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TiScribe EDC Pen

Not all pens are equipped for EDC use. One2TenCNC paid close attention to detail when making the TiScribe, resulting in a truly pocket-friendly pen with all the right features for EDC. Its seamless, compact design is short enough for effortless carry, but still comfortable to use. It’s machined from materials like high-polish titanium, copper, and brass for a durable construction that looks better after continued hard use. Unlike other pens with flimsy steel pocket clips that bend or snap, the TiScribe secures to your pocket using a grade 5 titanium clip held firmly in place by a set screw. You can choose a smoother writing experience in their fountain pen unit, or opt for the utility of a write-anywhere Fisher Space pen refill version for your carry at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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Giveaway: Practical Pouches and Pressurized Pens

Update: This contest is now over. Thanks for participating! Congratulations to Mike G for scoring this sweet writing gear package.
Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win.

This week's package includes a some lesser-known write-anywhere pens, bags and pouches to organize your daily loadout, and one of my personal favorite notebooks. Special thanks to JetPens for helping us get these hard-to-find goods into your hands.
We’ll run the giveaway for a week. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

Machine Era Aluminum Pen

Machine Era made a strong first impression among the EDC community with their elegantly utilitarian minimalist wallet. Since then, they've been expanding their product line with the same design language and precise craftsmanship to other daily essentials. They now offer a black anodized aluminum version of their machined pen. It has the same pocketable form factor, rugged construction, threaded cap, and crowd-favorite Pilot G2 refill of their original brass version, but opts for light weight over heft for those of you who find your pockets on the heavy side. Don't worry, brass fans, Machine Era debuted a solid brass quick release keychain fitted with 10 lb pull neodymium magnets to give your keys and tools security, accessibility, and a bit of bling factor to boot.


How to Choose a Pen Tough Enough to EDC

Investing in a quality writing instrument has plenty of benefits, and an especially tough pen can easily last a lifetime. In this installment of Carry Smarter, you’ll discover what to look for to make sure your next pen is built to last, and what types of pens might best suit your needs. Lastly, we list 8 of the toughest pens you can buy to make your search (and next writing session) go smoothly.

Ystudio Rollerball Pen

A hallmark of the best everyday carry essentials is the ability to stand the test of time. Ystudio crafts their rollerball pen using a durable blend of heavy duty metals that not only withstand daily wear and use, but also take on a beautiful patina while doing so. Crafted from brass, copper, and bronze, the pen imparts a pleasant heft and balance for a smoother writing experience. Its hexagonal barrel gives this writing instrument that timeless, industrial look, while preventing it from accidental rolling too. Grab this rollerball that'll last a lifetime in your carry at the link below.


Machine Era Solid Brass Pen

It’s no secret that we’re fans of putting pen to paper. The Brass Pen by Machine Era makes for a great pen to carry thanks to its shorter size, slim profile, and brushed finish. The rounded cap won’t poke you in the leg and the brushed finish will minimize scratches from the rest of the gear in your pocket. There are three rings carved into the middle of the pen body that add some welcomed design flair. This brass pen will age naturally with use, turning from a bright yellow to a rich golden brown. The threaded cap can be fitted to both the front and back of the pen, ensuring that you’ll never misplace it. If you’ve been looking for an everyday carry pen that stands out from the pack, check out this new, limited release from Machine Era.


Tactile Turn Brass Shaker

If you’ve been looking for an EDC pen that will last a lifetime, look no further. The Tactile Turn Shaker takes common Parker style refills and houses them in a pen that’s more comfortable to write with, sturdy enough for daily carry, and has a much higher cool-factor than cheap plastic. The Shaker is machined from a solid bar of brass, which will naturally age and pick up a beautiful patina. If you prefer your gear to look new and shiny, easily polish it up to a brilliant shine. Brass is a hefty material, but the custom lay pattern grip helps the writer hold on to the pen for precision writing. This pen will have no trouble holding up to everyday use for decades to come.


Penxo Pencil

A mechanical pencil without any springs, buttons, or actual mechanical parts, the Penxo Pencil is a Red Dot Award winning writing implement that’s probably better classified as a lead holder. Each Penxo is precision milled from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum and naturally clamps down on the contained 2mm lead thanks to its slightly tensioned design…

Mininch Tool Pen Mini

Hot on the heels of the Tool Pen comes the Mininch Tool Pen Mini, a brand new screwdriver that doesn’t simply use the same bits as the original. The aluminum Tool Pen Mini employs a similar Pop-A-Point design that lets you’d select bits like the push-up pencils of old, exposing their sizes and shapes through windows while cycling through…

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15 EDC Essentials Under $15 Part 2

Buying Guide

Rounding out your EDC doesn't always have to cost and arm and a leg. In the first installment of 15 Under $15, we showed that a complete and effective carry requires very little investment. If you've been feeling the pinch lately but still feeling the itch for new gear, here are some more of our affordable picks to keep both your carry and your wallet happy.

Cogent Titanium Pen

Although the custom pen market is starting to get a little crowded, Kickstarter veteran Magnus Macdonald has one more hat to throw into the ring. His newest project is his take on the minimalist titanium pen, which has its share of features to set it apart from the rest. Its cap snaps on instead of screws on for easier access and more streamlined manufacturing. Macdonald designed the clip to be stronger than the usual bolt-on offering by integrating it right into the cap. The Cogent is machined out of grade 5 titanium and accepts two different Mont Blanc refills. Backers have a little over a month to make their pledge for a pen in one of three finishes.

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Ti2 TechLiner Shorty Review


If you’ve been following along with our Carry Smarter features, you should be familiar with the value of carrying a pen and the allure of titanium. In this review, we’ll give Ti2 Design’s TechLiner titanium pen a closer look. As a writer, I’m particular about my pens. As an EDCer, there’s no other metal I want my gear made from than titanium. So when Mike Bond and the masters of titanium at Ti2 Design sent over their take on the machined titanium EDC pen, I was intrigued. Maybe skeptical is a better word. The pen certainly didn’t look like other pens on the market. No clicky, but a cap instead? A short barrel? An exposed needle tip? Nonetheless, I slipped it into my pocket to begin “testing.” What started as a trial run turned into months of daily use...

Titanium: Understanding EDC's Precious Metal

Learn about one of the most desired "holy grail" materials in the EDC world, starting with an appreciation for classic titanium essentials in the first installment of this three-part primer in the Carry Smarter series.

How to Make Writing a Part of Your Daily Routine

We’ve given you several ideas involving the whys, hows, and whats of carry a notebook and pen. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the more premium pens, notebooks, and accessories. This installment of Carry Smarter touches on fountain pens, full-sized notebooks, some nice desk accessories and planners to wrap up our 3-part guide on writing analog. While each of these items may not exclusively be EDC’d, they are certainly useful on a daily basis and can easily become a part of your ritual.

Interview: Tom Medvedich, Photographer


Tom Medvedich is a New York-based commercial photographer who’s had some of the biggest names in basketball and hip-hop on the other side of his lens, such as LeBron James, Eminem, and 50 Cent, to name a few. Besides portraiture, he does still life photography for some of the finest luxury brands around. His unorthodox concepts impart character and complexity to his still life shots to produce stunning, well-executed, and compelling visuals. Join us in this interview as Tom walks us through his work, shows you how a pro takes an EDC photo, and speaks on his favorite gear in fantastic detail.
Since you shoot for so many different clients and you’re constantly changing it up between still life and portraiture, a day on the job must be really demanding...