Matrix Titanium and Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder

Jens Anso is a Danish knife maker and industrial designer known for gear designs that break convention and excite with their uniqueness. When he decides, then, to start a project for a new product, people sit up and listen. The Matrix is Jens's first project on Kickstarter, and it's his own take on the popular minimalist titanium wallet. CNC-machined in the U.S. to high tolerances, the Matrix is manufactured from extremely durable but lightweight titanium and carbon fiber, and can hold up to six credit cards with its integrated center spring. There is a little under a month left for this original Anso design, and backers can choose between four colors for their Matrix.

PRE-ORDER ($122)

TiBiner Titanium Carabiner

A solid carabiner is an essential part of any everyday carry; it neatly allows you to combine and sustain a number of useful keychain tools in an easily accessible way by clipping onto clothing or a bag. The grade 5 titanium used to build the TiBiner, the latest product from Cogent Industries out of the UK, is the perfect material to use for this function, tough enough for your daily grind yet machined slim and light enough to not add unnecessary bulk to a belt loop or strap. The TiBiner comes in single or double-gated configurations, with a little under three weeks left to back the project.


The Fidelis Tool

Now on his seventh successful Kickstarter project and on his sixth multitool, Jeff Morin has taken inspiration for his latest creation from the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis," meaning "always faithful." The Fidelis Tool, like its namesake, is designed to be tough, reliable, and always available, accomplished through a variety of carry options, hardy materials, and of course, useful every day tools. Machined from stainless steel or titanium, the Fidelis is carried via keychain or belt loop hanger and packs nine other tools in a card-shaped frame that's slim enough to slide into a billfold. Just under a week is left in the campaign, with options for material, measuring unit, and a smaller dog tag-sized version of the tool.


Sponsored Post: Fenix E99 Ti Limited Edition

The E99 Ti is a limited edition offering from Fenix's latest product lineup. Constructed from aircraft-grade titanium alloy with a unique metal texture, this personal light is tough enough for everyday use, while easy to carry, at under 2.75" in length. Simple twist switch operation manages three brightness levels, reaching an impressive 100 lumen output off a single AAA battery. Featuring classic styling, premium materials, waterproofness, corrosion- and impact resistance, the E99 Ti is an ideal choice for any EDC.

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Sponsored Post: TEC Accessories UFO

The UFO (Universal Flex Organizer) is a ring of titanium with 8 equally-spaced holes around the perimeter for attaching gear. Unlike a standard split ring, it flattens out the items to prevent them from bunching up, leaving you with a neat, streamlined keychain. It can be used to pocket carry with a TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip as shown, or as a zipper pull with a few items attached for convenience and accessibility. Use it to separate house keys and work keys, to space out your keychain gear, or as a unique piece of hardware in your next paracord creation. Thanks to its versatile design, the UFO gives you new options to organize your gear to your needs.

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Damastylus Inkless Pen

Damastylus Inkless Pen When a premium, patterned steel that once formed ancient blades is reforged as a modern tool at an affordable price, then you know you’re on the edge of something special. The Damastylus aims to not only meld the function of a pen with the modern utility of a stylus, but also to innovate while remaining practical. It can draw on the popular Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills, and the unique metal alloy inkless refill that comes with the pen can write on most surfaces, in any temperature, and from any orientation. The Damastylus can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter in two material and size configurations.

OBSTRUCTURES A3 Titanium Wallet

OBSTRUCTURES A3 Titanium Wallet Keep your cards protected with the added durability and security of the RFID-blocking A3 Titanium wallet by OBSTRUCTURES. Constructed from three titanium plates bound by O-rings, the A3 is large enough to accommodate cards and bi-folded cash. The outer triangle plate allows easy access to frequently used cards and doubles as a bottle opener, adding some extra functionality to your carry while keeping slim in your pocket.
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My Everyday Carry

Sub C on Grey Maratac Zulu
H600w Mk II Zebralight 1020 OTF Lumens
Paramilitary 2 w/ STR low rider clip
Klein Scissors
Leatherman Micra
Pocketweez (Tweezers)
Titanium Whistle
Pelikan M405 EF Nib
Galaxy Note 3 No Case No Screen Protector (taking picture)

Plain Moleskine notebook. 
Rhodia No 13 grid notebook.
CRKT M16-12ZER Tanto.
Brown leather bi-fold wallet.
Bertucci A2-T Titanium on a NATO band.
iPhone 4S in an OtterBox Defender case.
Beer opener and Solingen key knife
Mini BIC lighter.
This is pretty much everything I have on me at any given time. No real aesthetic or rhythm, just a bunch of doodads I find work well.

iPhone 5
Sinn U1 on NATO Strap
Titanium pocket compass
Signet ring
Titanium Skeleton Key pocket tool
Rotring 600 Series fountain pen and mechanical pencil
Titanium folding spork
AA pocket light 

Fisher “Infinite” Titanium Nitride Coated Space Pen
Novatac NT120E Flashlight
Protec Runt 
Citizen Autozilla on Super Engineer 22mm Stainless bracelet: 
Ridge Titanium Wallet
Solid titanium pen
iPhone 5s with Elementcase Gungrip: It’s been amazing to watch EDC take off, thanks for the great site! I went from a pen nerd to a knife geek to an EDC fanatic. Here’s the latest EDC. It changes, but this seems to be holding strong for the last couple of months: From top left:
There it is, all the best! AD Fisher “Infinite” Titanium Nitride Coated Space Pen: Small, easy to pop into the pocket, much better built than the standard Space pens and a little wider to grip The coating stands up very well...

Striderized Tom Anderson Tactical Pen

Cool Fall Droid 58 Titanium Carabiner via commodorewheeler

VersaTi Titanium Whistle and Mega Dangler by Munroe Design
Editor’s Note: sup, Scott B)