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Valentine Goods iPhone 4 Leather Backs
Editor’s Note: About a year ago, I was in the market for a minimal leather iPhone case. At the time, I had a 3GS so I decided to go with one of Corter’s slim cases. Around that time, Jamie at Valentine Goods shot me an email and introduced me to his products. Now that I’ve picked up an iPhone 4S, I jumped at his offer. Many thanks to Jamie for sending me some units to review — a gloss black leather back, a limited stingray leather back, and one of their new iPad 2 leather backs.

I was interested in the Valentine Goods line because they’re simple, minimalistic and add very little weight and bulk to the phone. However, coming from a 3GS, I still wanted to add a little thickness to the phone to fit better in my hand...

Spotted at the GAP via @mitch177
Editor’s Note: lol this doesn’t even make sense, what does an incoherent murdered out pocket dump on woodgrain have anything to do with khakis?

submitted by bauer Perhaps I am not “operating” in the same reality as the people posting on this site and I certainly am not trying to judge anyone’s lifestyle.  I’m very much about freedom to do what you like, especially when its as harmless as the displaying of one’s kit.  -but I am interested from an academic perspective on your thoughts of marketer’s cultivation of grown men as boyish consumers.  My gut feeling is that a large percentage of “Everyday Carry” items never see useful operation but are merely for display.  When I was a boy I thumbed through the back of comics and kung fu magazines to catch a glimspe of all the gouge that could be purchased but never had the means...

submitted by Sean This site has become a daily fixation for me since I came across it. Thanks for putting in as much effort as you do! As a token of my gratitude, here’s a shot of my current EDC. Not the most streamlined, nor is it themed, but it works for me.
- Vintage US Army Zippo
- CRKT M16-01Z
- Ubiquitous Fischer Space Pen
- Fenix LD01/Saab Key/Keys with Red Moon leather covers on Stussy S-Biner
- Alzuni Long-Wallet and braided lanyard
- Chapstick (Necessary for Canadian winters)
- Paracord bracelet
- Sterile Dial Submariner on G10 stap
- Cell phone on leather landyard.
- Burberry handcloth.
- Field Notes in MS & Co. selvedge denim sleeve.
- All this on top of my pair of Eternal 883’s. (They’re also everyday...

submitted by convoy le douk. Editor’s Note: lookin’ sharp…

Corter Leather Slim Set
Editor’s Note: Just got this set of leather goods from Eric during his Black Friday sale. I was looking for a minimalist cardholder and Corter’s here was on sale and came in black… It’s basically just a little sleeve with the corner cut out for easy access to cards (push the cards up and choose). The iPhone sleeve looks like it would offer some good all-around protection as the corner doesn’t stick out too much, but it adds a lot of bulk to the phone. It may be because it’s a tight fit (brand new) so hopefully over time things stretch out and loosen up.

nickelcobalt: itsworn: top: corter camera case
bottom: corter belt, zissou keyhook, chris_n pocket triangle need 2 cop in 2011: pocket triangle Editor’s Note: I still need my invite to the TRIANGLE MAFIA. I got my Zissou and Corter gear set though (PICS TO COME~~~~).

submitted by Scottn Todd Begg Damascus Field Marshall
Nonnative Work Boots Editor’s Note: That knife is crazy nice! And thanks for posting shoes that aren’t boat shoes or Dunk SBs lol

Spyderco PPT in GQ (lol) via willycheesesteak
Editor’s Note: lol wouldn’t expect the PPT to be a ‘GQ’ kinda knife. It is handsome, but there are sleeker alternatives imo. My favorite knife is a black handled Spyderco though… so what does that say about me? :x Apparently, this issue has a feature on “Best Stuff 2010,” which some of my readers have been asking me to do for this blog. To be honest, I haven’t had enough hands-on reviews or read enough to be able to come up with a clear list of best EDC bags, knives, flashlights, keychain tools, multitools, etc for this year. Sorry! There’s always next year.

That Damn Keyhook That Everyone Asks About via x-kaijin-x
Editor’s Note: I see this question get asked maybe once a week (not exaggerating) so I might as well make a dedicated post. That fishhook keything you’ve seen in esswhykay’s EDC that’s been reblogged and reposted a million times can be purchased from this eBay seller. If he doesn’t have any for sale just kindly message him to relist one for you (and maybe tell him this site sent you).

Flat Braid Bracelet by Woodlands Supply Co.
Editor’s Note: Good news, everybody! Paracord bracelets are now apparently fashionable. inb4 paracord bowties.

submitted by garenzy Wallet, HTC EVO, lighter (non-smoker), early 20th-century compass, Spyderco Endura 4 FFG, my dad’s Leatherman SuperTool, $0.16, Pentel GraphGear 1000, Mammut Carabiner, Moleskine, Berol RapiDesign Sketch Mate, WTDs. Editor’s Note: WAT U CARRYIN A LIGHTER FOR, SON? U DON’T NEED ONE — UR DUNK IS FIRE.

nickelcobalt: Tide to Go pen / Parker Jotter pen / Vintage B&L Wayfarers / MS & Co. selvedge sleeve / Linen handkercheif / Squad Leader watch / Tanner Goods natural cardholder / Rite in the Rain pocket all-weather memo book / Paracord monkey fist (and my keys) / Multipurpose pocket survival tool / Zebralight SC51 / Old LG phone I got for free / iPod touch (Taken with my Canon PowerShot S90 which is usually on me as well) (via The Bengal Stripe: Everyday Carry) Editor’s Note: This is Americarry. (nice gear, Nico~ suits you well.)

submitted by gnchck
Editor’s Note: Cool, haven’t seen anyone with those Snow Peak chopsticks (wish they were titanium tho). How is that MAKR wallet? It doesn’t have a slot at the bottom to push cards/cash out, does that annoy you? Anyway, the E1B and Skeletool look like a great pair. Maybe you could upgrade those iBuds sometime… Thanks for sharing.