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Jetbeam E20R

While seeing thousands of lumens light up your backyard never gets old, a light you can slip into your pocket and forget about is what EDC is all about. And while it used to be that such lights were more about portability than their power, these days we're spoiled for choice for lights that can do both. Jetbeam's new E20R is one of them, joining a small but impressive group of lights with plenty of both lumens and features to surprise and delight any EDCer.

We've seen plenty of lights that can use a CR123A or 16340 rechargeable battery, but few of them can get up to the outputs the E20R can. Its Luminus SST-40 N4 BC LED is able to push out up to 520 lumens with a CR123A battery, while the higher-voltage 16340 can dole out a whopping 990 lumens on its highest setting. A side switch controls the E20R's 5 modes, which comes with a built-in indicator to let you know when the battery is running low. But don't fret, as the light comes with a built-in micro USB charging port to top up during heavy use.

The ER20's type III hard-anodized shell keeps the light durable but lightweight, with an IPX8 waterproof rating that gives it up to 2 meters of submersible resistance. A ridged design built into the head helps with both cooling and anti-roll capability, while a magnetic tail gives the light versatile, hands-free use. With its 3” length and included pocket clip, pocketing the E20R for EDC is no problem.

Thanks to lights like the E20R, there's no longer a need to choose between power or pocketability. Pick one up at the Amazon link below.

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Jetbeam/Niteye EC-R26

"This pocket-sized flashlight only measures 4″ long, but it can crank out 1,080 lumens and a beam up to 500 feet long. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, and is IPX-6 waterproof and impact resistant. Offers three brightness modes and recharges via USB…" (via TheAwesomer)

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JetBeam RRT-01

JETBeam was one of the first companies to introduce the magnetic control ring interface with their Rapid Ring Tactical series. The RRT-01 updates the original innovative system with modern tech, packing in a CREE XM-L2 emitter that can output 600 lumens on a single RCR123A cell. Its interface is simple but effective, using the magnetic ring to activate and control a stepless brightness setting from 1 to 600 lumens and SOS standby. High-quality components round out its construction, including a stainless steel bezel, HA III aluminum alloy body, and titanium clip. If you're tired of the same old twisty or clicky activation and are looking for a light that's brilliant in its simplicity, then the RRT-01 may be for you.


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Jetbeam BA-10

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Lumen Output: 160/12
Runtime: 1.25/30 hrs.
Beam Distance: 97m/25m
Battery type: 1*AA
Tailcap Switch; 60g IPX8; Waterproof...

JETBeam RRT-0 XM-L Cree LED Flashlight, Grey

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Lumen Output: RCR123A 500/CR123A 220/AA 220/.005
Runtime: .3/1.5/3.75/100hrs (determined by battery type)
Beam Distance: 150m w/RCR123A
Battery Type:...

JETBeam PC10

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Lumen Output: 550/265/120/16/1
Runtime: .5/1/3/16.75/177 hrs.
Beam Distance: 131m w/RCR123A rechargeable battery
Battery Type: 1*CR123A/1*RCR123A