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15 EDC Gifts Under $15

We're well into the holiday season, a time to be spent with loved ones and a great opportunity to exchange gifts. If you're still having trouble deciding what to add to your wishlist, or if you've put off shopping because your minimalist wallet is feeling especially light these days, don't worry — we've got you covered with this collection of 15 great pieces of EDC gear for under $15 each.Keychain ToolsNiteIze DooHicKeySomething as essential as keys deserve better than a flimsy, generic keychain. This multitool is an easy upgrade over an ordinary carabiner, offering versatility with its pry bar, box opener, screwdriver, ruler and wrenches...

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Shop Here: Monocle, NYC

Monocle magazine was launched in February 2007, but already seems like a long-time staple of cultural and luxury journalism. This premium media brand boasts magazine, web, broadcast and retail divisions and focuses on global affairs, business, culture and design worldwide. Monocle broke traditional media models by creating a retail channel with freestanding shops in London, Hong Kong, Toronto, Tokyo and New York (as well as an e-commerce site), selling limited edition collaboration and Monocle-designed everyday carry items such as pens, notebooks, wallets, and key chains...

EDC Ink Keychain Pen

There's never a bad reason to have a pen on you, from being able to conveniently jot down ideas at a moment's notice to having the means to write important information during an emergency. EDC Ink is a Kickstarter project by BLANK FORCES out of Santa Monica, CA that makes carrying a pen even easier. It houses common refills like D1s and the Pilot Hi-Tec-C in an extremely compact barrel made out of 304 stainless steel accented with brass.  At a feather-light 31.4 grams, it unobtrusively hangs off your keychain until you need it. A little over two weeks are left to pledge for the EDC Ink, which is available in two sizes and custom-engraved designs.


Ti2 TechLiner Pens After the success of their original TechLiner, Ti2 is kickstarting a second run of the same great technical pen in a shorter variation and in new materials — this time in brass, bronze, and copper. The pen features a smooth Signo 207 refill, truncated nose for technical use, and a grid pattern for comfort and grip. The business end is protected by a magnetic cap that feels almost magical when snapping on and off the pen. An optional pocket clip provides anti-roll functions and makes for easy pocket carry. You can pre-order just in time for Christmas if you back in the next 5 days. PRE-ORDER ($55+)

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KarasKustoms Ink Rollerball Pen Many EDCers upgrade from disposable plastic pens that are unfit to withstand daily wear and tear to more durable metal machined pens, like the KarasKustoms Ink. The Ink’s clean yet borderline overbuilt design is precisely machined from aluminum — resulting in a nice balance of durability and elegance. Its cap, complete with pocket clip for easy carry, unscrews to reveal a hefty copper grip for comfort and balance. This special two-tone configuration is now on sale at the link below.
BUY ($85)