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Polarized sunglasses
Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ w/ 32gb microSD
Playing Cards
Microfiber towel (for phone, gadgets, glasses and intense perspiration)
Headporter Hip Pack
4sevens Quark 123 Ti
iPhone 4S anti-theft device
Pilot Birdy Mini SS and SS Sharpie
My attempt at a paleo trail mix
Victorinox Super Tinker with 550 lanyard (should cover all the tools I need)
Seiko SNN215 on Grey NATO (Adjustable strap in case I swell up from the heat and/or consumption of rice)
USB to mini USB, spare CR123a battery, SS peanut lighter
Handkerchief (I’ve been told it’s hot in the Philippines)
iPhone charger (I’ll pick up a universal adapter when I land)
Shure SE530 custom remolds, vintage leather belt pouch
Editor’s Note: Hi everyone...


Valentine Goods iPhone 4 Leather Backs
Editor’s Note: About a year ago, I was in the market for a minimal leather iPhone case. At the time, I had a 3GS so I decided to go with one of Corter’s slim cases. Around that time, Jamie at Valentine Goods shot me an email and introduced me to his products. Now that I’ve picked up an iPhone 4S, I jumped at his offer. Many thanks to Jamie for sending me some units to review — a gloss black leather back, a limited stingray leather back, and one of their new iPad 2 leather backs.

I was interested in the Valentine Goods line because they’re simple, minimalistic and add very little weight and bulk to the phone. However, coming from a 3GS, I still wanted to add a little thickness to the phone to fit better in my hand...

Seiko SRP027K1
Editor’s Note: I finally got a DSLR! I haven’t been buying any EDC gear though so I could save up for it — apologies for pics of old stuff. In any case, look forward to better photos and videos. I should have something up by tomorrow. I appreciate your patience~

Here’s an interview I did with PostDesk. I talk a bit about how I started the site, about my take on some EDC philosophies, how EDC has grown, and some other controversial topics. I concede that I still have a lot to learn (and I do learn something every time I get a new submission, so thank you to my readers for that) so please keep that in mind when reading my responses, haha… Anyway, feel free to check it out.

4sevens Quark 123 Ti R5
Corter Slim Wallet
Shure SE530
Seiko SRP027K
Summit Creek Dry Goods Keychain 02
LaCie iamaKey 8GB
4sevens Mini CR2 NW
Victorinox Manager
Moleskine Volant Mini
SRM 704
iPhone 3GS in Corter Slim
Uni-ball Power Tank Smart Series High Grade What I’ve been carrying recently… I like the SRM704 and Power Tank a lot more than I expected. I’ll try to whip up a review of the SRM after I get some more use out of it, but I like carrying it because it sits deep and carries slim, opens quickly and the blade shape is useful. The Uni-ball like I mentioned in an earlier review is just really quick and accessible, writes consistently every time too...

Pocket check for today:  iPhone 3GS in Corter Slim Case
Shure SE530
Summer Creek Dry Goods Leather Keychain 02
Victorinox Manager, Zebra mini Pen Pod, 4sevens Mini CR2 NW, Lacie iamakey, Apt & House
Corter Slim Wallet
Kaweco Liliput FP Al
Al Mar Falcon Classic Talon
4sevens Quark 123 Ti R5
Moleskine Volant Mini
Seiko SRP027K (no visual, on wrist)
White handkerchief (no visual, gross) This is sort of a heavier load out for me, in the summer I usually forego the flashlight and just use the one on my keys, and I tend to carry my Leafstorm more often. Sorry if the picture looks weird, I’m still toying around with this borrowed DSLR. Thanks for looking!

Next feature’s teaser…

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I hope this fan page can serve as a convenient complementary platform for you readers and contributors to start discussion, ask questions, and share some of your pictures and stories. You guys have great ideas, and others have good questions — this page will help start some discussion without me in the way as the middle man (via email, twitter, disqus, etc.) Furthermore, it gives me another medium to communicate with you guys without cluttering up the main page. Liking on Facebook can also help introduce your friends to the site, and the more the merrier, right? So please check it out and Like it if you do. I appreciate it! Thanks again and carry on~

I’m back! I’m back after finishing one of my toughest academic years to date, and I’m humbled and thrilled to find that EDC has been selected as one of TIME’s Best Blogs of 2011! This couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my loyal supporters and contributors. Thank you so much. Before this gets any cornier I’ll just start going through my submissions and queuing up content for you guys. Thanks for your patience and carry on~

Victorinox Swisstool Spirit S & Lamy Safari
Picked up the Swisstool for myself and my roommate got me the Lamy for my birthday ^_^. Swisstool is quality — just wish it had scissors on it. Otherwise, feels substantial and I like the grip both open and closed. The Lamy is super lightweight and cool too. I just don’t know how it will hold up in pocket carry, clipped, because the cap pops off (no screw top), so there’s the risk of it uncapping and bleeding into your pocket… Oh and sorry for the dust, my DIY lightbox has been collecting some. Should I buy an entry level DSLR and try to step up my macro photography game?

Seiko SRP027K
Corter Slim Wallet
Summit Creek Dry Goods Leather Keychain 02
Victorinox Manager, 4sevens Mini CR2 NW, Lacie iamakey, Apt & House
Corter Slim iPhone Case, 3GS
Kaijin Cool Hook (returned the keys that were on it already…)
4sevens Quark 123 Ti R5
Spyderco Leafstorm
The Hill-Side Chambray
Editor’s Note: not dead, just busy…! 


Editor’s Note: A girl just texted me (that’s right) a photo of this flyer for a paracord bracelet workshop at school. It’s catching on? Too bad I can’t make it..

5.11 Tactical RUSH 24
Editor’s Note: lol I’m going to be away this weekend, but don’t worry… I queued up a bunch of posts. I just wanted to show how capable this bag is. It’s sized for someone to live out of it for basically 24 hours, but I find that I can pack for a 3 day trip (clothes, towel, toiletries, gear, etc) pretty easily. I love the versatility of this bag — school, EDC, travel, BOB capabilities. Anyway, one more post before I head out…

Victorinox SuperTinker on an x-kaijin-x fishhook (Thanks, sumi!)
Zebra Sharbo LT3
Al Mar Falcon Classic Talon
Corter Slim Wallet
Superiortitanium Black Diamond Moneyclip
Corter Slim iPhone Sleeve
pinoysteel Balicomb in Kamagong / Stainless (Thanks, Jay!)
The Hillside Selvedge Chambray Handkerchief
Seiko SRP027K
4sevens Quark 123 R5 Titanium
Zissou Model 01 Leather Keychain (Thanks, Mark!)
4sevens Quark Mini CR2 Neutral White
Victorinox Manager Editor’s Note: This is an atypically ‘heavy’ load out. I just felt like showing some things off :3. I could probably carry all this, but realistically I’d leave out one of the larger knives, either the wallet or the moneyclip and consolidate cash+cards, the pen, and the comb...