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NICE PICS. Is it possible to invite you to review Olight flashlight ? Lydia@olightworld.com$2@$3
Funny coming across your profile on here
Hey can you throw some suggestions together for me for an hk clip dangler leather key fob. I have seen countless ones in people's posts I like but im looking for one that is both great quality leather yet a bit more affordable than the ones I'm seeing. They're all running from $29-50 bucks are there any you're aware of thatre in the $10 range? Edit: nvm found a mini mod video on YouTube. Bought the leather from Michael's and I'm making my own
Hey is there any way you could do a carry smarter on why you would want to carry a lighter even if you don't smoke
We have something like this in the works!
I like the series you do! Any chance of a Road Warrior piece?
Thank you! What would that consist of?
Hey Ed, I just read your article on pen refill types. It was a great article and now i find myself wondering about my pen. I have the bolt by karas kustoms. I love the pen and I've been using a Parker quickflow ballpoint which writes well for me. I'm wondering what other gel ink refills will fit in this pen as well as other ballpoints. I don't really need any rollerball because it's primarily an edc pen but I use a larger size Shinola journal and then either field notes or a smaller rhodia pocket sized notebook. Thanks for writing helpful articles and reviews.
Hi Ed, Just read your nice article about minimalist watch under $200. You may be interested to review our new model. The nevo collection Balade Parisienne. www.nevocollection.com. Pls mail me at contact@nevocollection.com$2@$3 if you'd like to get a sample.
Hi Ed, how can I get in touch with you about checking out our product to include in a feature? Glen mentioned us, Toast, in your recent post.
Danielle, you can get in touch via ed@everydaycarry.com$2@$3!
Hey Ed. Wondering if you've ever tried carrying a PocketMod? You can customize it here:

Let me know what you think!
I have! They're pretty cool, but I think I prefer my Field Notes. I like the customization factor a lot though. Thanks for commenting!
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