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The Best Keychain Multi-tools in 2019

The Best Keychain Multi-tools in 2019

Part of putting together your EDC is knowing what tools you'll need on an average day, but it's hard to be prepared for everything. That’s why so many people rely on a good multi-tool to cover their bases. Traditional full-sized multi-tools aren't for everyone, however. They can be a bit bulky or heavy for a minimalist EDC and can be hard to justify if you don't use one often enough. Smaller multi-tools that can fit on your keychain, on the other hand, are worth a look to keep essentials handy without weighing you down. Whether you’re looking for some functional alternatives to larger tools or you don’t want to be caught without a tool and are looking for a backup to keep on you at all times, the items on this list are tried and tested EDC classics.

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EDC isn't solely about what we carry—how we carry it all is just as important. Take your keys for example. They're something you wouldn't leave the house without, but they come with their own set of problems: they're clunky, noisy, and messy compared to the rest of your carry. That's why we're huge fans of Orbitkey and how their key organizers solve a problem almost all EDCers have in a simple, elegant, and design-centric way—like all great EDC gear should. We're so excited to announce our take on the Orbitkey Key Organizer with this limited edition collaboration, designed with all of you EDCers in mind. Fitted with a mix of 1050D Ballistic and 500D Cordura nylon in a one-of-a-kind, monochrome digital camouflage print, it's dialed with the right materials, look, and feel to be a worthy addition to your everyday carry.

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Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool

Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool

Having a lighter as a source of fire in your carry can come in handy even if you don’t smoke. Whether you’re out camping and need to get the fire going or just want to burn the tips of your new paracord lanyard, a good lighter is a solid addition to any EDC. The problem is they’re usually small and hard to keep track of. As its name implies, the Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool is an easy way to ensure that you always have your lighter on you while also adding some extra tools to your carry as well.

The Screwpop Lighter Holder has a practical design intended to perfectly fit a standard-sized Bic lighter. So no matter what you’re doing, you know that your lighter stays secure within the stainless steel frame. Just push the lighter in place and let the pressure from the clip do the rest. A small brass cutout also gives you a secure attachment point for fastening the tool to your keychain or carabiner, so having a pocket full of gear is no excuse for leaving this behind on your next hike. 

That alone would make this a decent way to keep track of your lighter and worth adding to your carry, but that’s not all the tool is useful for. The Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool also comes with four other functions that are handy to have in a pinch. Besides the lighter holder, you’ll also get a tamper, reamer, poker, and bottle opener. When you’re done, each tool folds smoothly back into place, maintaining the slim profile of the tool.

When it comes to EDC finding the right tool is half the battle. The other half is figuring out how to make it work for you. The Screwpop Lighter Holder Tool is a simple way to make sure you always have a way to start a fire while also having a few extra backups to some important tools. If this looks like something you’d be interested in make sure to click the link below and try one out for yourself.

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