UAG Trooper Wallet Case

When it comes to EDC, your cell phone is often the most important and most expensive piece of gear that you have. They're so essential for our productivity, entertainment, and keeping connected that breaking your phone or cracking your screen can really throw off your whole day. Accidents happen, and that's why having a good, protective phone case is crucial. Urban Armor Gear (UAG) makes some of the most rugged phone cases on the market, and their Trooper series is especially useful for EDC. That's because it mixes tough protection with an integrated minimalist card wallet compartment, consolidating your carry and freeing up pocket space for the rest of your daily kit.

Designed to fit various iPhone and Plus models, the UAG Trooper features a lightweight yet ruggedized case achieved by mixing a hard outer shell that protects against bumps and scratches and a soft inner core that helps cushion against drop damage. In fact, the UAG Trooper has been designed to meet mil-spec drop test standards, providing a superior level of shock protection and keeping your expensive cell phone safe. And while a lot of cases can end up feeling like a hindrance, the UAG Trooper is designed to let you comfortably use your phone and all of its ports without fuss thanks to its easy access design.

But what sets the UAG Trooper apart is the hidden card wallet compartment at the rear of the case. It lets you carry your four most important ID and payment cards with you and your phone at all times while keeping a low profile. It's even designed to allow for contactless payments and entry if your card supports them, which means you don't have to pull out the card to use it.

With the UAG Trooper, you get premium protection for your cell phone in a package that helps you consolidate your carry. Check it out now, and make it a part of your everyday carry today at the link below.

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mophie powerstation plus XL

"The newest version of Mophie’s Powerstation XL has an integrated Lightning cable. But the iOS convenience doesn’t stop there. It can be recharged with both a Lightning cable or a Qi-compatible charger. It also has an..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Massdrop x HIFIMAN Bolt Earphones

"Massdrop collaborated with audio specialist Hifiman to create a pair of in-ear monitors that punch well above their price range. The Bolt features 9mm dynamic drivers, passive noise canceling, and built-in microphone and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Dango Covert Cases

Modern phones are expensive investments, particularly the latest and greatest flagship models. And thanks to their ability to do most everything for both work and play, they're also likely to be the most carried and used item in your EDC. So it's a good idea to find a case that not only protects your phone, but also helps improve the way you use it as well. Dango's Covert cases offer a balance of strength and performance for your latest iPhone, giving it lean but substantial protection while also giving you a few new ways to carry and protect it, too.

The Covert case comes in a wraparound design to protect every corner of your phone, including a “lip” that gives the phone's face some protective height when placed face down. The TPU material it uses is light and flexible, while at the same time resists oil and abrasions to keep its exterior looking clean and sleek even with extended use. The Covert's key feature is a set of lanyard loop holes built into the case's sides. These work in tandem with an included paracord lanyard on cases for the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 (or paracord sling included with the Covert Case for iPhone X) with a metal clasp and ring for the attachment points, giving you alternative ways to carry your phone, or, in worst-case scenarios, prevent you from dropping it.

Whether as extra security when using your phone, a means to carry it around your neck, or even a place to attach some personal trinkets or accessories, the Dango Covert is designed to accommodate your needs. Pick one up in your choice of color and phone model from the link below while they're on sale for a limited time.


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Haxford Leather iPhone Cases

Let's face it, your cell phone is likely the most expensive part of your everyday carry. And because you seem to use your phone for everything these days, it's the most prone to damage from wear and tear. Cell phone cases help, but they rarely do your phone justice when it comes to looks. This is even more true if you carry an iPhone, with the newest model having a price tag that's as stunning as its design. What you need is a premium case that looks good on your iPhone while protecting it. And with their premium construction and thoughtful features, Haxford's line of iPhone cases has you covered.

Haxford's full-grain European leather cases are a far cry from what you tend to find in stores. They provide a supple, luxe feel when you have your device in hand. The natural skin also gives the back of your case more traction when you set it down. It's available in three different and attractive shades: brown, black, and green. You can also choose the monogram of your choice to further make this case your own. And while they are beautiful, Haxford's leather cases aren't just for show. Because the base of the case is polycarbonate, it can handle the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. And it's raised a bit at the edges to keep your screen from getting scratched on whatever surface you place it on.

As an added bonus, Haxford's cases also include a slot at the back that can accommodate up to four bank cards. It turns your phone and its case into a functional minimal wallet, that you'll be sure to have on you at all times. And if you pare down to the essentials, you can use it to consolidate your carry, removing bulk from your pockets. This is especially easy to do because your iPhone can already replace most of those cards via Apple Pay.

When it comes to protecting your iPhone in style, give Haxford's line of cases a look. They are a handsome addition to the most essential piece of your everyday carry. Protect your investment with one of these cases by picking one up today at the link below.

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Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitors

If you're going to use your gear every single day, it's worth upgrading to something that's built for the task. Yes, even your earphones. Whether you're gaming, listening to a podcast, or tuning out the world with the newest bop you can't get enough of, a pair of quality earphones can help open up a whole new level of enjoyment. Plus, they tend to feature better build quality, comfort, and usability for a better overall listening experience. NuForce and Massdrop collaborated on such a pair that was designed specifically for everyday carry, aptly named the EDC. They've teamed up again to bring you the EDC3 as an upgraded bigger brother to the original. It features much of the same great design that made the EDC such a success, but now offers three balanced armature drivers at a compelling $99.99 price point.

Before even getting into how they sound, it's worth noting all the little features on the EDC3 that tackle the challenges of EDCing a pair of earphones in the first place. For many of you, the biggest issue is probably dealing with wires. Cheap wires often tangle and fray, rendering the 'buds useless. The EDC3 comes with not one, but two removable cables depending on your needs. The first is a sturdy yet comfortably flexible braided cable for quality listening sessions, complete with a right angle 3.5mm plug to minimize stress and breakage, as well as built-in cable management for easy carrying. The other cable boasts in-line controls and a microphone to use with your smartphone. It's easy to carry the other cable as a backup even on the go thanks to an included hard zip pouch with an internal mesh pocket, too.

Like the original EDC, the EDC3 uses a durable Lexan polycarbonate to house its internals. The EDC3 housing is both lightweight and compact, making it comfortable to listen to all day. This time around, the entire body is a transluscent dark navy to showcase the arrangement of the EDC3's triple balanced armature drivers. They work together to provide a detailed, all-around experience that still leans towards musical than analytical thanks to its slightly warm sound, defined mids, and controlled bass.

Whether you're an EDC-minded audiophile or looking to finally upgrade your current pair of 'phones, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better value than these. It's not often you see triple balanced armature IEMs under $100. Get them before pre-orders close at the Massdrop link below.

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mophie powerstation AC

"Mophie’s highest capacity power bank yet. The Powerstation AC has a 22,000mAh capacity, a 110V/100W AC outlet, a USB-C PD port that can charge at up to 30W, and a 2.4A quick-charge USB-A port to..." (via TheAwesomer)

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8 Wallet Cases for Your New iPhone

After weeks of waiting you finally added that shiny new iPhone to your EDC. Smartphones are without a doubt one of the more important items in your carry, and now that the new phone cycle is over it might be time to start thinking about some accessories to make your phone work for you. You’re probably going to want to protect your new investment anyway, so why not slim down your pockets at the same time and get a protective case that doubles as a wallet? Two birds, one stone. Whether you’re looking for a rugged case to protect your phone from drops, a stylish one to make your pockets a little lighter, or both we’ve gathered a few wallet cases made to fit your new iPhone.

Saber Power Bank

"200 bucks is a lot of money for a power bank. Then again, Saber lasts longer than competing products – in more ways than one. Not only can it store up to 24,000mAh of power, it’s also shockproof and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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The Best Portable Tech for EDC

At the core of nearly every EDC lie the essential tools we've relied on for decades: knives that let us cut, lights that let us see at night, and watches that let us know what time it is. But in today's world this gear shares equal pocket space with the modern tools that help us navigate it: phones, laptops, and even battery packs to help power it all.

Though as indispensable as our new toys are, just like our essential tools, bigger isn't always better. As EDCers, there's always a way to do more with less and make the most use of our limited pocket space. So we've put together a list of tech that do just that. They feature some of the latest and greatest technological advancements in some of the smallest form factors you can carry.

Whether it's consolidating the essentials you already have or adding that extra convenience to help make the most out of your day, we hope there's a tech pick in here for you.

KeySmart Pro + Tile

Being the savvy EDCers you are, you most likely have your keychain on lock thanks to a key organizer. But that doesn't mean that some days the savvy runs out and you still somehow manage to misplace your keys. Fortunately, the team at KeySmart continue to innovate their key organizer with the help of the popular tracking device, Tile. Together they've integrated high-tech features into the KeySmart Pro for an all-in-one EDC package that not only manages your keys but elevates their usefulness with some pretty smart features, too.

The KeySmart you know and love is still at the heart of the Pro. It uses the same familiar system with two locking bolts to hold up to 14 keys or combination of tools within its frame. This frame holds the key to the Pro's new features. It integrates Tile's smart location feature that pairs with its smartphone app to give you two-way positioning of both your KeySmart and phone. By pressing the Tile button on the KeySmart it makes your misplaced phone ring even on silent, and conversely the app lets you locate the KeySmart on a map, even having it play a tune to make it even easier to find.

Smart location isn't the only new feature added to the Pro. The Tile integration gives the KeySmart added space to fit in an LED flashlight and micro USB charging port for even more utility. Thanks to cables and chargers you may already have, it's easy to recharge the KeySmart Pro, topping it up for up to 3 months per charge.

With the KeySmart Pro, your keychain has never been smarter or easier to find. Pick one up at the link below.

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10 Mobile Office EDC Essentials

When you think of an office, you might picture a shiny wooden desk with a computer and plenty of space. Unfortunately, that's a luxury not all EDCers have when you're on the go, so you have to make do with your surroundings. The best desk might be whatever space you can manage, from your lap on the subway to the counter of your local coffee shop. Both can get the job done when you’re finishing up that homework assignment or banging out that work presentation that’s due in 20 minutes, but you can still EDC some gear that'll make working remotely a little more painless. In this guide we’ll recommend some tools that will make it easier to get things done when you need to, wherever that may be.

The Best Slim Portable Battery Packs

At some point you’ve probably had your phone die on you when you needed it most (it happens to the best of us). If you want to avoid the dreaded low battery warning, EDCing an external battery pack is a good idea. The problem is most batteries are designed for long trips to last you days at a time, with more juice than you'd ever need along with a ton of extra weight to carry. Luckily, there are some battery packs that check all the boxes for EDC. They're slim, lightweight, and give you just that extra boost in battery to make it to the next outlet. In this guide, we've rounded up some of the best slim batteries for EDC and travel alike.

Massdrop x NuForce EDC IEM

When you think of your go-to essentials, a pair of headphones might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But whether it’s for listening to a favorite album or catching up on a new podcast, EDCing a pair has its benefits. So when audio company Optoma NuForce teams up with the gear enthusiasts at Massdrop to release a pair of headphones, it's a match made in portable audio heaven. The Massdrop x NuForce EDC IEMs aren't the large, bulky over-ears that you might be picturing, but a super portable set of in-ear monitors designed with everyday carry in mind.

IEMs typically have better sound quality than the ‘buds that came with your smartphone, but they can get downright expensive. Fortunately, NuForce has earned a reputation for their quality audio gear at a value, and bringing Massdrop into the mix only helps the EDC IEM stay affordable yet feature-packed.

For example, the earbuds come equipped with a 6mm dynamic driver inside a hard plastic housing that's light enough to comfortably wear yet durable enough for the daily grind. Each earbud attaches to the cable via a two-pin connector that keeps them secure as you move while also letting you swap between the two included detachable cables. You'll get a standard cable for pure listening and one that's compatible with another essential EDC item—your smartphone. You can use it to answer calls or access your voice assistant without pulling your phone from your pocket thanks to its in-line controls.

Having the option to switch between cables doesn't just add versatility, it could save you some money, too. When you're especially hard on your gear and your cables fray or get lost, you can replace them for much less than what it'd cost to buy a new set of IEMs. With the included protective zip pouch, the EDC IEMs are even easier to carry and keep out of harm's way.

If you're still using the stock earbuds that came with your phone, it's about time for an upgrade. Check these out as an affordable pair of quality IEMs designed to be your daily driver over at the Massdrop link below.

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Giveaway: Stylish and Secure Travel Essentials

Update: Congrats to Jason, winner of this week's contest!

Whether you've got big travel plans this summer or you just like to keep your EDC essentials sleek and organized, our new giveaway has got you covered. Today, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a stylish set of travel essentials, like a versatile sling bag, a dopp kit for your devices, a handy power bank, and more. We're including RFID-blocking wallets and a TSA-friendly multi-tool you can wear on your wrist, too. Learn more about the gear and how to enter to win below.

Timex iQ+ Move

As if keeping on top of your fitness goals wasn't hard enough, try passing off a fitness tracker as an EDC watch. Unless you're mid-workout, they stick out like a sore thumb and can be hard to mesh with your day-to-day style. Plus, most of them don't really look like watches, so it's hard to even tell the time at a glance with one. With their new iQ+ Move, Timex put their experience with traditional watch design at the forefront and gave it a modern update with smart fitness tracker features.

The iQ+ Move has a legible three-hand face to tell the time. A smaller dial shows the state of the current activity you're tracking. You can use it to keep track of metrics like steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

And it does this while looking like a stylish watch instead of a tech “wearable” on your wrist. You can choose from a wide variety of case, face, and strap designs to suit your fancy. The iQ+ Move straps swap out easily too, giving you some extra versatility and wearability from the watch.

If you've held off on getting a fitness tracker because you can't pull off the sporty look, give the iQ Move a shot, available at the link below.

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