8 Tough Digital Watches for EDC in 2018

You've got the toughest gear in your pockets, but what about on your wrist? If you're constantly up against jobs too heavy for a dress watch or like to spend time outdoors, a “tough digital” watch in your EDC is the way to go. They're better built for any adventure than most analog watches, thanks to their shock resistance, rugged construction, and outdoor-friendly features. That's why you'll see plenty of military and law enforcement opting to go digital for those tough missions, too. In this updated guide, we're highlighting 8 more excellent digital watches tough enough for EDC.

The Best Tough Digital Watches for Everyday Carry

Want a timepiece on your wrist that’s as tough as the gear you carry? “Tough digital” watches are a favorite among EDCers for their shock resistance, rugged construction, and adventure-ready features that you just can't get from an analog watch. They’re also the choice of military and law enforcement officers for good reason. In this quick guide, we'll show you what qualities to look for in a digital watch and recommend 10 of favorites to get you started.