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Cogent Titanium Pen

Although the custom pen market is starting to get a little crowded, Kickstarter veteran Magnus Macdonald has one more hat to throw into the ring. His newest project is his take on the minimalist titanium pen, which has its share of features to set it apart from the rest. Its cap snaps on instead of screws on for easier access and more streamlined manufacturing. Macdonald designed the clip to be stronger than the usual bolt-on offering by integrating it right into the cap. The Cogent is machined out of grade 5 titanium and accepts two different Mont Blanc refills. Backers have a little over a month to make their pledge for a pen in one of three finishes.

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Ti2 TechLiner Shorty Review

If you’ve been following along with our Carry Smarter features, you should be familiar with the value of carrying a pen and the allure of titanium. In this review, we’ll give Ti2 Design’s TechLiner titanium pen a closer look. As a writer, I’m particular about my pens. As an EDCer, there’s no other metal I want my gear made from than titanium. So when Mike Bond and the masters of titanium at Ti2 Design sent over their take on the machined titanium EDC pen, I was intrigued. Maybe skeptical is a better word. The pen certainly didn’t look like other pens on the market. No clicky, but a cap instead? A short barrel? An exposed needle tip? Nonetheless, I slipped it into my pocket to begin “testing.” What started as a trial run turned into months of daily use...

Titanium: Understanding EDC's Precious Metal

Learn about one of the most desired "holy grail" materials in the EDC world, starting with an appreciation for classic titanium essentials in the first installment of this three-part primer in the Carry Smarter series.

How to Make Writing a Part of Your Daily Routine

We’ve given you several ideas involving the whys, hows, and whats of carry a notebook and pen. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the more premium pens, notebooks, and accessories. This installment of Carry Smarter touches on fountain pens, full-sized notebooks, some nice desk accessories and planners to wrap up our 3-part guide on writing analog. While each of these items may not exclusively be EDC’d, they are certainly useful on a daily basis and can easily become a part of your ritual.

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Interview: Tom Medvedich, Photographer

Tom Medvedich is a New York-based commercial photographer who’s had some of the biggest names in basketball and hip-hop on the other side of his lens, such as LeBron James, Eminem, and 50 Cent, to name a few. Besides portraiture, he does still life photography for some of the finest luxury brands around. His unorthodox concepts impart character and complexity to his still life shots to produce stunning, well-executed, and compelling visuals. Join us in this interview as Tom walks us through his work, shows you how a pro takes an EDC photo, and speaks on his favorite gear in fantastic detail.
Since you shoot for so many different clients and you’re constantly changing it up between still life and portraiture, a day on the job must be really demanding...

Ancient Bog Oak Pens

There's something to be said about handcrafted tools. The finished product is a refined result of the maker's experience and skill, and holding it is holding a piece of that maker's history. Bourbon Pens is an online shop out of Alabama that specializes in working with upcycled materials, and their fourth project on Kickstarter makes use of a piece of history from the Earth itself. Ancient bog oak is between 4000 to 6000 years old, retrieved from peat bogs from England and Ireland. While the wood is buried, reactions with minerals preserve it from decay, causing it to harden and darken in the earliest stages of fossilization. Bourbon Pens have crafted this wood into a collection of seven modern pen designs, including a key fob canister, bullet pen, and fountain pen, all in the oak's rich, dark color, outfitted with chrome hardware, and utilizing common refills. Potential backers have just under two weeks to be a part of the wood's continuing legacy.


Kaweco Liliput

Kaweco have taken the fine writing experience and scaled it down into one of the smallest fountain pens you can carry. With its aluminum body measuring in at just 3.81 in (91 mm) long when closed and weighing only 10 grams, the Liliput simply disappears in your pocket yet manages to fit standard ink cartridges. Its threaded cap can post onto the back of the pen, adding length for better balance and comfort when writing with its stainless steel nib. If the reason you haven't tried a fountain pen in your EDC was because of limited pocket space, you have no excuse now! You can grab a Liliput at the link below and pair it with your favorite pocket notebook to really step up your jot game.


The Graphis by MC Fabrications

At first glance, the Graphis is a simple mechanical pencil. It's a nice, compact size for EDC under 5" and with a 1/2" diameter, has a removable clip, and is machined out of one of five materials including carbon fiber and titanium. Its hidden ability, however, is its lead-swapping mechanism. When the top of the pencil is pushed the internal clutch system releases the lead, making it fast and easy to change writing tips. In addition to a number of choices for lead color and weight, the Graphis also includes an ink adapter which takes common D1 refills available from many bookstores and brands, and a stylus insert for your touchscreen device. MC Fabrications out of North Aurora, IL are presenting the Graphis as their third Kickstarter project, and backers have plenty of options for body material and add-ons.

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Interview: Sam Larson, Artist

Sam Larson is a freelance artist and designer based out of Portland, OR hailing from Wisconsin. He’s the creative mind behind Steel Bison, his wildly popular brand of Old West-inspired art and designs that have amassed a huge following on social media. Join us as we talk with Sam about getting inspired, putting in your work, and how his everyday carry equips him to stay creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.
What’s a day in the life of a freelance designer like?
I draw and design things from my studio every day. The work varies depending on what projects I have going at the the time. I also run my own online store where I sell stickers, prints, buttons, patches, apparel, notebooks, etc. I design, source suppliers, package, and ship everything myself...

Why You Should Carry A Pen

Learn the benefits of carrying a pen and find your next EDC pen with recommendations from pen expert, Ed Jelley, in the first of this three-part series on analog writing.

Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Copper Fountain Pen

Pilot's premium Namiki collection gets a touch more class with this limited edition model featuring a copper-colored barrel with Rhodium accents. As with all Vanishing Point models, the 18k Rhodium-plated nib retracts with a click of the top knock button, protecting it from bending or leaking into your pocket and allowing for fine writing without sacrificing portability. Only 2014 units were made of this copper model, so if you're looking for something unique in your fountain pen experience, the Vanishing Points may be for you.

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LOCLEN "Tiny" Pocket Fountain Pen

Many fountain pens are inconvenient to EDC by design, ultimately ending up on desk duty. The team at LOCLEN hope to change that with Tiny, a pocket fountain pen envisioned to be a portable, minimalist pen carry when closed, but balanced and fully-featured as a writing instrument when open with its cap posted. Tiny is 3.74 in. (95 mm) long, weighs 0.95 oz (27 g), is manufactured out of C360 brass, and is equipped with premium Bock nibs that take Pelikan 4001 or similar short ink cartridges. Backers have until January to pledge for a Tiny, with a number of additional and customizable features such as body finish, cap shape, clip, and a handmade Italian case, giving you plenty of options for the on-the-go fountain pen experience that's right for you.


6061 Mechanical Pencil

Finding a long lasting machined pen online these days is relatively easy, but a mechanical pencil? Not so much. And that’s what prompted Modern Fuel Design’s 6061 Mechanical Pencil. Milled from one solid block of metal, these 0.5mm lead pencils are incredibly strong, not to mention stunning. They come in brass or aluminum, include a removable clip, and should technically last a lifetime, lest they’re sent in to be replaced or repaired for free.

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15 EDC Gifts Under $15

We're well into the holiday season, a time to be spent with loved ones and a great opportunity to exchange gifts. If you're still having trouble deciding what to add to your wishlist, or if you've put off shopping because your minimalist wallet is feeling especially light these days, don't worry — we've got you covered with this collection of 15 great pieces of EDC gear for under $15 each.Keychain ToolsNiteIze DooHicKeySomething as essential as keys deserve better than a flimsy, generic keychain. This multitool is an easy upgrade over an ordinary carabiner, offering versatility with its pry bar, box opener, screwdriver, ruler and wrenches...

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Shop Here: Monocle, NYC

Monocle magazine was launched in February 2007, but already seems like a long-time staple of cultural and luxury journalism. This premium media brand boasts magazine, web, broadcast and retail divisions and focuses on global affairs, business, culture and design worldwide. Monocle broke traditional media models by creating a retail channel with freestanding shops in London, Hong Kong, Toronto, Tokyo and New York (as well as an e-commerce site), selling limited edition collaboration and Monocle-designed everyday carry items such as pens, notebooks, wallets, and key chains...