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What's Better for EDC? Plain vs Serrated vs Combo Knives

When choosing the best pocket knife for your everyday carry, one of the decisions you'll need to make is what type of blade edge you should choose.

The common recommendation is to go with a plain edge (for reasons we'll get into later), but you might notice two other types of edges: serrated and combo edges. Instead of an unbroken edge on the blade, these two alternatives add some “teeth” to the knife.

You may not have needed serrations on your knife before, or don't know enough about them to add them to your kit. In our last guide for custom-designed knives for everyday carry, one reader asked: “Why don't you guys ever feature serrated knives?”

Well today we will, and our goal is to compare each type of edge in the context of EDC tasks so you can make the right choice when picking one.

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Victorinox Cadet Alox

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A sturdy compact multi-tool from everyone's favorite Swiss knife company. All stainless steel tools and aluminum handle. Lifetime warranty.

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Victorinox Minichamp Alox

15 functions, 1.41 ounces, 1 legendary brand. Keychain multitools don't get much more functional than this. While Victorinox's Minichamp in the classic red scales has been around for a while, it's when it's paired with lightweight, rugged aluminum oxide that it (literally) begins to shine.

For its footprint, the Minichamp packs an impressive array of tools. From a general-purpose knife to a unique orange peeler, there's no everyday task that it can't help with in some way. It's got scrapers and pushers, strippers and bottle openers. You can do some work on your nails, or get real work done with its rulers and drivers. Surgical-sharp scissors are of course a favorite from Victorinox's multitools, and the Minichamp also works great for everyday carry thanks to an attached key ring.

There's no better tool to keep on you at all times. Keep your carry light but get the job done with the Minichamp Alox, which you can pick up from Amazon at the link below.

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Victorinox Pioneer

99 people have this

Compact Swiss Army pocketknife for hiking, camping, and moreEnclosed in ribbed silver Alox housing made to exacting Victorinox standardsLarge blade; can opener with small...

Interview: Carl Elsener, Global CEO of Victorinox


Carl Elsener, the global CEO of Victorinox, flew in from Switzerland to kick off the store's grand opening. I took this rare opportunity to scope the new location and talk SAKs with Mr. Elsener himself.

In this quick interview below, Mr. Elsener shares what's in his pockets, what model of SAK he swears by, and two incredible stories he's heard over the years of a SAK coming to the rescue. It's been lightly edited for clarity and length.

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Victorinox Climber

64 people have this

Compact multitool is ideal for rugged outdoorsy types, with essential implements that maximize usefulness while keeping bulk to a minimum
Large and small blades, corkscrew,...

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Victorinox Alox Classic

62 people have this

Brand Name: Victorinox Mfg#: 046928530120Shipping Weight: 0.10 lbsPlease refer to SKU# PRA17429508 when you inquire.This product may be prohibited inbound shipment to your...


Victorinox Spartan

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12 tools include: large/small knives, bottle/can openers, large/small screwdrivers, corkscrew
Stainless-steel tools; rust-proof aluminum alloy separators
Durable brass...

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Victorinox Tinker

51 people have this

Contains eleven stainless-steel toolsLarge knife blade, small knife blade, Phillips screwdriver, large screwdriver, small screwdriverBottle opener, can opener, wire stripper,...

Have You Carried the Victorinox Manager?


There’s a common saying in the EDC scene: “two is one, one is none.” It stresses the importance of having backup options in your EDC. Besides the obvious mathematical inaccuracy, it can be confusing the first time you hear it: If you already have a tool in your EDC that serves a purpose, why would you need another one?

Simply put, it’s your “Plan B.” Carrying an extra of something you already have and practicing redundancy in that way does two things. Let’s use a knife for example: if you lose it or if you've used it so much it’s gotten too dull to finish the task in front of you, having a backup knife—even if it’s tiny—still lets you make the cut. Secondly, your backup knife could have a different shape or serve a slightly different purpose, giving you that extra versatility.

But here’s the thing about backups. At the end of the day, they’re still another thing you have to carry! That means more weight and less space in your pockets (not to mention, less cash in your wallet).

Now, what if there were a tool that could serve as a backup for your knife, pen, and multi-tool, without taking up much space at all?


Victorinox Nail Clippers

49 people have this

Victorinox Nail clippers with nail file, stainless
in Blister
Victorinox Nail clippers with nail file, stainless...


Victorinox SwissCard

38 people have this

Credit-card-size tool/manicure kit for wallet, purse, personal organizer Nine stainless-steel tools

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Victorinox SwissCard Lite

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Victorinox Spartan II

29 people have this

Practical, useful and reliable - the Spartan II is the multi-tool for any situation. With 12 implements, you’ll find more than 100 uses for this companion tool.

Victorinox Rangerwood 55

"This elegant EDC from the original Swiss Army Knife maker features a smooth walnut wood handle, and packs 10 functions, including a 4″ blade, corkscrew, screwdrivers, wire stripper, a punch, wood saw, can opener and more…" (via TheAwesomer)

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Victorinox Belt Hanger

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The Victorinox 33548 is an excellent belt hanger that will hold your Swiss Army Knife on your side. This belt hanger is made of leather and stainless steel, a durable material that will hold your precious pocket knife in place.

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Victorinox Camper

29 people have this

Multitool is ideal for outdoor recreation and everyday useContains 16 stainless steel tools including blades, a can opener, bottle opener, wood saw, scissors, screwdriver,...


Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Multi-Tool with Pouch

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Folding multi-tool with 38 functions and stainless-steel body
2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 7.5mm screwdrivers; Phillips head screwdriver
Bottle opener, serrated blade, can opener,...


Victorinox Swiss Tool RS

21 people have this

Compact Swiss Army rescue tool constructed of rugged stainless steel
Includes 2, 3, and 5mm screwdrivers, wire stripper, and pliers
Bender, scraper, crimper, and cutter;...


Victorinox CyberTool 34

19 people have this

Acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle 100% stainless steel components Features blades, bit wrenches, hex sockets, torx, hex, and pozidrive bits, screwdrivers, pen, pliers, wire tools, and more Also includes tweezers, toothpick, and key ring Compa


Victorinox Manager

20 people have this

Manager includes 10 unique features including blade, mini-screwdriver tip, ball point pen and scissorsBottle opener with mini-phillips screwdriver that is perfect for assistance...