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Thanks. I carry on my ankle. The grips are Altamont grips.
Love this little mechanical pencil. Its light and thin.
By far my favorite everyday pocket knife. Slim and light.
The iPad air 2 has proven to be a trusty everyday item. No more, no less.
Love this backpack. Small but has a ton of compartments. Also includes a rain cover.
Love this knife. Slim, sharp and looks old school.
Beautiful knife. Sleek and very sharp. My new favorite.
Rides great in your pocket.
Small, heavy pen. Great for traveling and has a glass punch.
The one and only Fisher pen.
The one and only, Buck.
Great knife, good throw down.
on SOG Flash II from SOG
Small and compact. Very sharp knife.
Good quality , cheap leather journal. I look forward to the petina on this journal.
This is a smooth writing pen. Good weight too.

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