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Seiko Monster Dive Watch

Known in the watch world for its blindingly bright lume, the Black Monster is a staple in EDC watches. Seiko has updated one of their most unique diver’s watches with improved aesthetics and a new automatic movement. The substantial steel bracelet, scratch-resistant crystal and rugged construction result in an EDC watch that you'll never want to take off your wrist. The Black Monster’s Japanese movement has a hacking seconds hand (meaning you can freeze the hand for to-the-second time setting) and can be wound by hand. The heavily textured bezel not only looks great, but allows for easy setting even with gloves on. The feature-packed SRP307 is available with several different dial colors. Choose black to keep a low profile, or make a statement with the bright orange model.


Suigeneric Waxed Canvas Watch Straps

One of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe new life into your favorite EDC watch is by slapping on a fresh strap. For New York-based men’s accessories company Suigeneric, stylish straps are their specialty. Their newest Spring collection features bright, striking patterns to match your warmer weather fit. But it’s more than just their looks that make these cotton fabric straps special — they’re waxed and sewn by hand. The result is a more rugged, water-repellant material that held up enough for sailors to use back in the day. The slightly faded finish they take on goes great with well-worn military timepieces too. Check out their Spring collection to pick up something new for your wrist, or browse their keychains for other dope patterned waxed canvas to tuck into your back pocket.


Orient Mako

A great dive watch under $150 teaches you many things. You appreciate how automatic movement removes your dependence on a battery, and how a well-maintained watch can keep on ticking for a lifetime. You benefit from the watch's more rugged construction with better quality materials than your garden-variety department store quartz. You learn to love lume, and enjoy taking the watch with you everywhere, land or sea, thanks to its underwater resistance. The Orient Mako teaches all these things and more, and with its classic design, no-nonsense face with day/date window, and stainless steel case and band, this is the perfect timepiece to get your feet wet with.


Suunto Essential Collection

If you’re even slightly style conscious, there’s little chance of ever adorning your wrist with an outdoor watch. That is unless it’s part of the Suunto Essential Collection. These timepieces offer sapphire crystal covers, premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather straps, and far more minimal lines than we’d expect from rugged sports watches…

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Interview: John Biggs, Writer

John Biggs is the East Coast Editor of TechCrunch, a leading technology news website. He’s the former editor-in-chief of popular technology and gadget blog, Gizmodo. He took a moment to share his EDC, offer advice to writers, and talk about his passion for watch collecting.

Ziiro Eclipse

Who doesn’t like a little glow in their lives?  I think that may be what Ziiiro is hoping for with the release of the Metalic version of the Ziiiro Eclipse.  The updated version offers one completely new color and new stainless mesh straps on their two hand watch which uses a ring of lume to illuminate the time, and a bit of your night life…

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Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble continues to innovate in the smartwatch world with their newly-announced model, the Time. The Time features a full color e-paper display, which enables the watch's battery to go for an entire week without needing a charge. New features include Timeline, a UI for checking your daily schedule at a glance, and an on-board mic for voice controls. The case has undergone a redesign as well, measuring in at 20% thinner than the original and gently curved for greater comfort. The stainless steel bezel, Gorilla Glass screen, water resistance, and extensive customizability make the Time ideal for those who want to EDC something smarter than your standard quartz watch.


AVI-8 Flyboy

AVI-8 reimagines precision cockpit instrumentation from historical military aircraft into this modern, utilitarian watch. The Flyboy has all the makings of a reliable everyday timepiece: a Japanese precision automatic movement, a water resistant stainless steel case, and a sturdy leather blacked out NATO strap. Large Arabic markers on its substantial 42mm case make for better legibility and a bold wrist presence. Taking after the daring pilots and pioneers of the past, the Flyboy’s contemporary stylings let it fly slightly off course from any ordinary design. Grab one on sale for $165 at the link below.


Going Back In Time With a Review of the WT Author 1914

Today, we are going to walk through the most recent creation from British brand WT Author. This young company has an ambitious goal, to create models that represent periods across 130 years of watchmaking. Their first was the 1905, which we talked about here. The second one, the WT Author 1914, see us leap forward nine years, and that of course brings some changes to the design…

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Leatherman Tread QM1

The Leatherman Tread is one of the more innovative multitools of late, but one function it’s lacking is time telling. The TSA-compliant Leatherman Tread QM1, on the other hand, straps a Swiss-made, quartz-powered timepiece to its highly functional Tread bracelet. The watch itself is water resistant to 200 meters and boasts sapphire crystal to shrug off scratches through heavy use. Then, if you need access to any of its 19 tools — which include a bottle opener, carbide glass breaker, pick/SIM card tool, a cutting hook, and a large variety of screw and hex drivers — just take it off, fold the strap, and get to work.

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Titanium: Understanding EDC's Precious Metal

Learn about one of the most desired "holy grail" materials in the EDC world, starting with an appreciation for classic titanium essentials in the first installment of this three-part primer in the Carry Smarter series.

Timex Expedition Military Field Watch

One of the most stylish, affordable timepieces around is the Military Field Watch by Timex. Its handsome grey dial draws inspiration from World war II-era aviation equipment, offering legibility and a utilitarian aesthetic. Boasting stainless steel construction, strong mineral glass crystal, a date display, Indiglo night-light, and 100 meters of water resistance, the Expedition makes for a fantastic casual daily wearer at an affordable price point of $35. Its quartz movement doesn’t require much maintenance, so you can throw the watch on your wrist (or swap in your favorite 20mm NATO or rubber strap) and forget it, knowing it'll keep time reliably throughout the day.


Casio G-Shock GW6900-1 Solar Atomic

The perfect EDC watch is a topic often discussed by many enthusiasts, including those in our own forum. Inevitably, Casio's iconic G-Shock line is suggested, and for good reason. With over three decades of keeping the time on your wrist safe from the world, Casio have not only proven that they know how to make overbuilt, reliable timepieces as much as home in the military as on the runway, but also never stop innovating with the number of features they fit into a watch. The GW6900-1 bears the face of the DW6900, G-Shock's best selling case design, and operates with a solar-powered battery and multi-band atomic timekeeping, making for an accurate accessory that will never need to be adjusted or have its batteries replaced. You would be hard-pressed to find another watch under $100 that could possibly outlive you.


Timex Black Leather "Weekender" Watch

When looking for an EDC watch, the Timex Weekender is inevitably mentioned and recommended, and for good reason. It's extremely affordable, has fantastic readability with its Indiglo lume, and comes with a classic military face design and your choice of dozens of color combinations. This new black on black colorway features yellow hour markers and a black leather band, a step up from the standard nylon strap and perfect for complementing your darker weekend wear. The Weekender will always be a good investment due to its extremely sensible and timeless design, and it's a great thing Timex never rests on their laurels and constantly improves and expands the Weekender family of straps and colors. With dozens of combinations in the market, matching your watch to your tie, socks, or outfit has never been easier.

Zelos Abyss Dive Watch

Bronze is highly-resistant to corrosion (particularly from sea water) and is also more resistant to constant load when compared to steel. Both qualities seem perfect features to apply to a dive watch, which is exactly what Zelos Watches out of Singapore created with their third crowdfunded watch, the Abyss automatic diver. To be able to achieve the extremely high depth rating of 3000 meters, the Abyss 43mm case is made out CUSN8 bronze, 18mm thick with a double-domed, 7mm sapphire face, waterproofed and sealed with 5 gaskets and a double o-ring system. The Abyss's engine is Citizen's Miyota 9015, an inexpensive but highly-regarded movement often compared to Swiss ETAs. A little under two weeks is left to pledge for the Abyss, which includes a leather carry roll, two straps, and choice of face color.

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