Albatross Brand Anchor Hook

It doesn’t matter how strong your keychain is if the belt loop you clip it to snaps under the load. Eric Heins, the man behind the massively popular Corter Bottlehook, is back with a new solution to carrying keys — the Albatross Anchor Hook. True to its name, the “bills” on the hook taper out to clamp the belt from underneath, securely anchoring keys to your belt. The Anchor Hook is fully cast from stainless steel to a matte finish, complete with a custom shackle for a perfect fit. Better yet, the closed anchor design doubles as a full-sized bottle opener hidden behind your belt. Unlike other bottle openers, the Anchor Hook’s wide mouth offers more contact area for effortlessly lifting caps every time. Hit up the Kickstarter below for a beautiful, multifunctional and secure way to carry keys (and spare your jeans). If you need a new belt to go with it, the Albatross Brand’s campaign offers plenty of quality leather goods for your EDC too.

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Corter Leather Limited Edition Nickel Plated Bottlehook

Corter Leather Limited Edition Nickel Plated Bottlehook

Keep your keys in order and your drinks flowing in style with the Nickel Plated Bottlehook from Corter Leather. Assembled in New England, these solid brass hooks feature an easy-to-use, built-in bottle opener, smooth lines for effortless one-handed access, a leather tag for identification, and a brass split ring for your keys and other gadgets. Limited to only 250 pieces, these hooks are sure to go quickly. Get one for your everyday carry at Corter’s shop before they’re all gone!
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