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Opinel No.8 Outdoor

It's easy to see why Opinel knives have long been EDC favorites thanks to their variety of sizes and inexpensive price points. They're light in the pocket but heavy on performance, thanks to a rust-resistant blade with enough length for precision slicing, a unique locking collar, and a full-sized grip. And with the No. 8 Outdoor model, that same grip adds survival tools and features to an already solid knife.

The Opinel No. 8 Outdoor uses a slightly larger stock for its Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel blade. This extra 3.35” space gives the knife room to add serrations towards the handle in addition to a shackle key slot commonly used in sailing.

Opinel's signature lightweight wood handles are traded out for fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, which gives the Outdoor shock-, humidity-, and extreme temperature resistance. Its outdoor functionality is rounded out with a 110db survival whistle, an integral lanyard for ease of carry, and safety lock to keep it closed during travel and transport.

Opinel's knives are simple and effective additions to any EDC. The No. 8 Outdoor brings all the right features to the table for an even more useful survival knife and multi-tool. Pick one up in orange at the Amazon link below, and be sure to check out its other hi-vis colorways to best match your outdoor carry.

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Opinel Trekking Knife

Opinel knives have all the hallmarks of an everyday workhorse that make them an EDC favorite. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to carry. Not to mention, they have a rust-resistant blade with enough length for precision slicing, a unique locking collar, and lightweight wood handles that drop the weight while still providing great grip. The No8 Trekking knife adds a few more features that make it a great addition to a weekend or bug out bag.

Starting with the blade, the No8 Trekking knife retains the signature Opinel slim drop point blade. At 3.25” and made from resilient 12c27 Sandvik Stainless steel, it's an ideal slicer when you need long cuts or for food prep. The Trekking knife series features a few handle colors besides the usual tan/yellow, so matching it to your EDC's color scheme is easy. Also unique to the series is a leather loop on the No8's handle, giving you more options for pocket retrieval or attaching it to your bag for use as an outdoor knife.

Opinel's knives are simple and effective additions to any EDC. With the Trekking knife series, they've added just the right options to make the No8 and even more versatile performer both in and outdoors. Pick one up in your choice of color from Amazon at the link below.

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Opinel No. 8

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Genuine Opinel knife with 3.25-inch bladeCarbon steel blade, hardwood handle and stainless steel locking collarEasy to use, foldable blade design; safe to use, locking collar...

Opinel No. 7

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Handle: BeechwoodBlade: Carbon SteelOverall Length: 7.06 inBlade Length: 3.2 inWeight: 1.3 oz...

Opinel No. 8 Walnut

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Handle: Walnut
Blade: Stainless Steel
Packaging: Craft sleeve
Opinel Part #: 648...

Opinel No. 10

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Opinel No. 4

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Opinel Oyster and Shellfish Folding Knife

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Opinel Stainless Steel Oyster Knife.

Opinel Goatskin Sleeve

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Opinel N4 Beechwood Handle Knife

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Opinel N4 Beechwood Carbon. 2 5/8 closed. Beechwood handle and tempered high carbon steel blade with crowned hand hallmark etching. Bulk packed."...