Mark's EDC (30)

Saturday carry 5 days ago
Humpday EDC 2 weeks ago
Saturday carry 4 weeks ago
Weekend carry May 12, 2018
Today's carry April 5, 2018
Monday carry April 2, 2018

Mark's Collection (55)

Fisher Space Pen
Bic Lighter
Victorinox Classic SD
Fisher Space Pen With Clip
Bic Mini Lighter
Leatherman Skeletool
Fisher Space Pen Chrome
Benchmade Mini Griptilian
Maglite Solitaire

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Thank you for the likes Mark!.....If you are interested on any of these Laguiole knives let me know....I will give you a especial discount as well as free shipping!
Hey Mark, looks like you and I have similar tastes in pistols; my mini gun before my LCP was a P32! Never got the hang of the .40 though, even in a full size Glock. Couldn’t imagine it in a Kahr. Be safe my friend!