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Benchmade Grizzly Ridge

When you hear the word "grizzly," you probably think of rough, untamed wilderness. It’s a fitting name for a serious hunting knife, like Benchmade’s own Grizzly Creek. The made-in-the-USA knife had the perfect size and extra features that made it a great hunting companion. The latest knife to bear the name takes the best parts of the original knife and infuses them into a new model, one built to be the best utility knife in your kit. With a traditional, versatile blade and cutting-edge handles, the Grizzly Ridge is ready to take on your everyday tasks both indoors and out.

The star of the show, of course, is the Grizzly Ridge's beefy blade. The 3.5” drop point blade comes in high-end CPM S30V steel, with a thick 0.124” spine that has two jimping points for ideal control during use. The jimping near the handles lets you apply pressure for tougher cuts, and the one near the tip gives control when needed when holding the knife choked up. Benchmade's ambidextrous thumbstuds let you open the Grizzly Ridge one-handed from either orientation, and locks into place with their signature AXIS mechanism.

The Grizzly Ridge's handles feature a combo of two materials: Grivory is a synthetic resin similar to fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), and the Versaflex (thermoplastic elastomer) overmold that accents it provides extra grip along with hi-vis orange accents. This pairing gives the knife a unique grip and comfort that lets you keep working even for the roughest tasks. EDCing the Grizzly Ridge is no sweat either, thanks to a reversible clip and a lanyard hole built into its liners.

The Benchmade Grizzly Ridge is simple, effective, and outstanding with its features. And with Benchmade's fit and finish and USA-made quality behind it, it's a tough tool that will stand the test of time and tasks in your EDC. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Benchmade 535 Bugout

They say an ounce in the morning is a pound by the evening. And whether you’re going out for a hike or just a stroll around the block, having an EDC that won’t weigh you down is important. Keeping your carry light can be hard, especially since plenty of quality tools use plenty of metal, which isn't exactly light. But the new Benchmade Bugout 535 brings the elusive ultralight EDC setup that much closer. Weighing in at less than two ounces, this knife combines quality materials to achieve a super lightweight design that doesn’t skimp out on functionality either.

The Bugout 535 was made with an emphasis on outdoor use, which just so happens to also check all the boxes when it comes to an EDC knife. The Grivory handle mixed with the high quality CPM-S30V stainless steel blade means this knife is as tough as it is light. CPM-S30V is known for its hardness and edge retention so it’ll last longer with little maintenance, and even longer if you take care of it well. The use of Grivory, a durable synthetic polymer, helps shave weight when every gram counts.

Dual thumb studs and a symmetric handle make one-handed deployment a breeze whether you’re using your right or left hand and the signature Benchmade AXIS lock definitely helps its case. Not to mention that it’s just a strong lock to have on such a light knife meant to be used outdoors. The reversible deep-pocket clip is just the icing on top, providing multiple ways to carry comfortably and discreetly.

If you’re looking to add a lightweight knife to your carry but don’t want to to sacrifice functionality, the Bugout 535 is a slick option. This knife was made for the outdoors but has all the makings of a quality EDC knife, so if you want to add it to your carry make sure to hit up the link below.

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Benchmade 319 Proper

When you think of a proper gent's knife, Benchmade knives probably aren't the first to come to mind. But with their new 319 "Proper," that's all about to change. It's Benchmade's first take on a classic slip joint folder. It's a non-locking folding knife with a ton of character, crafted by one of the best blade makers in the USA. It’s significantly less aggressive than Benchmade's usual offerings thanks to the blade size, shape, and handle materials, but it's every bit as capable for EDC.

Instead of the cheap carbon steel you commonly see on slip joints, the Proper uses a corrosion-resistant, American-made CPM S30V steel on its 2.86” blade. Its sheepsfoot blade shape is ideal for a variety of cutting and slicing tasks, thanks to the large belly and distinct point. In keeping with the traditional slip joint design, the Proper comes with scales made of either red contoured G10 or a dark green micarta resin that both give a unique tactile feel and extra grip. It opens and closes with a nail nick and the slip joint mechanism keeps it firmly in place. There’s no pocket clip, but there is a lanyard hole so you can easily grab it from your pocket.

If you've been wanting a knife of Benchmade's caliber but prefer less tactical knives, the Proper is an excellent place to start. Pick up this modern, soon-to-be-classic from Benchmade via the link below.

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Benchmade Mini Griptilian

32 have this · 192 people have this

Blade Length: 2.91-InchOverall Length/Closed Length: 6.78-Inch / 3.87-InchBlade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/ 58-61 HRCBlade Style: Modified Drop-Point ; Ambidextrous...

Benchmade Griptilian

23 have this · 119 people have this

Blade length 3.45Blade Thickness 0.115. Overall length 8.07"/Closed length 4.62". AXIS locking mechanism with ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener

Benchmade 940 Osbourne

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Everyday knife with premium stainless-steel bladeModified reverse Tanto design; ambidextrous dual thumb studsGreen anodized aluminum handle with stainless-steel...

Benchmade 551 Griptillian

11 have this · 64 people have this

Blade Length: 3.45-InchOverall Length/Closed Length: 8.07-Inch / 4.62-InchBlade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/ 58-61 HRCBlade Style: Modified Drop-Point; Ambidextrous...

Benchmade Mini-Griptillian

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Blade Length: 2.91"
Overall Length/Closed Length: 6.78" / 3.87"
Blade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/ 58-61 HRC
Blade Style: Hollowground Modified...

Benchmade Griptillian

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Blade Length: 3.45"Overall Length/Closed Length: 8.07"/4.62"Blade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/58-60HRCBlade Style: Modified Drop-PointLock Mechanism: AXIS Incredibly...

Benchmade Triage

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The Triage is a dynamic triple utility tool that includes a knife, safety hook and glass breaker.

Benchmade 530 Pardue Design Knife

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Blade Length: 3.25-Inch
Overall Length/Closed Length: 7.42-Inch / 4.17-Inch
Blade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/ 58-60 HRC
Blade Style: Modified...

Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Tanto

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Blade Length: 2.91"Overall Length/Closed Length: 6.78"/3.87"Blade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/58-60HRCBlade Style: Tanto; Ambidextrous Thumb-StudsLock Mechanism:...

Benchmade 810 Contego

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AXIS locking mechanism Reverse tanto blade with ambidextrous thumb-stud openers

Benchmade 943

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Blade Length: 3.40"
Overall Length/Closed Length: 7.87"/4.47"
Blade Material/Hardness: S30V Premium Steel/58-60HRC
Blade Style: Clip-Point; Ambidextrous...

Benchmade Contego Axis Lock Black Serrated Folding Knife 4

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Overall Length: 9.28" Blade Length: 3.98" Blade Thickness: 0.156"
Blade Style: Reverse Tanto Blade Steel: CPM-M4 (62-64 HRC) Handle Material: G10
Closed Length: 5.30"...

Benchmade Adamas

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AXIS locking mechanism with ambidextrous thumb-stud opener Tactical drop-point blade style G10 handle with lanyard hole and full stainless steel liners Reversible deep-carry tip-up pocket clip

Benchmade Osborne Emissary

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AXIS-Assist locking mechanism with side safety
Modified drop-point blade with ambidextrous thumb-stud opener
S30V premium stainless steel blade (58-60HRC)...

Benchmade 950 Rift

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Blade Length: 3.67-Inch
Overall Length/Closed Length: 8.27-Inch / 4.60-Inch
Blade Material/Hardness: 154CM Stainless Steel/ 58-61 HRC
Blade Style: Reverse Tanto:...

Benchmade Griptillian Tanto

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Folding Knives