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Handgrey H4 Titanium Carabiner

I don’t care how dope your keychain setup is. Sure, you might have your keys in order, and your bases covered with keychain-sized backup tools. But to EDC a truly dialed keychain, you can’t neglect the hardware. Cheap, flimsy carabiners run the risk of losing your keys. They can be unwieldy when you try to actually put your keychain tools to use, too. The Handgrey H4 looks and functions how an EDC carabiner should, with its precise titanium construction and quick-release design.

Writing off the H4 as simply a carabiner that happens to be titanium wouldn’t do it justice—its original design is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. The bottom section of the H4 leaves room for a modular system, meaning you can slip on separate split rings with keys or gear as needed. When closed, the carabiner gate securely blocks your gear from detaching. Compared to a traditional design, the gate pivot on the H4 sits further into the frame. This gives you enough clearance when you open it to conveniently remove your gear individually, letting you use them freely without needing extra quick release clips and hardware.

Both the gate and carabiner frame are EDM wire cut with impeccable precision from grade 5 titanium, resulting in an elegantly rugged interpretation of an everyday staple. If you’re looking for a solid, minimal way to take your keychain game to the next level, check out the Handgrey H4 at the link below.

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Olight S1 Baton Review


I'm going to save you the trouble of reading this review and tell you right away that the S1 is one of the best EDC lights you can buy today. Ever since its debut last year in its original black and blue aluminum design, the S1 has delivered exceptional value in performance, size, and as of Olight's latest offerings, collectibility.

If a feature-packed, inexpensive light that clocks in at an under two and a half inches sounds like a good fit for your carry, read along for my impressions and adventures with the Olight S1 Baton.

TI-EDC Titanium Pocket Comb

The comb is an everyday essential for the well-groomed, but for many reasons, it usually has to stay at home. That's because fragile plastic travel combs don't fare too well in pockets, and full-size combs tend to be too big for EDC. Enter the TI-EDC titanium pocket comb. Made out of durable TC4 grade 5 titanium, it won't bend or break in your pockets. Unlike stainless steel combs, the TI-EDC is lighter than the rest, weighing a mere 17 grams. It's also safe to use on even the most sensitive of scalps thanks to its corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic properties. At under 4" in length, it's the perfect size for your pocket. It even has a slot built into the handle that lets you carry it on a keychain or with a lanyard for easy retrieval. Grab one of these combs for your EDC at the link below to stay looking at your best throughout the day.

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ThruNite Ti5T AAA Clicky Flashlight

It's hard not to love ThruNite's lights, whether you're a flashaholic or not. With sleek, customer feedback-driven designs, premium materials, current emitters (with actual tint options), and affordable prices, their lights offer tremendous value for an EDC light. 

ThruNite's latest product, the Ti5T, stands in as the little brother to their solid T10T AA light, but is just as big in style and features. It joins a small club of rear clicky AAA flashlights, and rivals its higher-end competitors with its power (130 lumens on high), runtimes (120 hours on 0.08 lm firefly), and tint selection. It’s made of titanium, of course, making it great for polished panache while keeping the weight down. 

Its slim profile lets it disappear in your pocket, while its integrated clip ensures it doesn't vanish indefinitely. The Ti5T has all the hallmarks of a great everyday pocket light, so pick one up in your choice of titanium or aluminum body and cool or neutral white tint direct from ThruNite at the link below.

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Fenix RC09Ti

When done right, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as magnets in your gear. Things just snap into place. And it feels like magic. Fenix makes the most of this phenomenon with their new RC09Ti flashlight.

Like more and more advanced lights these days, the RC09Ti can recharge its single 16340 lithium ion battery via USB. But it’s the first to ever use a magnetic cable to do it, making juicing up your torch literally a snap. Opposite the magnetic charging port is a side-switch, leaving room for a completely flat, magnetic tail. This adds tons of flexibility for hands-free use, letting you mount the light on magnetic surfaces or prop it to bounce light off the ceiling like a candle.

Looking past the shiny new magnetic features, it’s still a solid light. Its Cree XP-L HI LED hits a 550 lumen max, stepping down to a 5 lumen low mode with 53 hours of runtime. A two-way pocket clip and sub 3” length make it ideal for EDC, and its titanium alloy construction adds to its futuristic looks. You can pick up this attractive little light at the link below.

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Quiet Carry Mini Q Key Organizer

Finding a good way to carry your keys isn’t easy. More often than not, many EDCers simply end up dangling theirs from a carabiner (sometimes alongside a keychain knife). The Ti Mini Q takes a minimalist approach to key organization while incorporating features usually found on multi-tools.

For example, it comes with a built-in 2.35” interchangeable blade. You can configure a traditional plain edge drop point blade, or get one with a built in bottle opener. If you don't want to carry a locking sharp edge, you can configure the Mini Q with a versatile flathead/bottle opener option instead.

We’ve mentioned before that titanium is a great material for EDC because of its durability and light weight, and the Mini Q's grade 5 titanium scales securely store up to 8 of your keys without taking up a lot of space or weighing you down. The ergonomic design also allows for easy one-handed usage thanks to strategically placed cutouts in the body.

And while many key organizers don’t take into account bulky car keys and remotes, the Mini Q offers a clever workaround with the included smartloop that you can attach them to. For a polished solution to the ever-persistent keychain problem, pick up the Ti Mini Q by clicking on the link below. (Also available on quietcarry.com)

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Binary Titanium Carabiner

Despite hundreds of designs and styles, the perfect carabiner remains elusive—one with a gate secure enough to hold on to your keys under load and activity, while remaining easy enough to use regularly. Numerous locking mechanisms have been developed over time, but there have always been tradeoffs in usability, such as cumbersome slides and stoppers or screws that take some time to undo. iomaa's first Kickstarter project—the Binary Titanium Carabiner—has its own unique take on this dilemma. Improving upon traditional single-gate designs, the Binary’s tempered stainless steel wire gates open in the opposite direction. This makes the gate quick and easy to use without ever getting in the way of your gear. You can add attachments with one motion, but removing them requires a deliberate and more secure action. Grade 5 titanium construction offers a good balance of strength versus weight, while an integrated bottle opener makes the most of the Binary's minimal footprint. Secure your keychain essentials with the Binary Titanium in one of three sizes and two finishes on Kickstarter at the link below.

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Machine Era Ti5

Minimalist plate wallets seem to be all the rage these days, but they're not without their faults. Some are so simple they begin to lack function, while others are so complicated they're hard to use. Machine Era's new Ti5 improves upon their original wallet that helped kickstart the trend (and the dozens of other wallets that followed). It's constructed from 6AL4V titanium, making it stronger and lighter than its aluminum competitors at only 0.8 ounces. The titanium plate offers effective RFID protection when carried with the open side against your body and accommodates up to 9 cards plus cash. Machine Era also addressed accessibility—a common problem with plate and band wallets—with a rear thumb slot that lets you slide out one of your most used cards. For a durable, compact wallet that'll shed a few ounces off your carry, grab the Ti5 on Kickstarter at the link below.

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Maratac AAA Ti

EDCers in the know highly recommend Maratac's AAA flashlights as some of the best in the business. These pocket-friendly torches get updated with modern features and desirable materials like brass and copper, but many enthusiasts have held out for a titanium version. Due to overwhelming demand (to the tune of 60,000 requests), the Maratac AAA is finally available in 6AL4V grade 5 titanium. This makes a good light even better by taking advantage of titanium's lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio. The AAA Ti also comes with the most recent features of Maratac's line, including the latest XP-G2 R5 emitter (138 lumens up to 70 minutes), a new orange peel reflector, and glow-in-the-dark accessories. This refresh doesn’t stop at its materials, either. Maratac strengthened the pocket clip and resequenced the modes to start at a more usable 40 lumen Medium. The AAA Ti won't stick around for long in its limited initial production run—so pick up the latest and greatest light from Maratac at the link below while you still can.

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Cerberus Titanium Multitool

In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a hellish, three-headed hound guarding the gates of the underworld. In the world of one-piece multitools, however, Cerberus is Schnelle Engineering's latest Kickstarter project, designed to be far friendlier and useful than its namesake. The Cerberus multitool is machined from aerospace-grade steel and titanium with three “heads,” like the fabled canine itself, each ending in primary tools. One ends in a Philips screwdriver, one in a flathead screwdriver and package opener, and the last in a pry tip with a nail notch. Its center is hollowed out to reduce weight, and shaped to accommodate six wrench sizes. A bottle opener also makes an appearance on one of the heads, not unlike Cerberus himself with snakes protruding from his body. No need to go through twelve trials for a handy tool, just check out the Kickstarter project at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post by Schnelle Engineering.

GambleMade Gatekeeper

A common carabiner is one EDC item you wouldn't think twice about, until you clad it in a suit of armor. Take the Gatekeeper, GambleMade’s fourth heavy-duty Kickstarter project, for example. It enhances the standard carabiner in every way. Its core is lightweight aluminum coated with titanium plates, and its bottom section has holes drilled in for plenty of versatility with your existing setup. Its screws and hardware are machined smooth out of stainless steel to strict tolerances, ensuring edge-free carrying comfort. Its namesake feature, the main gate, is secured with a beefy spring, ensuring a reliable action with every use. Check out the Gatekeeper on Kickstarter, and link up your essentials to one of the most solid carabiners on the market.

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