob! I have to point out though-- You are doing it wrong. But nice elephant all the same!

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