Klik Belt

"The Klik Belt is favored by many people who practice concealed carry. But its great for anyone who wants a no nonsense belt that is easy to use and will last a lifetime. It uses Cobra buckles and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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The Ultimate Belt

"Do you get fed up of having to buy new belts all the time when you need one to match an outfit or the buckle may have broken? Well, with The Ultimate Belt, you’ll never have to buy a new belt again. Adjustable, durable, sturdy and stylish, all in one belt. This belt is 800% more adjustable than most belts with holes by using a track sewn into the belt to give the option of over 40 size positions. Made from nylon webbing, polyurethane and super fiber, make this belt extremely durable, water resistant and..." (via GearHungry)

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The Best Boots for the Everyday Commuter

Here at Everyday Carry, we like to talk a lot about the tools and accessories we carry to get the job done. But for some people, being on their feet is the job. Whether they're military/LEO, EMTs, doctors and nurses, or those working in heavy industries, many people rely on what's on their feet as much as what's in their pockets.

So we've put together a list of great boots. Boots with the same quality and performance you would expect from a tool you carry and use every day. Any of these boots can last a lifetime with the proper care. And while you may be paying a bit more than generic department store fare, you get much more robust materials, construction, and comfort in return.

Whether you're looking for the longevity a Goodyear welt provides, the breathability and waterproofing from GORE-TEX, or the rugged classiness of a well-worn pair of work boots, in this guide, we've got a pick for you.

North Face Apex Flex GTX

"The North Face’s new all-around jacket has an outer shell made of Gore-Tex for proven water-resistance. But despite its edgy name, the Apex Flex GTX literally has a soft side. Its inner shell is bonded to..." (via TheAwesomer)

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8 Tactical Belts for EDC

Normal belts are boring. Sure, they keep your pants from falling down after you've loaded up your pockets. But being the EDCers that we are, we try to find utility and quality in every piece of our gear—including those that may seem like the last place you'd find something useful.

But the thing is, there's plenty of room on belts for extra features. And we're not talking just having an extra place to clip or attach things to. Their length, width, and hardware are prime places to add (or conceal) tools or other features. And even better: they'll all be within arms' reach.

There's also the fact that belts aren't and shouldn't be limited to just pieces of leather and metal. They can take cues from how other items meant for heavy everyday use are built, and come with better construction and materials. Heck, even the material itself can be useful, as can be seen below.

So we've rounded up 8 belts that do more than keep you decent in public. Each one comes with features and construction beyond what you would find at your local department store. And think about it: Batman doesn't wear a regular leather belt, does he?

Mininch Duoket

"Conceived by Mininch — the guys who came up with the Tool Pen, Tool Pen Mini, and Wrenchit — Duoket this time isn’t a tool but is equally ingenious. Duoket is both a jacket and bag, switching between the two at a whim with nothing but a zip/unzip and making it easier to tackle chilly morning commutes without having to deal with carrying your jacket by hand in the evening. The jacket’s multitude of interior zippered pockets become the bag’s inner compartments so that everything stays right where it should be without having to reorganize ever time it transforms. As a bag it’s got both grab handles and a removable shoulder strap and..." (via GearHungry)

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Bluffworks Travel Blazer

Now that you've got your EDC just the way you want it—minimal, effective, and stylish—it's time to think about how to carry it all. When you want to stay lookin' sharp in that outfit, you might want to avoid just shoving everything in your pockets, too. 

Spreading out your carry to your coat pockets—now, that's the move, and it's especially crucial when you're traveling and want to keep things light. There are few better ways to do this than with a Bluffworks Travel Blazer, thanks to its thoughtful pocket organization on the inside, and high-performance fabrics and features on the outside.

You wouldn't expect it judging by its trim and tailored silhouette, but the Bluffworks Blazer boasts a ton of storage, to the tune of ten pockets total. In true travel jacket fashion, there's a pocket for everything: zippered chest pockets for securing your valuables, hidden internal pockets for stashing cash and cards along the back hem, and even larger pockets for a tablet or book, to name a few.  

Best of all, unlike other travel jackets (which usually come as a vest, softshell, or hoodie of some form) the blazer is a menswear staple that's more appropriate in both professional and casual settings. Bluffworks makes theirs using a technical fabric that looks and feels like wool, but provides machine-washable durability, convenient packability, anti-wrinkle properties, and temperature regulation. It makes the blazer both good at carrying your EDC and carrying in your EDC.

You can pledge for a blazer at a discounted price at Bluffworks's fully funded Kickstarter campaign below, with multiple color, fit, and sizing options to suit your needs.  

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Slide Survival Belt

"It blends in on a pair of slacks or coupled to a suit. It’s when it comes off that Slide’s Survival Belt really shines. The buckle is not unlike a Swiss Army knife, revealing a bottle opener, titanium nitride coated AUS-8 stainless steel blade, and an LED flashlight. Both the nylon fiber unibody buckle and strap are durable, resisting water, frost, abrasion, and long exposure to UV light. And best of all, like all of Slides belts, there aren’t holes along the strap, granting a greater degree of adjustability thanks to their notch system which slides along and locks in wherever…" (via GearHungry)

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Fix Belt Buckle Multi-tool

Carry a multitool with you all the time, thanks to this cool belt buckle add-on that packs sets of bits and wrenches for snowboarding, cycling, or skateboarding. The tools store inside the buckle of Fix Manufacturing’s rugged All Time Belt… (via TheAwesomer)

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The Joey EDC Jacket

Chances are, you've faced this dilemma before: you’ve got all the gear you need, only to realize you’re definitely not fitting it all in your pockets alone. Without sacrificing some essentials to carry less or hauling around a bag all the time, the simplest solution is to up your pocket space. And if it’s more pockets you need, then this new jacket on Kickstarter should do the trick. It’s called the Joey (as in the term for a baby kangaroo, nature’s EDCer) and it boasts 12 different pockets in total—enough for your daily carry and then some.

The Joey features dedicated tablet pockets, water bottle straps, hidden pockets for valuables, and soft-lined pockets for delicate essentials. Other EDC-focused details include earphone routing loops, carabiner loops, and a built-in microfiber cloth for screens and lenses. It’s available as a sweatshirt or as a weather resistant softshell jacket, complete with water resistant zippers, side vents, a detachable hood, and more. Both the Joey’s huge capacity and comfortable materials make it a compelling travel companion too, as it helps you fly without the inconvenience of a carry-on if you travel light. Check out the rest of its features and configurations at its fully funded Kickstarter at the link below.

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Cubed Travel Jacket

If there’s one thing to take the drudgery out of the wet and drab rainy season, it’s a sick rain jacket with enough pockets to stash your entire EDC and then some. The Cubed Travel Jacket from Clothing Arts has the features to stand up to harsh downpours and a low-profile, street-ready aesthetic to keep you and your gear dry in style. Clothing Arts’ design philosophy is something we EDCers can get behind: “it begins with pockets.” And on the Cubed, you get way more of them to work with compared to traditional outdoors rain shells.

It’s got two Napoleon chest pockets that you can access from the outside of the jacket. The key here is you won’t need to undo the main zipper to get to your gear, which can be especially risky if you want to keep your core warm and dry. The Cubed boasts six more interior pockets for your less frequently used gear as well as travel essentials like your Passport and documents. To secure it all, built-in clips connect to the zipper pulls and lock your gear in place.

While Clothing Arts believes it begins with pockets, it must end in the details. The Cubed features hallmark qualities of technical outerwear and EDC gear alike: functional materials, durable construction, and minimalist design. It’s made with a DWR-treated, breathable/waterproof eVent membrane for high-performance rain and wind protection. The zippers and even the taped seams on the jackets are waterproof too. A detachable, stowable hood, multiple adjustment cinches, and an articular fit for improved range of motion round out this feature-packed tech jacket. You won’t have to raid your rainy day fund too hard for one either, with discounted early bird pledges still available on the Cubed’s fully funded campaign below.

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Black Bandana

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Cotton Bandana, Paisley Pattern.

Dog Tag ID

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Customizable military dog tags.

Mechanix Wear MG-55-009

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Red Bandana

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Cotton Bandana, Paisley Pattern. Made of 100% cotton. Paisley Pattern available in many colors. Approximately 22" x 22". Pattern runs through both sides with excellent...

Cotton Bandana Blue

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100% Cotton Measures 22" x 22"

Qalo Men's Silicone ring

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Carhartt Beanie

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*100% acrylic, *stretchable rib-knit fabric Hand wash only

Declan Microfiber Handkerchief/Pocketsquare

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Silver Ring

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925 stamp Tarnish resistant alloy Comfort Fit Design

Live Lokai Bracelet

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CONTAINS Mud from the Dead Sea and Water from Mount EverestThee Sizes Small, Medium and LargeSmall 7", Medium 7.5" and Large 8" The bracelet is infused with elements sourced from...

Tungsten Wedding Ring

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Top quality & real tungsten ring, cobalt free 8mm wide and comfort fit

Declan Harris Pocket Square

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Hav-A-Hank Bandana

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Bandannas are perfect for crafts fashion decorating and quilting and there are fifty different creative

5.11 Trainer Belt

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Durable, comfortable and functional
Solid Stainless Steel Buckle (6000lb rating)
Buckle finished in black matte
Super strong 1.5 inch nylon mesh material

Condor Tactical Cap

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Paisley Cotton Bandana

0 have this · 12 people have this

100% cotton Double-Sided Printed Paisley Bandana