FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II Combo

"Not much bigger than the CR123-sized RCR123A high discharge rate battery that comes with it, the everyday carry-suitable FourSevens Mini Turbo Mk II packs way more punch than many far larger flashlights. The integrated Cree XM-L2 emitter and included battery allow the flashlight to achieve an output of a staggering 1,020 lumens on its highest setting, and switches through high, medium, low, and..." (via GearHungry)

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Foursevens Mini Mk II

Sometimes you find the most impressive things in the most unassuming packages. Taking one look at the Foursevens Mini Mk II, you see a standard, compact flashlight. Pretty normal, until you realize that the light hides impressive technology and performance under its knurled exterior. The Mini Mk II squeezes a ton of functionality out of a single CR123A battery. And with a pocket-friendly size, it's a great addition to any everyday carry.

2.17 inches at 0.62 ounces. That's all the space the Foursevens Mini Mk II takes up. And it doesn't waste any of that space, either—from tip to tail, the light makes full use of its form factor. In its head lies a Cree XM-L2 LED paired with TIR optics, giving you a useful floody beam with 550 lumens on High. You can even configure its 8 outputs to choose which of them get activated while traversing its twisty interface, including strobe/beacon modes and a 0.8-lumen moonlight mode that lasts up to 19(!) days.

The Mini Mk II's aggressively knurled body comes with IPX8-rated water resistance, allowing you to submerge the light if needed (or survive an unfortunate fall into water). Its flat tail lets you use the light as a candle, and also comes with a groove to accommodate either a 2-way clip or a keyring attachment. These let you carry the light either in your pocket or clipped onto a hat, sitting alongside the rest of your keys, or attached to a bag.

However you choose to EDC it, the Foursevens Mini MK II will surprise you with its functionality at every turn.

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Preon P1 Copper

You may not know how useful it is to carry a flashlight until you’ve actually added one to your EDC. Big, powerful lights have their uses, but they can be a pain to carry. So for most, it's best to start small. And at just 3.35” long, the Foursevens Preon P1 makes for a strong EDC, packing in big features without the bulk.

This new limited edition Preon is made from solid copper, adding a bit of class to any EDC. Copper is not only excellent at dissipating heat (which is useful to keep an LED cool), but it's also a highly reactive metal. Through regular use, you’ll get a patina on the surface that adds unique character to your light. But if you like your gear looking clean, you can easily polish it up to a brilliant shine.

The recently overhauled Preon line includes a new programmable interface, machined grooves for grip, an improved tail button to prevent accidental activation, and a sturdy steel pocket clip. The Preon P1 cranks out up to 100 lumens on a single AAA battery, with an impressive run time of up to 20 hours on its 5 lumen low mode. If anodized black or blue weren’t your thing, you can now pick up the P1 in copper via the link below.

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Foursevens Navi Smart

Lose things a lot? Foursevens has a solution for you. Known for their quality flashlights with solid build quality, they've introduced what may be the toughest trackable out there. Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, the Navi Smart combines a small light with a Bluetooth tracker. This makes it easy to find a lost item whether it’s nearby or completely out of sight. The companion app sends an alert to your phone when the gear in question (a backpack, camera bag, or anything else) falls out of range, reminding you to double back for it. The app will also pinpoint on a map where the app and tracker were last paired. As a backup light, the Navi Smart emits 2 lumens for up to 5 hours or a conservative 0.4 lumens for up to 20. This impressive moonlight mode preserves both night vision and battery life while giving off just enough light to illuminate the area. If you want that extra peace of mind for your most important gear, bag, or keys, consider picking up the Navi Smart.


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FourSevens New Preon

FourSevens have been making cutting edge flashlights for years. Their AAA light, the Preon, was a technical step above other lights in its class. The newly updated Preon is even better, boasting several user feedback-based upgrades. Firstly, it features textured screw-cut grooves for a beautiful yet functional tactile grippiness. Its tail cap has been completely redesigned to help prevent unwanted button presses, so it's less likely to accidentally turn on in your pocket. A new, high-tension stainless steel pocket clip adds new carry options for the light. FourSevens also made updates to the internals of the light, including customizable interfaces and more modes for loads of versatility. Rounding out the improvements is a new CREE XP-L emitter that pushes an impressive 220 lumens in the 2xAAA Preon P2, and a capable 100 lumens in the Preon P1. If you've been searching for an EDC light with tons of performance from a single AAA battery, the new Preon is an intriguing option.


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Foursevens Mini 123

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LED: CREE XP-G R5, Max Output: 189 Out-the-front (OTF) lumens
Material: Type-III Hard-anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum
Lens: Optical-grade glass lens with...

Foursevens Quark Pro AA

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Moonlight:0.2 lum, 10 days, 1ma/Low:4 lum, 2 days, 10ma/Med:22 lum, 6 hrs, 50ma/High:85 lum, 1.5 hrs, 250ma/Max:109 lum, 1.2 hrs, 350ma
Special Modes: Strobe: 109 lumens, 2.5...

Foursevens Atom AL

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LED: CREE XP-G2 Max Output: 110 Out-the-front (OTF) lumensMaterial: Stainless SteelLens: Plastic Optic lensBattery: One CR123ABrightness Levels:Low: 6 lumens, 40 hrs / High: 110...

Foursevens Preon 2 Titanium

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Brightness Levels: Low: 2.2 lumens, 23 hrs/Medium: 22 lumens, 6 hrs/High: 160 lumens, 0.8 hrs
Special Modes: Strobe: 1.6 hrs/SOS: 4.8 hrs/Beacon Hi: 8 hrs/Beacon Lo: 40...

Foursevens A0 Titanium

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4Sevens Quark X 2X123 LED Light

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Brightness Levels: Moonlight: 0.5 lumens, 25 days Low: 5 lumens, 4 days Medium: 55 lumens, 14 hrs High: 300 lumens, 3.2 hrs Max:Burst at 780 lumens, 1 minute then 390 lumens, 1.9...

Foursevens Gen2 QT2A-X 2XAA

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Moonlight:0.4 lum, 15 days/Low:3.2 lum, 3 days/Med:28 lum, 20 hrs/High:138 lum, 2.5 hrs/Max:336 lum, 0.8 hrs
Special Modes: Strobe: 280 lumens, 1.6 hrs/SOS: 336 lumens, 3...

Foursevens QTL

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Moonlight:0.2 lum, 15 days, 1ma/Low:4 lum, 2.5 days, 10ma/Med:22 lum, 13 hrs, 50ma/High:85 lum, 2.7 hrs, 250ma/Max:205 lum, 0.8 hrs, 700ma
Special Modes: Strobe: 205 lumens,...

Foursevens Titanium Whistle

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Foursevens Quark Pro X

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Levels: Moonlight: 0.3 lumens, 25 days/Low: 3 lumens, 5 days/Medium: 65 lumens, 11 hrs/High: 160 lumens, 4 hrs/Maximum: 360 lumens, 1.7 hrs Special Modes: Strobe: 360 lumens, 3.4 hrs/SOS/Beacon: 0-360 lumens pulse, 16 hrs

FourSevens Preon Revo

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LED: CREE XP-E S2 Emitter, Max Output: 82 Out-the-front (OTF) lumens

FourSevens Quark Pro QP2A

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LED: CREE XP-G R5 Max Output: 205 + 20% OTF lumens
Material: T-6061 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Body
Lens: Optical-grade glass lens with anti-reflective coating on both...

Forusevens Mini AA/ MA

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Brightness Levels: Low: 2.7 lumens, 60 hrs/Medium: 25 lumens, 8 hrs/High: 90 lumens, 1.3 hrs
Special Modes: Strobe: 4 hrs/SOS: 12 hrs/Beacon Hi: 20 hrs/Beacon Lo: 100 hrs

Foursevens Mini CR2

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Brightness Levels: Low: 3 lumens, 1.2 days/Medium: 40 lumens, 4.4 hrs/High: 180 lumens, 40 mins
Special Modes: Strobe: 1.4 hrs/SOS: 4.3 hrs/Beacon Hi: 7.2 hrs/Beacon Lo: 36...

Forusevens Quark Tactical

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Moonlight:0.2 lum, 15 days, 1ma/Low:4 lum, 2.5 days, 10ma/Med:22 lum, 13 hrs, 50ma/High:85 lum, 2.7 hrs, 250ma/Max:205 lum, 0.8 hrs, 700ma
Special Modes: Strobe: 205 lumens,...

4Sevens Titanium Preon P-1

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