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UPDATE: Congrats to Peter T., winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for more giveaways here on Everyday Carry.

The year's almost over, and it's been a great year for gear. With 2018 mere days away, we'd like to give our thanks to you, the readers, for following us on the site and on social media. We’re giving you the chance to win over $1600 worth of gear by partnering with brands you know and love. Enter now to win awesome gear from our sponsors: Victorinox, SOG, Dango Products, Orbitkey, and Massdrop!

Cyber Monday Giveaway: Win Over $800 Worth of EDC Gear!

Update: Congratulations to Thomas, winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more chances to win awesome gear here on Everyday Carry.

While many of you are starting to get your shopping done before the holidays come around and others are choosing to save for a rainy day, we can all agree that the best deals are the ones that don't cost you a thing. In this week’s giveaway, you can win over $800 worth of gear courtesy of our sponsors: SOG, Dango Products, Massdrop, Victorinox, Orbitkey, and Alto!

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Knife

It used to be that a proper gent's knife was an investment, if not a “grail” status part of any EDC. After all, the materials and design it takes to produce a sleek, EDC-worthy knife don't usually come cheap. That's why Massdrop's latest collaboration with Ferrum Forge is as impressive as it is exciting. The Gent Knife boasts high-end materials and utilitarian features in an attractive design that won't break the bank at under $80 shipped.

The Gent is small, lightweight, and stylish, ticking all the boxes for a modern gent's knife. At a modest 3.6” closed and weighing only 2.4 oz, it shows a sense of streamlined ruggedness thanks to its bold, sweeping lines, ever so slightly curved edges, and unobstructed blade and handle. Aesthetics aside, this knife is much more than a shelf queen, built with a slew of high performance materials throughout to handle formal, casual, and heavy duty carry.

Instead of an ebony wood or micarta, the Gent opts for a more modern-day material in smooth G-10 scales, providing excellent grip to the knife's 6AL4V titanium handle. Not only is the handle made from titanium, a favorite metal among EDCers for its excellent strength to weight ratio, but it also houses a frame lock mechanism, something you typically see on high end, high priced knives. Last but not least, a two-way reversible deep pocket clip allows for discreet, ambidextrous, tip-up carry. Between the G10 scales and titanium frame lock, the Gent is already shaping up to be an impressive little folder. And that's just the handle.

Massdrop x NuForce EDC IEM

When you think of your go-to essentials, a pair of headphones might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But whether it’s for listening to a favorite album or catching up on a new podcast, EDCing a pair has its benefits. So when audio company Optoma NuForce teams up with the gear enthusiasts at Massdrop to release a pair of headphones, it's a match made in portable audio heaven. The Massdrop x NuForce EDC IEMs aren't the large, bulky over-ears that you might be picturing, but a super portable set of in-ear monitors designed with everyday carry in mind.

IEMs typically have better sound quality than the ‘buds that came with your smartphone, but they can get downright expensive. Fortunately, NuForce has earned a reputation for their quality audio gear at a value, and bringing Massdrop into the mix only helps the EDC IEM stay affordable yet feature-packed.

For example, the earbuds come equipped with a 6mm dynamic driver inside a hard plastic housing that's light enough to comfortably wear yet durable enough for the daily grind. Each earbud attaches to the cable via a two-pin connector that keeps them secure as you move while also letting you swap between the two included detachable cables. You'll get a standard cable for pure listening and one that's compatible with another essential EDC item—your smartphone. You can use it to answer calls or access your voice assistant without pulling your phone from your pocket thanks to its in-line controls.

Having the option to switch between cables doesn't just add versatility, it could save you some money, too. When you're especially hard on your gear and your cables fray or get lost, you can replace them for much less than what it'd cost to buy a new set of IEMs. With the included protective zip pouch, the EDC IEMs are even easier to carry and keep out of harm's way.

If you're still using the stock earbuds that came with your phone, it's about time for an upgrade. Check these out as an affordable pair of quality IEMs designed to be your daily driver over at the Massdrop link below.

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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife

While mass-produced knives can get the job done, there's a difference between a knife that simply cuts and one that slices with style. And when you put together three industry icons' heads together to design and produce a knife, you can bet the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Designed by Ferrum Forge, a small operation out of San Diego that's big on custom design and quality, manufactured by WE Knife Co., a solid production company already making waves in the knife world, and produced by Massdrop, the hobbyist and enthusiast destination, extraordinary is exactly what you get with the Ferrum Forge Falcon.

Simply handling the Falcon gives you an idea of how scrutinized its design and features were, as expected of a custom knife from Ferrum Forge. S35VN steel was selected for its blade, the flagship steel from Crucible Industries and Chris Reeve that gives impressive performance and edge retention.

Don't be fooled by the blade's compact 2.9” length (you'll appreciate being able to carry it in more places, though). It features a bold, drop point design with details that draw your hand towards a secure grip. These include a large finger choil to lock your index finger in place while cutting, and a concave cutout with jimping along the blade's spine for a secure thumb grip.

The Falcon's understated handles belie the fit, finish, and function within them. 6AL4V titanium gives the knife an excellent strength while keeping a light weight, and titanium's springiness lends itself to a more reliable frame lock. The Falcon's blade deploys through Ferrum Forge's caged bearing flip action, giving it a smooth and effortless action that lets you get to the cutting much faster.

While engaged, the blade is held in place with a hardened steel lockbar insert, designed for the long haul to keep the knife safe even with hard use. A reversible 3D-machined titanium clip rounds out the Falcon's handle features, letting righties and lefties alike carry the knife with ease.

Thanks to WE Knife Co's production capability and Massdrop's enthusiast reach, the Falcon can reach the hands and pockets of every knife user, from collectors to hard-use outdoorsmen. Check out the link below to grab this one-of-a-kind collaboration for yourself.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Massdrop.