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Flameless USB Travel Lighter

No matter your destination, you can be prepared with access to fire right in your pocket. This TSA-approved, eco-friendly electronic lighter is both gas-less and flameless, making it ideal for you frequent fliers. It can ignite anything you throw at it with its high output coil heating element, even in high wind. A 15 second auto-shutoff feature helps ensure your safety as well. The lighter will last up to 50 uses before having to plug it in, and its built-in USB adapter and light-up charge indicator makes the recharging process easy. You can purchase this lighter in either black or silver at our shop at the link below.

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Abraham Lincoln's Final Carry

Analyzing the contents of Abraham Lincoln's pockets from the night he was assassinated from an EDC perspective.

Humangear GoBites

In attaining portability, most combination utensil sets make sacrifices. Humangear’s GoBites Uno & Duo, on the other hand, don’t, nor will they figuratively tear your wallet to shreds upon purchase. These heat-resistant, BPA-free nylon utensils come in two variants — the simple Uno and the two-piece Duo, which locks together in either closed or end-to-end conformations for portability or reaching into deeper containers and bowls, respectively — and are lightweight as well as comfortable to grasp through longer meals. They also simply outperform sporks, splitting food (as we all too often do without a knife) thanks to tapered sides and twirling noodles better using their deeper tines.

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boylstontradingco: Corter for Boylston Trading Co.
Leather Cover for Field Notes Brand notebooks.
Oil tanned shell with a natural vegetable tanned interior.
Tanned, oiled and buffed by hand. Editor’s Note: I got to handle these notebook covers while I was in Boston this past summer. Once again, Corter delivers an impeccable product in terms of fit and finish (I ordered my wallet and phone case from him a year ago and they’ve held up flawlessly). To those of you who carry your pocket notebooks naked and experience durability issues, consider one of these covers as a simple, reversible way to add some luxury, and, more importantly, protection to your notebook carry.

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Rotring 800 Drafting Pencil via JetPens

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submitted by jphg H&M sunglasses, Iunx sented card, lunch tickets & bakeries fidelity cards, mini Ball Pentel, Moo personal cards, office keys, mini Bic lighter, home keys including LaCie iamaKey 8 Go, Muji credit cards holder, Philip Morris Slim cigarettes, iPhone 3GS, Apple headphones and the regular city’s Metro/Bus/Bike magnetic pass. I think i’m ready for the zombie apocalypse, dudes. Editor’s Note: Yep, nothing deters zombies more than Apple earbuds and loyal bakery patrons.

submitted by SRBraniac Happy Easter to all!! Have a nice one and enjoy with family and friends. Editor’s Note: Thanks, SRB! Have a Happy Easter and carry on, everyone~~

submitted by Gabriel
Editor’s Note: This is an example of why I request some detailed item description of submissions if possible, because even I am having trouble identifying that pouch. It looks like the Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer, but there are a lot out there so I’m not sure. I’m thinking of putting one together myself for my birthday as a micro bug out bag/toolkit… while hoping I’d never have to use it once it’s complete. Anyway, it looks nicely loaded — for my purposes mine would look similar except I’d probably have a small first aid kit and a Write in the Rain pad in there somewhere. Oh and if not all that cord is necessary, braiding it into some sort of really large lanyard could help compact it to fit better. Thanks for sharing!

submitted by Manny Edmond My mind was blown when I realized that Izaya Orihara from the anime series Durarara! keeps what appears to be a Spyderco CentofanteIII as his EDC knife. I’ve been an anime fan longer than I’ve been into EDC and knives so I didn’t make the connection until now...

submitted by ssilverspoon low maintenance everyday carry: university of toronto day planner
plain moleskin 
urban outfitters glasses
roots triple frame change purse
blackberry curve 8530
business cards
ipod shuffle ♥ Editor’s Note: ♥ u 2

explodingdog: New Multi-tool

submitted by naughtymoose My EDC: Wenger Ranger 70902W
Moleskine notebook - plain
LAMY swift black
Gerber Ceramic Knife Sharpener
Fenix LD10 R5
Spyderco Tenacious
Sandisk Cruzer Slice 16Gb
Light my Fire spork Editor’s Note: Nice organization here. I still haven’t gotten around to picking one of these organizers up, but I think they’d work great to toss into different bags. An “urban wallet” is also another similar alternative for smaller load outs that would make gearing up every morning easier if you change pants or something. If you want to cover a few more bases you could consider adding a multitool to the package and possibly a spare battery for the light. Thanks for sharing~