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Zombie Green Halloween-Themed EDC Gear

Halloween is upon us once again, and you know what that means: obscene amounts of candy, spooky costumes, and binge-watching horror flicks.

If you've ever sat through a scary movie and thought, “Well, an EDC would've saved them for sure,” you're not alone.

Part of why we EDC is to be prepared for anything, and around this time of year it's amusing to think about how our gear might fare in a zombie apocalypse.

Sure, zombies, vampires, and werewolves might not be real (hopefully), our day-to-day obstacles definitely are.

In this round-up, you'll find some practical gear with some spooky flair that'll have your back all year round against things that go bump in the night.

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13 Hi-Vis Orange EDC Essentials

It's Halloween season again, and oddly enough, it's an appropriate time to rethink your EDC. You've got your knives and lighters for making jack-o-lanterns and flashlights to keep little ones safe on their neighborhood routes. Maybe you won't go so far as repurposing your go-bag into trick-or-treating candy storage (though I can't blame you: candy just tastes better when it's free), but there's good reason to get your EDC in the Halloween spirit with some new orange gear.