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Riind Pen

The Riind Pen’s most apparent feature is unique clip, which boasts a low profile and also maintains its clipping force through a large range of motion. But more than that it’s also equipped with a unique continuous cam design that extends the pen tip with a half-twist of its end in any direction and retracts it with another. The writing implement is also made to last with its machined aluminum body and fits over 35 different 110mm ink cartridges… (via GearHungry)

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Everyman Grafton EDC Pen

An elegant writing instrument for a more civilized age, the Grafton is perfectly weighted for writing. Its body is machined from durable anodized aluminum with deep grooves for grip, and has a bolt-on metal clip… (via TheAwesomer)

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Boker Plus Tablet Pen

If you EDC a smartphone or tablet and you've been looking for a tactical pen to carry, the Boker Plus Tactical Tablet Pen is for you. It sports a ballpoint tip for analog note taking and a stylus for electronic devices. Both lie protected under screw caps, with the pen at the front and the stylus at the rear near the clip like an eraser. The stylus is the capacitive rubber type, able to manipulate most modern screens. True to its application as an EDC pen, it accommodates the venerable Fisher Space Pen cartridge. Its durable, milled aluminum composition ensures it'll stand up to hard use. Between its ink refill and robust construction, you can count on this tactical pen being able to write in the most extreme situations. Do more with your tactical pen than just write. Make it a part of your electronic device ecosystem, and pick up the Boker Plus Tactical Tablet pen at the link below.

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Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen

There are plenty of write-anywhere EDC pens out there, but they're not without their problems. They're often too small to comfortably write with, lack a pocket clip, and all look relatively the same. What’s unique about the Tombow AirPress is not just that it writes upside down and on wet paper, but how it does it. Not to mention, there are other EDC-focused features that make it an excellent upgrade to your standard ballpoint pen.

Instead of using a pressurized ink cartridge, the AirPress has a self-pressurizing mechanism built right into the pen. Each click of the pen primes the ink cartridge to write for nearly 500 feet in less than ideal conditions. Once the pen is primed, you can write upside down, on wet paper, and through dust and dirt. There’s even a window in the side of the pen that lets you see the mechanism in action.

In addition to the compact size of the pen, the entire body is rubberized for a secure grip, whether it’s wet or dry. The heavy-duty metal clip opens wide enough so that you can clip it to a pocket, bag, or clipboard without breaking it either. You can grab an AirPress in your color of choice and get writing anywhere at the link below.

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ZeroHour Apex Tactical Pen

Your EDC gear should be reliable, functional, and comfortable to carry. ZeroHour know this, as seen in their successful flashlight projects they've completed. Now, they've set their sights on doing it again with a premium pen that ticks all the feature boxes for an everyday jotter at an affordable price.

The Apex is designed around the Fisher Space Pen refill, a community favorite thanks to its ability to write in every environmental condition or orientation. Many tactical pens are so long that they become unwieldy and heavy, but the Apex's total length of 4.7” makes it compact and easy to carry. It comes in 6061 aluminum or grade 5 titanium, popular materials that offer ideal strength-to-weight ratios and also fit the look of many EDC loadouts. Its skeletonized barrel cuts down weight even further and doubles in showing off the brass Fisher refill underneath. Finally, its tail end features a safety-capped tungsten steel tip, a hardened material that lets you use the Apex for emergency situations as a glass breaker or for self-defense.

There's under a week left to pledge for the Apex, which is already well on its way with its funding. Add this feature-heavy but pocket light pen to your carry by checking it out at the link below.

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Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen

A well-made tactical pen is one of the most durable items you can carry. Take this Hoffman Richter Stinger, for example. Even when not used for self-defense, its aircraft-grade, titanium-coated aluminum exterior ensures a lifetime of resistance against every sort of environmental damage it comes across. It maintains its strength for more aggressive applications like breaking glass, yet still is light enough to write with. It uses the ever-popular Fisher Space Pen refill — of course, since a pen that can survive most everything should be able to write on most anything. The Stinger's cap attaches securely on either end of the pen, and also comes with a heavy-duty integrated clip for EDC. You can write, fight, and keep it light with the Stinger, available at the link below.

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Ystudio Brassing Pen & Pencil

Creating beautiful things seems to come naturally when the tools we’re using are equally beautiful. Ystudio’s Brassing Pen & Pencil are the polar opposite of flimsy and disposable, like most writing implements we’re accustomed to. They’re both made of hefty brass for writing stability and feature a distinct matte black coating that shows the raw metal underneath at its edges… (via GearHungry)

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TT PockeTTools Keychain Pen

The new EDC Keychain Pen from TT PockeTTools pushes the limits of portability in an EDC pen. Measuring in at a mere 9mm in diameter and only 3.25” long, it rides unnoticed on your key setup. When you need to get to it, the quick detach design makes it especially easy to access. You can unscrew the body to completely detach from the cap and your keychain, letting you write freely. Since the cap stays secured on your keys, you won’t have to undo a pesky split ring just because you have to use the pen. No need to worry about losing the pen when carrying it either, thanks to its heavy-duty threading and rubber o-ring that prevent the cap from opening on accident. Its body features grooves for some extra grip and design flair and also accommodates standard D1 size refills. Available in brass, aluminum, or copper, this handy little pen is built to last. Back the project to get one for yourself via the Kickstarter link below.

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HMM Rule/One Pen

A smartly designed writing instrument that combines a pen with a straightedge and ruler. It has three interchangeable heads, including a ballpoint, a touchscreen stylus, and a lanyard loop. Made from sturdy milled aluminum… (via TheAwesomer)

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JP-Tac Tactful Keychain Pen

Keychain pens can be useful additions to your EDC, but they only do one thing: write. The Tactful Keychain Pen from JP-Tac does much more than that thanks to some added tools, giving your EDC extra utility in the same amount of space. The cap contains an integrated bit holder that allows you to make quick fixes on the go. When paired with the optional multitool, the pen becomes even more capable. The bit driver fits into the multitool for extra leverage so you can get more torque on that stubborn screw or rusted bolt. The Tactful Keychain Pen also features a tungsten steel glass breaker for emergency situations. Tools aside, this offering from JP-Tac is still a writing instrument at heart. At the core of this durable, EDC-ready writer is the tried-and-true Fisher Space Pen refill — ideal for writing in any condition. The pen is available in both titanium and aluminum in various finishes. Hit the Kickstarter link below to secure one for yourself.

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EDC Pocket Bolt Pen

Machined bolt pens have become EDC favorites recently for their tactile clickiness that ordinary plastic pens can only dream of. For their second Kickstarter project, BLANK FORCES out of Santa Monica, CA have made a solid metal bolt-action pen approximately 4” long. It's an ideal size for EDC, keeping it pocket-sized while retaining the benefits of full-sized machined pens. You get a pen built to last, quality materials and craftsmanship, and a very satisfying bolt click unique to its kind.

The EDC Pocket Bolt Pen comes in two styles: a pocket version with a normal clicky top, and a keychain version with a removable screw top that has an attached split ring for easy retrieval from a keychain or bag. You have a choice of either a round or anti-roll hex-shaped barrel, with optional laser-engraved measurement scales. Its bolt mechanism comes with an auto-locking feature that prevents the pen from activating while in your bag or pocket, with an alternative clip configuration. The pen uses standard D1 refills available from most bookstores, and comes with one 0.7 mm Ohto needle point refill ready to use.

Always wanted a machined bolt pen but could never spare the size or weight? Check out and pledge for an EDC Pocket Bolt Pen in your ideal configuration at the link below.

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