5 Specialized Pouch Setups for Your EDC

When browsing the site, you've probably noticed a fair amount of EDC pouches. For many readers, a pouch organizer is just as essential as the gear kept inside it thanks to its convenience as a grab-and-go kit. And while many of the pouches you see are designed for general EDC, you can also customize these handy pouches for a wide range of tasks beyond just your daily essentials. To give you some ideas on what to pack in your favorite gear pouch, we've put together five examples of specialized kits for everyday situations.

FoxEDC Pocket Organizer

Even the best of pockets can get a bit messy sometimes. Part of what makes an EDC tool easy to carry is its pocketability: how will it fit with the rest of your gear? If you have to empty your pockets to find what you need, then a pocket organizer might be the answer to your problem. This one by FoxEDC is only 9 x 14 cm, which is perfect for most pockets. It’s made of cardboard and fabric with loops made of elastic bands on both sides for optimal storage. They hold your items firmly in place so you’ll always know exactly where something is. When you need it, it’s there. Whether you’re after the benefits of more organized pockets or you’d rather have an easy grab-and-go setup, this inexpensive add-on to your EDC might do the trick.