Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto

When it comes to everyday carry, a folding knife seems like the obvious choice. But you have more options than you might think. For example, plenty of EDCers prefer a fixed blade for the ultimate reliability and ease of use they offer. Unfortunately, they tend to be far too big to carry comfortably. If you want a fixed blade you can actually EDC, the Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto is for you. It's a small, minimalist knife made in collaboration with custom knifemaker Rob Amsler.

This is one of the smallest and lightest fixed blade knives you can EDC. At 4.9" in length, you can cover it in the palm of your hand. At that size, it's also no wonder that it only weighs a mere 1.7 ounces. But don't let its size fool you. It's a featherweight knife that punches far above its weight class. That's because it features a sharp 2.1" 440C tanto blade that excels both at cutting and piercing. And because it is a full-tang fixed blade, you can rely on it for serious hard use unlike some folding knives.

Size isn't everything, and the Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto proves it. If you've been on the fence about carrying a fixed blade for EDC, this is the one to do it with. Plus, it's stunning to look at, with its beautiful titanium scale handle and sharp angles on the blade. Make one of these beauties yours at the link below.

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Maxpedition Skyridge Tech Messenger Bag

Tactical bags offer bulletproof reliability, but they often make you stand out in a crowd. That's not a good thing, especially if you EDC expensive electronics and valuables. If you want tactical performance without tactical looks, check out the Maxpedition Skyridge. It's a low-profile tech messenger bag that'll help you run incognito on the move.

You'd be hard-pressed to tell that the Skyridge is even a tactical bag. Gratuitous MOLLE webbing doesn't cover its every square inch. Instead, it's limited to the sides, where you'll still have plenty of attachment points for gear. Even the hook-and-loop patch ID section on the flap looks decorative. When not in use, they don't scream for attention. Only you'll know their true purpose, and that's the point.

With 12.5L capacity and the ability to accommodate up to a 13” laptop, the Skyvale is sized just right for essentials. There's also plenty of internal pockets to help you manage and organize your carry, including a dedicated CCW pocket that could double as a security pocket for stashing valuables. The Skyvale's strong padding and solid water resistant nylon will also give you peace of mind even if you end up carrying it through rough situations.

The Skyridge is available in three different colors: black, gray, and tan. If you want a larger version of the bag with the same features, check out the Skyvale as well. It'll fit up to a 17” laptop and the rest of your gear. You can grab the smaller Skyridge in black at the link below.

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BucknBear Damascus Multi-tool

If you want to carry a multi-tool but you're worried it'll weigh you down, a one-piece tool is the way to go. This handmade tool from Pennsylvania's own BucknBear packs 7 handy features into a single compact piece of metal. But it's not just any metal. Unlike most pocket tools, this one's forged from a modern damascus steel. The result is a versatile EDC with a one-of-a-kind finish, fortified with layers and layers of durability.

That's all thanks to the damascus — one of the toughest materials out there. It's made by repeatedly layering and heat treating steel to make it as hard as possible. BucknBear even uses their own in-house Rockwell hardness testing equipment to ensure each tool meets their durability standards.

On the tool itself, you'll find seven useful functions: there’s a multi size hex wrench, nail puller, hex, Phillips- and flat-head screwdrivers, bottle opener, and a key ring. It's sized to ride comfortably on your keychain setup, ready to go when you need it. Even with that kind of portability, it's comfortably large enough to use each of the tools with ease.

If you've been looking to get more utility out of your keychain without the bulk, consider this. You can grab this tool, along with other modern damascus gear exclusively from Huckberry at the link below.


Kershaw Leek 1660CF Carbon Fiber

How do you improve upon a knife that's already an EDC crowd favorite? For Kershaw and their popular Leek knife, all it takes is a fresh set of premium materials. With its upgraded blade steel and gorgeous carbon fiber handle, the new 1660CF Leek just got prettier, lighter, and stronger.

Instead of using heavy stainless steel handles, Kershaw gave the Leek the gentleman's knife treatment by swapping in stunning carbon fiber. This attractive patterning allows this new Leek to operate in a more dressy ensemble than the original. But it does more than just look great: the carbon fiber handle actually makes for a lighter knife. Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces, the Leek CF weighs 25% less than the classic Leek.

Kershaw also opted for CPM 154 blade steel in the Leek CF as a more premium option compared to the Sandvik 14C28N steel you can find on the standard Leek. CPM 154 has a higher carbon content and toughness, allowing it to hold an edge longer and last against hard use. It retains its excellent modified drop-point blade shape, making it great for cutting tasks. It also keeps the fast one-handed SpeedSafe assisted flipper opening.

If you haven't yet picked up a Leek for your everyday carry, this is the model to get. Even if you have the original Leek, the new one cuts it that much better. Make it a part of your EDC today at the link below.


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CRKT Pilar

If you're looking for an affordable new EDC knife, don't let the newest releases from CRKT slip under your radar. They’ve teamed up with knife designer Jesper Voxnaes to produce durable knives that look way more impressive than their price tag would suggest. As part of their newest collaboration, the Pilar is a compact EDC folder that’s packed with features and design you’d expect in a much more expensive knife.

His minimal, nordic-inspired designs are both functional and tough. Sandwiched between two stainless steel handles is a 2.4” blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. The small blade is easy to control, and the unique bevels add both strength and visual appeal. Since the knife is on the smaller side, there’s a generous index finger choil between the blade and handles ensure you can get a secure grip. The Pilar’s blade stays in place with an integrated frame lock system that has an interesting engraved pattern where the steel is thinned out.

Carry options include a two-way pocket clip will accommodate most carry preferences, and a lanyard hole. At just under forty bucks, this EDC folder is sure to be up there with the classics. Check it out and pick one up for yourself via the link below.

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Topo Designs Quick Pack

A good backpack can go a long way, but sometimes even a small daypack can be overkill. Not to mention, you usually have to do a mini shuffle to sling it off your shoulder just to get to your gear. For short trips and lighter loads, you might want something that’s easier to carry, like Topo Designs' new Quick Pack. Whether you choose to carry it across your shoulder or close to the hip, you'll have quick access to all your essentials.

As the name implies, the Quick Pack lets you get to your gear quicker. Because it puts your most important gear right at your side, Topo Designs had to make it durable and versatile enough for EDC. Lining the pack, you'll find 400D pack cloth as well as highly water-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon at the base.

The larger compartment is perfect for storing EDC items that don’t fit in your pockets, like a notebook or water bottle. You’ll also find a slip pocket in that main compartment for quick access to important items like your phone or wallet. On the outside, there’s a smaller zippered pocket with another slip pocket inside, so there’s no shortage of organization here. The exterior pocket also has a handy clip to secure your keys, saving even more pocket space. The oversized YKK zippers found on both compartments come with colorful paracord loops so you can easily find them even when visibility is poor.

Everyone carries a little differently, and this compact 6L pack comes with plenty of options. You'll get a comfortable shoulder strap, bike loops, as well as travel bag attachment loops. Like many Topo Design products, the Quick Pack comes in a few different color combinations so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. If you’re tired of carrying big packs for short trips, definitely check out the Quick Pack by clicking the link below.


STI Guardian 9mm 2011

My newfound love affair with the 9mm 1911 recently landed me an STI Guardian double stack 2011. In previous reviews, I’ve gone over the benefits of why I’m liking the 9mm in the 1911. They draw fast, point fast and shoot fast, accurately. When I reviewed the veritable bullet-powered sewing machine that is the STI Tactical DS, I considered switching from carrying my single stack .45ACP 1911 EDC to that gun. Alas, the light weight of my aluminum framed 4″ gun won out for ease of carry and concealability. The answer to that? The STI Guardian… (via TheTruthAboutGuns)

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JP-Tac Tactful Keychain Pen

Keychain pens can be useful additions to your EDC, but they only do one thing: write. The Tactful Keychain Pen from JP-Tac does much more than that thanks to some added tools, giving your EDC extra utility in the same amount of space. The cap contains an integrated bit holder that allows you to make quick fixes on the go. When paired with the optional multitool, the pen becomes even more capable. The bit driver fits into the multitool for extra leverage so you can get more torque on that stubborn screw or rusted bolt. The Tactful Keychain Pen also features a tungsten steel glass breaker for emergency situations. Tools aside, this offering from JP-Tac is still a writing instrument at heart. At the core of this durable, EDC-ready writer is the tried-and-true Fisher Space Pen refill — ideal for writing in any condition. The pen is available in both titanium and aluminum in various finishes. Hit the Kickstarter link below to secure one for yourself.

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Mininch WRENCHit

In the same way that their Tool Pens cycle through bits, Mininch’s WRENCHit cycles through interchangeable wrenches. The slim tool is made up of a SUS 420 stainless steel sleeve that holds up to five wrenches, each made of the same metal and engraved with their size and spec. To cycle through, pull out the bit in the tail end and push it smoothly into the front, in turn pushing the other four bits down a little… (via GearHungry)

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Gerber Air Ranger G10

Gerber makes some of the most popular and reliable tools in the business (the Shard remains one of the all-time most popular items on the site), so a knife designed by knife maker Bill Harsey deserves a closer look. The Air Ranger comes with features with the makings of a staple EDC knife. A 3.3” 7Cr17MoV high-carbon, drop point blade resists corrosion during daily use, while having enough length and a shape for hardier tasks. You can deploy the Air Ranger from either hand thanks to its dual thumbstuds, and the blade secures with a liner lock. Crosshatch-textured G-10 handles come with this updated version of the Air Ranger and provide exceptional grip, working well for its purpose as a hardy everyday blade. They keep the knife secure in hand and keep things light while maintaining rugged durability. Its handle also include a few options for everyday carry, including a pocket clip and lanyard hole to suit your preference. Pick up this workhorse of an EDC knife in multiple handle and blade options at the link below.

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EDC Pocket Bolt Pen

Machined bolt pens have become EDC favorites recently for their tactile clickiness that ordinary plastic pens can only dream of. For their second Kickstarter project, BLANK FORCES out of Santa Monica, CA have made a solid metal bolt-action pen approximately 4” long. It's an ideal size for EDC, keeping it pocket-sized while retaining the benefits of full-sized machined pens. You get a pen built to last, quality materials and craftsmanship, and a very satisfying bolt click unique to its kind.

The EDC Pocket Bolt Pen comes in two styles: a pocket version with a normal clicky top, and a keychain version with a removable screw top that has an attached split ring for easy retrieval from a keychain or bag. You have a choice of either a round or anti-roll hex-shaped barrel, with optional laser-engraved measurement scales. Its bolt mechanism comes with an auto-locking feature that prevents the pen from activating while in your bag or pocket, with an alternative clip configuration. The pen uses standard D1 refills available from most bookstores, and comes with one 0.7 mm Ohto needle point refill ready to use.

Always wanted a machined bolt pen but could never spare the size or weight? Check out and pledge for an EDC Pocket Bolt Pen in your ideal configuration at the link below.

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Kisetsu Haru v2 Wallet

It's tempting to choose an EDC wallet solely by how small it is. But finding a minimalist wallet that delivers not just portability but also ease of use and security can be tough. Leave that to the slim wallet enthusiasts at Kisetsu. For their newest project, they've refreshed their successful Haru wallet with some welcome features: RFID shielding, premium leather options, and a more refined look. Like the original, the Haru v2 boasts an impressive balance of slimness, accessibility, and capacity.

It's practically razor-thin at 3mm thick when empty, but accommodates 7 cards and 7 once-folded bills when maxed out. Thumb slot-equipped pockets on either side of the wallet grant you quick access to your most used cards. Stashing or getting to your cash in the Haru is easy too, thanks to a snug slot for bills to pass through from either side. For everything else, its spacious utility compartment can store less-used cards with enough wiggle room for you to quickly sift through them.

If you’re after that minimalist wallet experience but don’t want to compromise on what you carry or how you handle it all, give the Haru v2 a closer look. It’s available in six colors at Kisetsu’s fully funded Kickstarter at the link below.

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MACO Magnetic Cable Organizers

Earbuds, charging cables, and other wires can be a hassle to carry. It seems like regardless of how you store them, they always end up a tangled mess. There are all sorts of tips and tricks for on-the-go cable management, but it’s hard to beat the simplicity of MACO’s magnetic cable organizers. Two neodymium magnets on either end secure the wires while they’re stowed away, but easily come apart when you need access to your cables. Unlike other organizers that just fold around the cable, these have a pass-through slit that lets you secure it in place before snapping the magnets together. Even if you’ve got your cable management down, these MACO organizers can be useful in other ways as well. You can also use them to clip headphones to your shirt or anchor a pesky charging cable to your desk so they won’t fall to the floor the second you unplug your phone. Take back control of your cables and put an end to messy wires once and for all with these organizers, available at the link below.


Benchmade 320 Precinct

Benchmade knives find their way into plenty of EDCers' pockets for many reasons, with their signature AXIS lock mechanism being one of them. With the introduction of the Precinct, Benchmade tapped custom knifemaker Butch Ball to breathe new life into their already strong lineup of EDC knife designs.

Where most Benchmade knifes open with a thumbstud and AXIS lock action, the Precinct boasts a flipper opening for easy one-handed operation. Its 3.3" long 154CM stainless steel drop point blade is well-suited for everyday cutting and slicing tasks. For added safety and control during use, the flipper tab doubles as an extended finger choil. It also has G-10 handle texturing and indented jimping along the blade's spine to improve your overall grip on the knife. Thanks to its reversible deep pocket carry clip, the Presinct can keep a low profile in your pocket, too.

If you've been wanting to see Benchmade’s take on a liner lock flipper, the wait is over. The Precinct is available in a black coat or satin wash, and in straight and partially serrated forms, at the link below.

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Hemel Watches

Crowdfunding has opened the doors to many horology startups, each offering a unique take on designs, manufacturing, and value for their backers. Marvin Menke of Hemel Watches aims to put luxury, mid-century military timepieces on your wrist.

Each Hemel watch comes with the reliable Miyota 9015 movement: automatic, hand-winding, and hacking with 24 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve. Its 40mm, 316L stainless steel case features a domed sapphire face and screwdown display back. Backers have a choice of four military-inspired face designs, all which use C3 Super-LumiNova lume on a matte black dial. Heavy-duty nylon NATO straps with metal grommets and a signed buckle also come standard with each watch, and a push/pull crown gives it 100 meters of water resistance in line with its rugged aesthetic.

Early backers can avail of the Hemel at its lowest price, so check out the link below if you've been looking to add a modern spin on the vintage field watch to your collection.

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Craft & Lore Port Wallet

Let’s face it, wallets can be cumbersome. Which is why looking for a more efficient way to carry cards and cash is an important step in optimizing your pockets. Craft and Lore’s leather Port wallet is a simple way to hold your cards and cash thanks to its one-piece construction. It’s made from a single strap of leather folded in on itself to form a large central pocket for your cards and some cash. The leather is also cut in a way that provides you with three slots on the outside for easy access to your ID or most used cards. The harness leather used in the Port wallet isn’t only durable enough for EDC, it thrives in it. The material is proven to age gracefully and the quality stitching that holds it all together ensures that you can use this wallet for years to come. The Port wallet comes in four classic colors: brown, black, burgundy, or russet. If you’re looking for a wallet that will last, make sure to pick one of these up by clicking the link below.

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