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CRKT Crossbones

From the handle to the blade, the Crossbones is a marvel of slim, minimalist design. So much so that it went on to win the Best Imported Knife of 2017 at this past Blade Show. It's a feat made even more impressive given it's up-and-coming knifemaker Jeff Park's first production blade from CRKT. The Crossbones has an understated sleekness to it that makes it a perfect choice for a classy modern gent's knife. And its ergonomics and versatility make it a great choice for general everyday carry use, too.

The Crossbones sports a thin, 6061 aluminum handle with a two-tone “cross” pattern that gives it its signature look. A darker, diamond-textured section gives excellent grip to its otherwise slender frame and contrasts the rest of the brushed aluminum on the handle. An IKBS-assisted flipper tab keeps the knife's trim silhouette when closed while quickly deploying its 3.5” AUS-8 blade into a solid liner lock. The Crossbones is an excellent slicer thanks to the full flat grind on its blade, making short work of your everyday cutting tasks. And at a mere 4.5" closed and 2.4oz in weight, it's neither too big nor too heavy for your pockets.

If you're looking for a knife that cuts as sharp as it looks, the Crossbones is a great low-profile option for you. Give this modern EDC gent's knife a try and pick one up at the link below.

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CRKT Snap Lock Folding Knife

"The design is more than a decade old but it’s still one of the most unique available, and finally back in production. The CRKT Snap Lock Folding Knife, originally designed by Ed Van Hoy, is skeletonized as all hell and extremely lightweight for it at 2.6 ounces, not to mention safely locked both folded and unfolded thanks to a unique ambidextrous Snap Lock mechanism that’s actuated using your thumb (at which point the blade can be swung 180° open; see second image). The handle is still comfortable and..." (via GearHungry)

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CRKT Homefront EDC

When shopping for EDC knives, the ability to strip it down to its individual pieces probably isn't at the top of your list. But if you think about it, it makes plenty of sense when maintaining your favorite everyday blade. With recessed spaces and moving parts, even the best-made EDC blades can fall prey to the gunk and debris that come with everyday use. Not a problem for CRKT's Homefront EDC. This Ken Onion design first appeared as a field-stripping specialist for outdoor carry, but has come back as a mainstay for your everyday kit.

Like the original Homefront, the EDC version comes with Field Strip technology that lets you dismantle the knife without tools for ease of cleaning and upkeep. This new version comes with a few key changes: the 3.5” vintage WW1 bayonet style blade now comes in 1.4116 stainless steel giving it ample resistance to wear and tear. This folds into lightweight glass-reinforced nylon handles for a lighter carry at 4.3 ounces. The Homefront EDC also comes with a deep-carry pocket clip to help cement its position as an everyday blade in your pockets.

It's not every day that a knife that can come apart in your hands can be considered its best and most impressive feature. Check out and pick up the CRKT Homefront EDC at the Amazon link below.

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CRKT Vizzle

Sometimes the best knives come as a surprise. If you gravitate towards the more minimal, gent's knife type of designs, you'd know many of them sacrifice some key features for a sleeker aesthetic and smaller size. The Jesper Voxnaes-designed, CRKT-produced Vizzle, on the other hand, flips the script. It's one of those rare, larger-sized minimalist knife options that conceals some unexpected features in an attractive design that's as low-profile as ever.

That's mostly in part due to how the 3.35” blade practically disappears when closed, nestling almost flush in the slender, stainless steel handle. Relative to the blade, the Vizzle's handle measures proportionally longer than most knives. That not only gives those of you with larger hands a better grip on the knife while in use, but it also streamlines the silhouette of the knife even further.

Two key, functional features stand out in the otherwise simple, stonewashed handle. First, a ridged thumbhole in the middle of the handle gives you a stable grip when deploying (or fidgeting with) the knife. Next, a flipper tab allows for effortless one-hand opening thanks to the Vizzle's IKBS ball bearing pivot. As for the blade itself, it's made with 8Cr13MoV steel and features a satin finish and a plain edge. For one more surprisingly useful hidden feature, the stainless steel framelock that keeps the knife in place even has an overtravel stop screwed into the lock bar itself.

In classic Voxnaes fashion, a black polymer backspacer adds contrast and a lanyard attachment point to the open-back construction of the knife. Because it's on the hefty side at 4.6 oz, you'll appreciate the included clip to help comfortably EDC the knife in your pocket. Overall, the Vizzle offers plenty of substance for such a minimalist design. Grab one for your EDC at the link below.

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CRKT Pilar

If you're looking for an affordable new EDC knife, don't let the newest releases from CRKT slip under your radar. They’ve teamed up with knife designer Jesper Voxnaes to produce durable knives that look way more impressive than their price tag would suggest. As part of their newest collaboration, the Pilar is a compact EDC folder that’s packed with features and design you’d expect in a much more expensive knife.

His minimal, nordic-inspired designs are both functional and tough. Sandwiched between two stainless steel handles is a 2.4” blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. The small blade is easy to control, and the unique bevels add both strength and visual appeal. Since the knife is on the smaller side, there’s a generous index finger choil between the blade and handles ensure you can get a secure grip. The Pilar’s blade stays in place with an integrated frame lock system that has an interesting engraved pattern where the steel is thinned out.

Carry options include a two-way pocket clip will accommodate most carry preferences, and a lanyard hole. At just under forty bucks, this EDC folder is sure to be up there with the classics. Check it out and pick one up for yourself via the link below.

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CRKT Ruger Muzzle-Brake Knife

"A modern hunting knife with a traditional bowie shape. It’s got a substantial 7″ black powdercoated blade, and a durable composite nylon/fiberglass handle offering a solid and stable grip, embossed with..." (via TheAwesomer)

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CRKT Amicus Compact

Renowned knife maker Jesper Voxnaes teamed up with CKRT to design the original Amicus, a solid knife overall. The thing is, you may find it a little too big and heavy for everyday carry. Thankfully, the newer Amicus Compact comes in at a much more manageable size. It takes all the sturdiness and beefy design features that made the original Amicus great, then scales it down for a more compact carry.

The Amicus Compact isn’t just smaller, it’s lighter too. Instead of two steel handles, one is made of G10. This resin material is much lighter than steel and it's textured for better grip. Your pockets will appreciate the drop in weight too. The Compact comes in at just 3.8oz— just about half the weight of the original. The blade is scaled down from 3.4” to an EDC-friendly 3”. It’s a slightly different shape too, falling somewhere between a tanto and a drop point, ideal for a variety of slicing and piercing tasks. You still get the premium features and attention to detail seen in the larger knife including the framelock, grippy backspacer with lanyard hole, and inset pocket clip.

The CRKT Amicus Compact is a great knife for both fans of Jesper Voxnaes and those looking for a solid, yet budget-friendly blade. You can pick one up at the link below for right around thirty bucks.

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The Best EDC Gear from SHOT Show 2017

This past week, EDC brands you know and love came together to show off their latest and greatest gear at the industry's biggest annual trade show—SHOT Show 2017.

The show is massive, with literally tons of new products on display within the tactical, hunting, and outdoor industries.

We scoped out some of the biggest names in the EDC scene to check out what they're bringing to the table this year.

In this quick post-show recap, we're giving you a sneak peek at some of our favorite new knives, lights, and other EDC gear we saw that should definitely be on your radar.


While you could spend time and money chasing the latest and greatest blade steel, sometimes all it takes is a new angle to make your cutting tasks easier. An efficient angle and larger blade make the 'kukri' an excellent knife design, but it's those same features that make it a little hard to carry. With design help from custom knifemaker Lucas Burnley, CRKT put forth their take on a kukri knife in a convenient folding form factor with the Buku.

The Buku delivers on the main draw of a kukri knife: a uniquely angled blade. Having the blade at that angle allows you to make short work of your everyday cutting and chopping tasks. The deep curve on the blade also gives it the usable cutting length of a longer knife while keeping a compact profile at just 3.75" of actual blade length. Finally, its 8Cr13MoV stainless steel ensures the blade retains an edge well and can be easily maintained.

At 7.7 ounces, this is a hefty knife, but its deep pocket clip makes for a more manageable EDC. When it's time to put it to work, the large thumb slot in the knife lets you open with one hand, even if you're wearing gloves. Once deployed, the blade secures thanks to a solid stainless steel framelock.

With such a strong design pedigree, you'd expect a mini folding kukri to run you a pretty penny, but you'd be surprised. The Buku is available at an accessible price point at the Amazon link below.

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CRKT Swindle

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CRKT Tactical Pen

3 have this · 24 people have this

High tech writing instrument
Made from precision machined aluminum and hard coat color anodizing
Non-reflective tactical black finish
Tapered body improves grip...


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Blade Finish Black Ti-Nitride
Blade Style Tanto
Blade Edge Combination Edge
Blade Length 3.75 inches...

CRKT 2385 Folts Minimalist Razor Edge Knife

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Spear Blade Point5Cr15MoV SteelFull tang 2-inch Wharncliffe bladeCustom-fitted Zytel sheath...


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420J2 stainless steelTanto serrated bladeMoney clip knifeIntegral Frame lock...


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CRKT Heiho 2900

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Outburst folder
Lawks locking system
AUS 8 stainless steel
Razor edge
Satin blade...

CRKT 2055 K.E.R.T Key Ring Emergency Tool Strap Cutter

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Key ring included
Rubber cap over cutting hook
Razor sharp seatbelt cutter
.8oz; 2.48-Inch...

CRKT Lil Guppie Multi Tool

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Adjustable wrench, knife, flat and Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener and carabiner.

CRKT Eat N' Tool XL

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AutoLAWK patented automatic knife safety which actuates automatically
3-Inch AUS 4 Stainless Steel
Zytel black handle
Spear point black blade

CRKT Fossil

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IKBS ball bearing system
Opening flipper for silky smooth blade deployment
Handle is hammered stainless steel with duo-tone G10 scales
Blade is 8Cr13MoV stainless...


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ombo edge AUS 8 stainless steel blade Tanto blade Auto Lawks Dual flippers


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Veff serration
Auto lawks
3-Inch dessert tan blade
Tanto blade
Dual flippers...

CRKT M16-10Z EDC 3-inch Folding Knife

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AutoLAWK patented automatic knife safety which actuates automatically
3-inch AUS high-carbon stainless steel with bead-blast finish
Sturdy Zytel black handle, dual...


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Columbia River G10 handled 3-1/2-Inch combo edge knife featuring veff serrated blade Titanium nitride coating for max corrosion resistance Stainless steel, dual grind Tanto blade provides strength Includes patent auto lawk system and easy one-handed op