Chad's EDC (19)

Turn up the Patina August 22, 2017
Heavy Pockets June 20, 2017
Usual Everyday Pocket Gear May 16, 2017
Adventure Kit May 2, 2017
Rustic Class March 6, 2017
Green and Brass January 6, 2017

Chad's Collection (106)

Buck Knives Model 110
Tactile Turn Glider
Word Adventure Notebook
Karas Kustoms The Bolt Machined Brass Pen
Pocket Comb by Folkland
TT PockeTTools Every Day Carry Keychain Pen, Copper 145
Ancon Sea Shadow Mark 3
Craft and Lore Brass Keyhook and Tru-Nord Compass

Comments (4 total)! I just visited your website for the first time and I'm absolutely blown away. I just talked to my girlfriend a few days ago, about how I want to incorpporate even more leather into my Everyday Carry...well, it seems, that I have to save up some money xD Keep up your good work!
Thanks again, Kevin. Be sure to use '' as a coupon on checkout for a 10% discount. :)
Thank you Chad, now I'm gonna order even more items! xD But first, let me save some money ;-)
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