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Binary Titanium Carabiner

Despite hundreds of designs and styles, the perfect carabiner remains elusive—one with a gate secure enough to hold on to your keys under load and activity, while remaining easy enough to use regularly. Numerous locking mechanisms have been developed over time, but there have always been tradeoffs in usability, such as cumbersome slides and stoppers or screws that take some time to undo. iomaa's first Kickstarter project—the Binary Titanium Carabiner—has its own unique take on this dilemma. Improving upon traditional single-gate designs, the Binary’s tempered stainless steel wire gates open in the opposite direction. This makes the gate quick and easy to use without ever getting in the way of your gear. You can add attachments with one motion, but removing them requires a deliberate and more secure action. Grade 5 titanium construction offers a good balance of strength versus weight, while an integrated bottle opener makes the most of the Binary's minimal footprint. Secure your keychain essentials with the Binary Titanium in one of three sizes and two finishes on Kickstarter at the link below.

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Machine Era Ti5

Minimalist plate wallets seem to be all the rage these days, but they're not without their faults. Some are so simple they begin to lack function, while others are so complicated they're hard to use. Machine Era's new Ti5 improves upon their original wallet that helped kickstart the trend (and the dozens of other wallets that followed). It's constructed from 6AL4V titanium, making it stronger and lighter than its aluminum competitors at only 0.8 ounces. The titanium plate offers effective RFID protection when carried with the open side against your body and accommodates up to 9 cards plus cash. Machine Era also addressed accessibility—a common problem with plate and band wallets—with a rear thumb slot that lets you slide out one of your most used cards. For a durable, compact wallet that'll shed a few ounces off your carry, grab the Ti5 on Kickstarter at the link below.

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Maratac AAA Ti

EDCers in the know highly recommend Maratac's AAA flashlights as some of the best in the business. These pocket-friendly torches get updated with modern features and desirable materials like brass and copper, but many enthusiasts have held out for a titanium version. Due to overwhelming demand (to the tune of 60,000 requests), the Maratac AAA is finally available in 6AL4V grade 5 titanium. This makes a good light even better by taking advantage of titanium's lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio. The AAA Ti also comes with the most recent features of Maratac's line, including the latest XP-G2 R5 emitter (138 lumens up to 70 minutes), a new orange peel reflector, and glow-in-the-dark accessories. This refresh doesn’t stop at its materials, either. Maratac strengthened the pocket clip and resequenced the modes to start at a more usable 40 lumen Medium. The AAA Ti won't stick around for long in its limited initial production run—so pick up the latest and greatest light from Maratac at the link below while you still can.

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Cerberus Titanium Multitool

In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a hellish, three-headed hound guarding the gates of the underworld. In the world of one-piece multitools, however, Cerberus is Schnelle Engineering's latest Kickstarter project, designed to be far friendlier and useful than its namesake. The Cerberus multitool is machined from aerospace-grade steel and titanium with three “heads,” like the fabled canine itself, each ending in primary tools. One ends in a Philips screwdriver, one in a flathead screwdriver and package opener, and the last in a pry tip with a nail notch. Its center is hollowed out to reduce weight, and shaped to accommodate six wrench sizes. A bottle opener also makes an appearance on one of the heads, not unlike Cerberus himself with snakes protruding from his body. No need to go through twelve trials for a handy tool, just check out the Kickstarter project at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post by Schnelle Engineering.

GambleMade Gatekeeper

A common carabiner is one EDC item you wouldn't think twice about, until you clad it in a suit of armor. Take the Gatekeeper, GambleMade’s fourth heavy-duty Kickstarter project, for example. It enhances the standard carabiner in every way. Its core is lightweight aluminum coated with titanium plates, and its bottom section has holes drilled in for plenty of versatility with your existing setup. Its screws and hardware are machined smooth out of stainless steel to strict tolerances, ensuring edge-free carrying comfort. Its namesake feature, the main gate, is secured with a beefy spring, ensuring a reliable action with every use. Check out the Gatekeeper on Kickstarter, and link up your essentials to one of the most solid carabiners on the market.

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FlyPry Titanium Multitool

You've seen tools for your pockets, your keychain, and your bag. What's next? The FlyPry tool takes EDC gear to a new frontier — your zipper. No, not that zipper… Imagine the zippers on the jacket, backpack, or pouch organizer you might already be carrying made even more useful. With a design inspired by repurposing a broken zipper pull to crack open a beer, the FlyPry crams over 10 handy functions into the size of a standard zipper slide. True to its name, it shifts gears from an easily accessible pull tab to a micro pry bar on the fly. Whether you're out camping or just managing daily tasks, this multitool gives you a bottle opener, can opener, bit driver, box opener, and more, all within reach. It's tiny, it's clever, it's versatile, and better yet, it's titanium. Hit up Kickstarter to see all the sizes, colors, and materials available and grab one that's just right for your carry.

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Cranker Titanium Multitool

In an everyday carry, size matters. Carrying a one-piece multitool is one of the most efficient ways to add tons of functionality to your setup without the bulk. The Cranker is an excellent example of this, cramming 12 unique functions into its tiny sub-3" frame. Alongside its set of more common features like a prybar, bit holder, bottle opener, and screwdriver, it also offers some unique utility in a spoke wrench, nail puller, scraper, ruler, and even a saw blade with real teeth to make quick work of your projects. Its titanium construction adds durability and maintains light weight, making the Cranker an ideal keychain companion for the handy EDCer. There's two weeks left to grab one for your carry in US or Metric, constructed from titanium or stainless steel at the link below.

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HangKey Titanium Keyholder

Cogent Industries continues on Kickstarter as a premium purveyor of titanium tools. The HangKey assists in suspending your keychain from any pocket, and can dangle inside or outside of your clothes or bag. CNC-machined from grade 5 titanium, the HangKey is designed to be securely and comfortably gripped thanks to its beveled edges and machined finger grooves. It also adds next to no weight to your carry, measuring in at a mere 3.9 grams. There's plenty of time to back the project, and pledgers can select one of four finishes for their HangKey including a limited and unique "MokuTi" layered pattern.

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Octovo Titanium Comb

The last comb you’ll ever buy? Definitely. Unless you lose it. Octovo’s Titanium Comb is milled from lightweight Grade 5 titanium — the same that’s used in high performance aerospace, marine, and motorsport applications. It also sports two tooth sizes and is both durable and corrosion-resistant. Its sleek, raw finish couples especially well with the included Chestnut Italian vegetable tanned leather sleeve.

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Cogent Titanium Pen

Although the custom pen market is starting to get a little crowded, Kickstarter veteran Magnus Macdonald has one more hat to throw into the ring. His newest project is his take on the minimalist titanium pen, which has its share of features to set it apart from the rest. Its cap snaps on instead of screws on for easier access and more streamlined manufacturing. Macdonald designed the clip to be stronger than the usual bolt-on offering by integrating it right into the cap. The Cogent is machined out of grade 5 titanium and accepts two different Mont Blanc refills. Backers have a little over a month to make their pledge for a pen in one of three finishes.

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Dozer Gear Titanium Multitools

Titanium is a great material for multitools due to its light weight without compromising strength. This holds true especially for single-piece tools where space and heft are a premium. Dozer Gear is a pair of titanium multitools designed to level up your keychain. The MPBC-1 is a belt loop hook that can drive a 1/4" hex head and pop the cap off your drink, and the MPPT-1 is a prybar tool complemented by hex drivers and a bottle opener, with both tools CNC-machined out of grade 5 Titanium. There's a little over two weeks to pledge for the Dozer Gear tools in your choice of anodized color, with more designs added to the collection as the campaign progresses.

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Ti2 TechLiner Shorty Review


If you’ve been following along with our Carry Smarter features, you should be familiar with the value of carrying a pen and the allure of titanium. In this review, we’ll give Ti2 Design’s TechLiner titanium pen a closer look. As a writer, I’m particular about my pens. As an EDCer, there’s no other metal I want my gear made from than titanium. So when Mike Bond and the masters of titanium at Ti2 Design sent over their take on the machined titanium EDC pen, I was intrigued. Maybe skeptical is a better word. The pen certainly didn’t look like other pens on the market. No clicky, but a cap instead? A short barrel? An exposed needle tip? Nonetheless, I slipped it into my pocket to begin “testing.” What started as a trial run turned into months of daily use...

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Obtainium: Affordable Titanium Essentials

Buying Guide

In the first two parts of the Carry Smarter: Titanium series, I talked about how Titanium's useful properties are able to benefit the gear in your EDC, as well as showcase its unique luster on beautiful products.
Given how useful titanium can be and how abundant it is in the Earth's crust, you'd think Ti tools would be more common, if not at least less expensive. However, extracting titanium from naturally occuring alloys is not an easy process. Plus, its strength makes it costly and difficult to machine.
Luckily, there are some manufacturers that manage to put forth capable titanium gear at an accessible price point. What this means is that owning Titanium is a privilege for everyone, from the simplest one-piece multitool to the highest-tolerance custom knives...

Whytanium: 4 Practical Properties of Ti

In the first installment of the Carry Smarter: Titanium series, I talked about products that best showed off the aesthetic qualities of Titanium. As a material, it’s often understated but never underrated. Its cool shine and feel in the hand galvanized an entire industry of gear.
If Titanium were all about the looks, we'd see it in jewelry or accessories and call it a day. Instead, Ti has found its way into such incredible applications as aerospace engineering and prosthetic implants. So what exactly are the qualities that make Ti so versatile?1. It’s light, but not too light.Although there are many materials lighter than Ti, none of them match Ti's balance of strength and weight...

Ti2 Whar-Biner

Hot on the heels of their minimalist wallet, Ti2 Design are back on Kickstarter with their latest EDC offering, the Whar-Biner utility carabiner. Taking inspiration from the wharncliffe blade shape and adding functionality to every aspect of its form factor, the Whar-Biner upgrades an ordinary carabiner into a bona fide multitool. Its hollow-ground top edge lets you chisel, pry, scrape, or drive screws. Ergonomic jimping assists with grip and leverage during use. Its key ring slot is also wide enough to attach webbing and paracord as well as your standard set of keys. There's a little under a month left in the campaign to grab this carabiner that does it all, and backers have a choice of materials and finishes, including acid-washed bronze and Zirconium.