Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 Hybrid Charger

Gear focused on a single task may be more effective, but sometimes carrying less is more in the long run. And in this age of tech, bulky battery packs and adapters can take up more than their fair share of space in your EDC. This is where Anker's PowerCore Fusion hybrid charger comes in. It combines fast wall-charging and extra battery life in one device, so you can keep all your tech charged while traveling light.

The PowerCore Fusion 5000 comes with two USB outputs that charge up your devices at a maximum of 3A per port. That's 3 times faster than the plug most devices come with. Paired with Anker's PowerIQ technology, this means faster and smarter charging that detects and matches the right speed for your devices.

Its built-in 5000 mAh capacity is what makes the charger the perfect addition to your EDC. It's not content with being just a quick-charging wall adapter—it would much rather spell the difference between a dead device and an emergency call or pulling up a map in a pinch. And with a compact size, 4.16 oz weight, and folding plug, you can easily slip it into a jacket pocket or bag for a top-up on your daily commute.

Power up with Anker's PowerCore Fusion 5000 hybrid charger, which you can pick up from Amazon at the link below.

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6 High-Capacity Battery Packs for Everyday Carry

If you're out and about (playing Pokémon GO on your smartphone or new Apple Watch, maybe), you already know that battery life goes fast, and that outlets aren't immediately accessible. And the more you move around and with more tech being added to your kit, there just isn't enough juice to get through the day anymore.

So what you need is a high-capacity external battery pack in your everyday carry. We've rounded up six of them to give your tech a boost: they're high capacity to keep all your devices topped up, fast charging to save you time, and still compact enough to throw in your bag and not weigh you down too much.

Omnicharge Power Bank

"Most power banks handle only smaller devices like smartphones and tablets that plug in via USB. The Omnicharge Power Bank has no such limitations. On top of two 2.4A USB ports this battery-pack-on-steroids also packs an AC/DC power outlet into which to plug anything — a laptop, projector, drone charger, hell even a projector or television. Omnicharge recognizes connected devices and adjusts power output to..." (via GearHungry)

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Huawei Watch

Customization is king. You tailor every part of your EDC to fit your style, your taste, and your daily needs. Why should it be any different for the watch you wear every day? With the Huawei Watch, it doesn't have to be.

The Huawei Watch isn't just a smartwatch. You could call it a platform for your own personal expression. You're able to mix and match its multitude of case and 18mm band combinations and the customization doesn't end at the hardware. Android Wear integration lets you pick various faces to display on its 1.4" round AMOLED screen. Feel like sporting a Roman numeral watch face one day? Done. Going for a more minimal Bauhaus look on another day? Easy. And don't worry about needing to baby this watch, either. The Huawei Watch is the first smartwatch to feature a sapphire crystal, known for its superior scratch resistance.

This watch does more than just tell the time, too. After pairing it with your smartphone, you'll be able to read texts and notifications on your wrist. It can even keep track of your health and fitness with its built in heart-rate monitor and step tracker. It'll do all this on a battery that lasts up to two days and charged simply via magnetic cradle.

Your search for a custom-fit smartwatch just got easier. Pick up a Huawei Watch to customize at the link below.

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Garmin vivomove

It's hard to find a good fitness tracker to EDC if you prefer the looks of an analog watch to a digital display. With the Garmin Vivomove, you won't have to trade aesthetics for functionality.

That's because the Vivomove is a fitness tracker built into a traditional analog wristwatch. With its familiar feel and customization options, you can tailor it to your own style. You'll finally have a device that doesn't look out of place in a business casual setting.

Instead of a digital readout, an analog bar counts your steps and provides an idle movement reminder. If you want more metrics, the watch connects to Garmin's mobile application on both Android and iOS. It'll even keep track of the length and quality of your sleep if you leave it on at night. As a watch it's also quite capable, with a reliable battery that will last a year and water resistance down to 50 meters.

If you've been holding out from getting a fitness tracker for your EDC because of the way they look, the Vivomove could be a perfect fit. You can get yours in six different trim and band options at the link below.

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Boker Plus Tablet Pen

If you EDC a smartphone or tablet and you've been looking for a tactical pen to carry, the Boker Plus Tactical Tablet Pen is for you. It sports a ballpoint tip for analog note taking and a stylus for electronic devices. Both lie protected under screw caps, with the pen at the front and the stylus at the rear near the clip like an eraser. The stylus is the capacitive rubber type, able to manipulate most modern screens. True to its application as an EDC pen, it accommodates the venerable Fisher Space Pen cartridge. Its durable, milled aluminum composition ensures it'll stand up to hard use. Between its ink refill and robust construction, you can count on this tactical pen being able to write in the most extreme situations. Do more with your tactical pen than just write. Make it a part of your electronic device ecosystem, and pick up the Boker Plus Tactical Tablet pen at the link below.

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Pebble 2, Time 2, and Pebble Core

Despite the smartwatch market getting a little crowded, Pebble Technology have done two things right with their products that set them apart from the competition. While their watches do fewer things, they do them exceptionally well—at a fraction of the cost of their competitors'. They've done it again with the latest iterations of their watches (and the introduction of a new wearable),  smashing their goals with over 50,000 backers and 11 million in pledges.

There's something for everyone with the new Pebbles. The Pebble 2 is their affordable smartwatch that offers 7 days of notifications, heart rate monitoring, and fitness tracking. The Time 2 offers the same set of smart features with a larger color display and 10 days of battery life. Both watches are water-resistant down to 30 meters, highly customizable, and play well with both Android and iOS, making them excellent complements to any carry.

Their newest product, the Core, is the perfect addition to a digital EDCer's arsenal, featuring a tiny, clippable device that does GPS tracking, emergency SOS locating, and tracks and syncs with your favorite fitness apps. It also integrates with Spotify, letting you sync your offline playlists, and Amazon's Alexa platform for voice navigation and control. 4GB of internal storage and 9 hours of battery life also make sure your Core keeps up with all your activities.

There's just over a week left to get your EDC ready for the smart new world, so pick the Pebble that's right for you (or get all three) in a number of colors and finishes at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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Spooly Cables

"Unless they’re but a couple of inches long, cables tangle. But not Spooly. These flat cables are cleverly designed to spool around their USB plug and secure themselves while doing it thanks to a magnet on the former and powdered barium ferrite included in sections along the cable, magnetizing as they overlap. The USB plug is thankfully reversible and the other end bears either a Lightning, USB-C 3.1, or Micro USB connector…" (via GearHungry)

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DSPTCH Portfolio

Use it as a standalone laptop bag or as a sleeve and toss it in a bigger pack. Either way, the Dsptch Portfolio offers far more functionality than most sleeves. The case features a multitude of well thought out slots and compartments including one for a slim 13-inch laptop or tablet, its power adapter, cables, pens, earbuds, a hard drive, a backup battery, plus other small tech accessories… (via GearHungry)

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Davek Alert Mini & Grande Umbrellas

Following up their original Alert come Davek’s Alert Mini & Grande Umbrellas. The Alert Mini measures in at just 7-inches closed and easily fits into compact bags, pants pockets, and tight glove compartments, while the larger Alert Grande features a massive 55-inches in diameter canopy when opened for full coverage in heavy downpours. They’re all built extremely durably of fiberglass and aircraft-grade aluminum to attain a sweet spot of rigidity and flexibility: enough of the former to keep its form in strong winds and a touch of the latter to flip inside out and back in gale-like situations without permanent damage… (via GearHungry)

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CoalBit Smart Power Bank

How many years have you shaved off your life from the stress of losing your keys or having your phone die on you at the worst possible time? If those things happen to you often, get it together. Or, you can look into the CoalBit. It’s a tiny keychain gadget that packs a power bank, Bluetooth tracker, and mini flashlight into what looks like a lump of coal from the future (but way more useful). While its 560 mAh capacity isn’t exactly a full tank, it’s enough to bring a dead phone back to life in a pinch. The CoalBit also houses an integrated micro USB or Lightning cable and an LED battery indicator that doubles as a mini flashlight. Lastly, its Bluetooth locator capability syncs with your phone so you can keep tabs on both devices. The CoalBit project is still seeking funds on Kickstarter, so back it at the link below to turn this diamond in the rough into your next keychain staple.

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MACO Magnetic Cable Organizers

Earbuds, charging cables, and other wires can be a hassle to carry. It seems like regardless of how you store them, they always end up a tangled mess. There are all sorts of tips and tricks for on-the-go cable management, but it’s hard to beat the simplicity of MACO’s magnetic cable organizers. Two neodymium magnets on either end secure the wires while they’re stowed away, but easily come apart when you need access to your cables. Unlike other organizers that just fold around the cable, these have a pass-through slit that lets you secure it in place before snapping the magnets together. Even if you’ve got your cable management down, these MACO organizers can be useful in other ways as well. You can also use them to clip headphones to your shirt or anchor a pesky charging cable to your desk so they won’t fall to the floor the second you unplug your phone. Take back control of your cables and put an end to messy wires once and for all with these organizers, available at the link below.


Thino Charger

It doesn’t pack enough juice to fully recharge your smartphone from flat to full at just 480 mAh. But the Thino Charger functions as a charge cable as well as a backup battery — and a fast one at that thanks to the option of cutting off data transmission at the flip of a switch for three fold increases in charging speed. Other handy features include a dual-sided USB plug, a three LED power indicator, and a short flat cable that locks securely into its body for looping around a keychain… (via GearHungry)

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Suunto Traverse

With space for only one watch on your wrist, why not pick one that can do more than just tell the time? The Suunto Traverse is fully featured for your treks around the neighborhood or out in the wilderness. Its GPS/GLONASS integration ensures that you'll know your exact location at all times. It'll help you to get to where you're going, especially if you're in a far-out place where normal maps fail. During your adventures, use it to track how many steps you've taken and how many calories you've burned along the way. It'll even let you know when to seek shelter based on sudden weather changes. With its smartphone integration, you can see incoming calls and texts at a glance. The Traverse packs all this into a sleek, yet rugged design that looks good enough to wear everyday. Pick out the Traverse for you from an array of colors and make it a part of your everyday carry at the link below.

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Tabulate Gear Stash

Made to improve the ergonomics of your mobile devices to be more EDC-friendly, the Tabulate is a snap-on case with handy straps on the back. Slipping your hand through the straps gives you a more secure grip on your tablet or phone, allowing for greater flexibility in terms of one-handed use. You can also use the straps to keep your cables and other essentials organized and accessible. The Tabulate accommodates various accessories (such as wall- and car mounts), but even more interesting is its compatibility with DIY 3D printed accessories. With possible uses limited only by your creativity (and access to a 3D printer), the Tabulate case will change how and when you use your devices. Check out the Tabulate on Indiegogo to see it in action and to make a pledge to secure your own.

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