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Buying Guide
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The Best EDC Pens

As technology pushes us towards a paperless world, the pen has become somewhat of an endangered species. For many, it’s still an invaluable tool, and one that’s worthwhile to carry. If you’ve ever had to borrow a pen and are considering adding one to your daily kit, we’ve got you covered in this installment of Carry Smarter. After consulting with fellow EDCer friends and resident pen experts, Ed Jelley and the Pen Addict himself, Brad Dowdy, we present our top ten pens that are truly mightier than the sword.

These solid pens from BigIDesign combine a pen and a touch-screen stylus into one sleek tool. Constructed from a durable, lightweight aluminum with a super deep-riding pocket clip, the pens are easy to carry...

submitted by kehed Hi, This is an update of my EDC, keep up the good work. •  Monologue Notebook
•  Zebra F-701 Pen
•  Vintage Barret Smythe Brass Cobra Zippo Lighter
•  Leather Key Chain with Brass Hook
•  Blackberry Gemini
•  Saddleback Small Wallet,
•  Case Swayback Jack Knife
•  Seiko SNZG15J with Custom Leather Strap
•  Bandana Editor’s Note: Cool setup, I like the detail in your brass and leather hardware. The strap on your Seiko makes it look like it costs much more than it actually does, looks great… The rest of your gear is a nice mix of fairly unique and tried and true EDC staples...

Zebra Sharbo X Multipen @ JetPens
The best pen I’ve ever handled. Solid brass construction for considerable heft and substance. The twisting motion is flawlessly fluid, unless the lead in the pencil component is over-advanced. The body loses its matte finish with pocket wear/polish, and heavy dings/scratches let brass peek through (ruining the tacticool/allblackeverything/gothtechninja appeal). The construction and versatility of this pen is top notch, but it comes with a $45 price tag for the body alone.