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The Best Multi-tools and Keychain Tools

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Multitools are ounce for ounce the most useful thing you can carry, albeit at somewhat of a compromise. They may never be the best tool for the job, but they’re rarely the wrong one. Recently, the multitool market, once justifiably dominated by Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife tools, has seen much greater diversity with the rise in popularity of one-piece multitools—ultra-compact pieces of metal designed to hang on your keychain with a number of functionalities. In the third installment of Carry Smarter, we list our top picks from both classic multitools and the new wave of one-piece multitools.

The one-piece multitool trend has not gone unnoticed by the big manufacturers—both Leatherman and Gerber, among others, now sell one-piece tools...

The Best EDC Flashlights

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The Best EDC Flashlights
Compared to knives, people have only recently started carrying flashlights on a daily basis. In the past, carry options were limited to giant, dim Maglites or plastic Energizer torches. Since then, innovation in LED, battery, and optical technology brought a new generation of lights that outshine their predecessors. These brighter, smaller, and more useful modern lights are worth including in your EDC. In the second installment of Carry Smarter, we recommend our favorite lights to carry with you.

When buying an EDC light, there are many features and technical nuances to consider. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, choosing your EDC light can be daunting. Some features are straightforward, such as a pocket clip, battery type, or output...

The Best Pocket Knives Under $350

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A symbol of preparedness, the pocket knife is widely regarded as a staple of everyday carry (EDC) gear. A knife is like a truck – just having one expands the kinds of things you can get done. Most EDCers will use a knife for general utility: opening packages, cutting thread, or mild food preparation. A 3” blade and most types of locks will be sufficient to perform these tasks. Choosing the right EDC knife and budgeting a purchase can be daunting. We’ll save you the headache of the trial-and-error process of the upgrade treadmill and present our favorite EDC knives under $350 in the first installment of Carry Smarter...

The Utilitarian EDC Stater Kit

The Utilitarian EDC Starter Kit Since day one, we’ve been committed to spreading the word of EDC. That’s why we helped our friends at Broquet proudly bring you The Utilitarian — a starter kit designed to easily upgrade a wallet and keychain, two of the most common essentials, into a fully functional carry. Featuring solid picks from Machine Era Co., Gerber, and NiteIze, this kit has something for newcomers and veteran EDCers alike. Read more for our exclusive coupon code and giveaway!
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You can share your passion for EDC and give the gift of self-reliance for 10% off using coupon code: EverydayCarry at checkout.
We received The Utilitarian starter kit from our friends at Broquet to aid in the photography and writing of this feature...

Meze 11 DECO Elegant Wooden EarphonesMeze Headphones aim to set the stage for audio gear that looks as good as it sounds with their new 11 DECO earphones. Beech wood enclosures housing 8mm neodymium drivers provide a natural warmth to their sound signature and a touch of elegance to its design. Featuring a smart-phone compatible microphone for hands-free calls, a tangle-free cable, and an included protective case, the 11 DECOs make a great addition to a stylish EDC.
BUY ($79)

We received a new sample pair of the Meze 11 DECO earphones from Meze Headphones for the purpose of photographing and writing this feature. Enter our giveaway below for your chance to win this pair:

distilunion Wally Bifold Review & Giveaway

When it comes to most wallets, what you see is what you get — minimalist wallets often emphasize form over function and traditional wallets get bulky and boring. The Wally Bifold from Distil Union, on the other hand, puts its own spin on the traditional bifold form factor with its interesting, minimalist operation. Read more for my full review of the Wally Bifold wallet and for your chance to win one courtesy of Distil Union.

Upon first glance, the unassuming Wally Bifold could easily be dismissed as another boring, leather wallet. A closer look at its curious ribbon pull-tabs and shiny metal clip peeking out from within would tip you off that this isn’t like most wallets you’ve seen...

Tactile Turn Brass Mover Machined Pen


Tactile Turn Brass Mover Review Tactile Turn have been turning heads among pen addicts and EDCers alike with their machined aluminum pens in recent months. Now, they’re back on Kickstarter in all new materials. Do these new pens continue to live up to their names as movers and shakers in the pen market? Read more for my hands-on review of the new Brass Tactile Turn Mover, provided by Will from Tactile Turn.
Tactile Turn have returned to Kickstarter to start production on these updated versions of their already successful Mover and Shaker pens, which we recommended in Vol. 4 of our Carry Smarter buying guide series...

Review: distlunion Wally Stick-on


distilunion Wally Stick-on Review For the minimalists out there, chances are your phone and your wallet make up the bulk of your carry. The Wally Stick-On wallet adheres to your iPhone, slimming down two of your most essential items to one. It’s promising in theory, but how well does having a wallet stuck to your phone and vice versa really work? Read more for my review of the Wally Stick-On wallet and to enter a Wally Case giveaway, all provided by distilunion.

The Wally Stick-On is a single-piece leather cardholder that attaches to the back of an iPhone using a high quality, 3M adhesive backing. It’s shaped and cut to protect the back of the phone from scratches, with some clearance left for the rear-facing camera and dual flash...

Review: Native Union JUMP Cable


Native Union JUMP Cable Review & Giveaway If you rely on your smartphone everyday, battery life shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of your phone. There are several ways to keep your phone charged, but not without their flaws. Most power banks are too bulky to EDC, wall chargers are very limiting when out and about, and cables can tangle or fray when tossed in a bag. Native Union puts forth their JUMP Cable as a 2-in-1 solution for mobile charging on the go. Read more for my review of the JUMP Cable and for a chance to win one for your EDC, courtesy of Native Union...

Review: BigiDesign Ti-POST RAW


BIGiDESIGN Ti-POST RAW Review Whether you like letting your ideas flow on old fashioned pen and paper or getting your work done with the processing power of a modern tablet and stylus, the Ti-POST RAW from BIGiDESIGN is designed to handle it all. In this review, I put this titanium machined pen (graciously provided by BIGiDESIGN) to the test.
We gave BIGiDESIGN a nod of approval in our Best EDC Pens buying guide a while back for their Aluminum Pen + Stylus. The Ti-POST RAW in this review boasts many of the same features but comes upgraded in titanium and attempts to address some of the balance issues found in earlier versions of the pen.  
There’s a lot of great things to be found in the pen upon first glance...

Machine Era Co. Wallet Review


Last September, Machine Era Co. invited early adopters on Kickstarter to rethink their everyday carry with the introduction of their fully machined, aluminum slim wallet. The campaign was met with tremendous support, raising nearly $250,000 from over 5600 backers. In this review, I attempt to rethink my everyday carry as well and share my thoughts on this wildly successful wallet, courtesy of Machine Era Co.

The Machine Era Wallet takes an industrial approach to a modern, minimal wallet through its design and choice of materials. Its understated design, essentially an assembly of a metal plate and a thick elastic band, immediately appears somehow striking yet barebones...

Mini Review: Fenix E12, PD12, & E35UE


Fenix E12, PD12, & E35UE Mini Review Roundup & Giveaway Fenix has built a reputation in the EDC community as one of the leading flashlight manufacturers, using high quality materials and solid designs. In this mini-review roundup we take a quick look at some of Fenix’s newest offerings, the E12, the PD12, and the E35 Ultimate Edition, graciously provided by Fenix Outfitters.

Fenix E12
My immediate impression of the E12 is that it’s nothing flashy — it brings a simple, unassuming sensibility to the table. It’s styled very traditionally, with the usual black knurled aluminum body that you’d expect from Fenix and other practical flashlight brands. It’s decently compact for a 1xAA light as its head, battery tube and tailcap are all flush with each other...

Review: OBSTRUCTURES Pry/Open Tool


While most of us try to get by with just our EDC pocket knives, there are a few common tasks that a knife just isn’t cut out to do. OBSTRUCTURES designed their PRY/OPEN pocket tool to take the brunt of wear and tear on a knife from prying, scraping, poking and turning. Read more for my review of these “knife saviors” courtesy of OBSTRUCTURES.

The PRY/OPEN line comes in two sizes: small and large (which this review will focus on), made of beadblasted stainless steel, and a limited edition titanium version of the large tool. The large stainless steel version is significantly more substantial feeling, weighing 48g at 3/16” thick compared to its slimmer titanium counterpart, which weighs next to nothing — barely under 16g at 1/8” thick...

Southpaw Gear

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With 10% of the world’s population being left-handed, it’s an unfortunate truth that EDC gear that accommodates them is in short supply — and that’s not all right with us. In the sixth installment of Carry Smarter, we give you southpaws a hand with our lefty-friendly and ambidextrous recommendations so you don’t get left out.

Pushing a pen against a page instead of pulling it as designed often leads to inconsistent writing action, with smearing and skipping being key drawbacks when writing left-handed. The Zebra Surari ballpoint not only writes exceptionally smooth but also dries particularly fast due to its unique emulsion ink. Furthermore, its light weight and clicky activation make it a great carry choice.
BUY NOW ($5...

Review: H.L. Human Pelican Clip


H.L. Human Pelican Clip Review & Giveaway Many new keychain gadgets try to revolutionize the way keys are carried or cram as many other tools into a keychain as possible. The Pelican Clip from H.L. Human takes the old-school approach of hanging keys from a belt loop — that’s it! Read more to find out if the Pelican Clip fits the bill and for a chance to win one for your everyday carry courtesy of Jeffrey Bruckwicki from H.L. Human.

The H.L. Human Pelican Clip is not a 13-size wrench, nor is it a bottle opener, a measuring tool, bit driver, or anything like that. It was designed with a simple, specific purpose: to hold your keys on your belt loop. It does this the old-fashioned way via an included ...