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10 Unique Multi-tool Designs That Break the Mold

When you picture a multitool in your mind, what does it look like? Chances are it's something along the lines of the traditional “butterfly” or Swiss knife design. Since multi-tools in general are usually designed to pack in as many functions as possible, they tend to get too bulky, heavy, and complex for a lot of EDCs. Luckily, there's been plenty of innovation in multi-tool designs recently. More and more modern tools break tradition and put their unique spin on specialized functionality, changing the way you can use or carry a multi-tool. In this guide, we're highlighting our favorite multi-tools with unique designs.

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Ti Hex-Bit Driver Ring

"This adjustable titanium band not only looks great, it’s perfect for guys who normally skip jewelry because it’s strictly decorative. That’s because this ring doubles as a driver for any 1/4″ hex bit. The set includes the ring, 4 hex bits, and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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10 Orange Everyday Carry Essentials for High Visibility

It's Halloween season again, and oddly enough, it's an appropriate time to rethink your EDC. You've got your knives and lighters for making jack-o-lanterns and flashlights to keep little ones safe on their neighborhood routes. Maybe you won't go so far as repurposing your go-bag into trick-or-treating candy storage (though I can't blame you: candy just tastes better when it's free), but there's good reason to get your EDC in the Halloween spirit with some new orange gear.

Now, you don’t have to use Halloween as an excuse to pocket orange gear. Adding that color to your carry has year-round benefits as well. Orange is typically used in the outdoors and zombie apocalypse survival situations for its strikingly high visibility. Compared to the usual black finishes, orange makes your gear easier to find whether you've dropped it in the woods or it's sitting at the darkest bottom corner of a loaded bag. We featured 13 other hi-vis tools last year, but we've updated the guide this time around with newer gear with the latest features.

Here are our picks for hi-vis orange gear to carry this year.

Gerber Dime Travel Multitool

As EDCers, we have our tools on us at all times to stay prepared. Unfortunately, traveling isn't one of those times. So when you can't get past security without leaving your trusty multitool at home because of its blade, what can you do?

Go bladeless, that's what. Gerber understands that security shouldn't come at the cost of an entire toolkit, so they've updated one of their most popular multitools by removing its edge. The Gerber Dime Travel multitool still features 12 functions, with 2 of them replaced with travel-friendly alternatives. A double-sided file replaces its knife, and a zipper pull hook takes the place of the package opener tool. The rest of its tools are intact, which include pliers, scissors, and a variety of drivers and openers that fold into its butterfly-opening handles.

It's still the same Dime that's great for everyday carry, only this time you don't have to compromise to take it with you on your excursions. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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GRIPsher Compact Multitool

Just how small can your tools go before they're no longer useful? How about 21 functions in the literal palm of your hand? Designed to be a natural extension of your hands and fingers, the GRIPsher makes full use of its compact size to provide utility at every angle.

Despite its size, there's no space wasted on the GRIPsher. Its two main arms—packed with tools—meet at the top to form its pliers and wire cutters. On the bottom is a unique locking HEXGRIP system that can securely hold standard hex bits. These arms are equipped with an array of drivers, wrenches, files, and openers. Additionally, each arm features extra folding tools in the form of a slot wrench/toe pry and heavy-duty knife. You can even estimate thickness using a material gauge on the underside of the pliers.

Thanks to its 17-4 stainless steel construction and ringlike form factor, the GRIPsher is tough enough to be carried externally on a belt loop or bag loop. At 1.6 ounces, it can also disappear in your pocket, making it ideal for everyday carry. Head to the Kickstarter link below to add one to your kit in the colorway of your choice, and even get the chance to donate one to a serving member of the military.

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Shinola x Leatherman Multitool

"The quality of Leatherman multitools is without question, and this collaboration between the American tool-maker and Shinola only further elevates the former’s already functional style while custom tailoring its uses. The multitool is based on Leatherman’s Charge AL, giving it a matte navy anodized exterior and the addition of two tools: a watch tool for swapping watch straps and a bike hex tool. It’s still equipped with the same tools as the original including needlenose pliers, wire cutters, two knives — one serrated, one straight — plus a saw, scissors, a diamond-coated file, and a bottle opener..." (via GearHungry)

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Cache Belt

"Wazoo Survival Gear’s smartly designed belt can pack a complete survival and utility kit in its band. It works as a money belt, and is available loaded with cords, zip ties, safety pins, bandages, trail markers, a compass..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Swiss+Tech 20-in-1 Bicycle Multitool Kit

"Throw a spare tube and a Swiss+Tech 20-in-1 Bicycle Multitool Kit into your bike’s saddle bag and you’re essentially set for anything the road could throw at you. The slim tool includes two tire levers for changing a flat, a chain tool, five spoke wrenches, a pair of screwdrivers, seven hex drivers, a T25 star driver..." (via GearHungry)
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1up pro EDC Tool

When we first wrote about the original 1up tool, we liked it for its minimalist and focused feature set that made it a functional addition to your keychain. pocket appeal out of New York are back with the 1up pro, the 1up's big brother. While it looks similar, the pro's larger footprint gives it room for 22 functions.

Front and center, of course, are the 1up's bottle opening functions, which includes a non-slip twisting action that not only leaves the cap undamaged, but also keeps it in your hand, preventing it from flying to the next table. There are 8 hex wrench slots above the bottle opener, ending in a top end that includes a keychain slot and a variety of drivers. You can use the 1up's bottom end as a pry bar thanks to its hardened stainless steel construction, and its sharpened edges let you use it to scrape, score, or slice through boxes and packaging.

Though it's bigger than the original 1up, the pro makes up for it in every possible way by giving you a slew of features and the same sleek form factor. You can add one to your everyday carry by clicking on the Kickstarter link below.

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